How to spot a fake 100 dollar bill

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hey welcome to Kody the car guys so one

of my customers came to the shop and

someone gave her a fake hundred dollar


so yeah they got her to go to a store

they bought her phone and heard a couple

other bills put a fake hundred-dollar

bill in there so I want to show you guys

a couple little tricks with a hundred

dollar bill pretty simple and easy to

spot a fake you know what to look for so

let me show you alright so this part on

your hundred dollar bill is nice and

smooth now I don't have any fingernails

to show you this but see these little

ridges right here so I got someone with

some fingernails to help out with this

and if you were to put your finger right

here it's nice and smooth you don't hear

anything but if you run across the

ridges this way it makes a different