How to Check Vodafone Balance 2020 (in ALL COUNTRIES)

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hello everyone in this video I'm gonna

be showing you how to check your balance

for your Vodafone on your phone this

will work with any mobile device for

Android iPhone it's gonna be the same

process throughout so this is going to

depend where you are in the world what

you're gonna want to do but the basic

concept is you want to text a number

something to then to find out your

balance so depending on where you are in

the world I'm going to kind of cover all

bases with this so the easiest thing you

can do to find out it's just go on a web

browser Google a safari whatever it is

then type in our balance actually type

of Vodafone a balance number the rank is

really whatever but if I'm balanced

number in and then this whatever your

country is right now I'm in Australia so

no time in Australia if you're in