VERIFY: Baby or bust, can you tell the gender?

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we chitchat a lot getting there day 2

now in our special verify series that's

all about baby this inspired by our own

recent baby boom here at KHOU which

includes our Lauren Talarico who's due

next week looks amazing by the way

39 weeks pregnant yesterday Lauren

verified some old wives tales about

inducing labor naturally now she's

taking home ways you can tell if you're

having a boy or a girl pink or blue

who's growing inside you it's a question

most pregnant moms really want to know

and there may be some clues along the

way like the shape of your belly we

checked in with dr. Diana raucous in'

with UT health UT physicians to verify

this one there's no evidence to the way

we carry all of our bodies are just

different and babies are different and

they've positioned differently some