1 Week Pregnant - What to Expect Your 1st Week of Pregnancy

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- Welcome to your miraculous, amazing

and incredible journey through pregnancy,

which believe it or not

officially begins this week

even though you are still about two weeks out

from actually becoming pregnant.

Say what?

Wondering why it's called week one even

though it's T minus two weeks before conception?

It's because your body's already

busy prepping for your soon-to-be pregnancy.

Right now all hands are on deck gearing up for ovulation.

The first step toward making a baby,

but before you ovulate your uterus has to shed

its endometrium, the lining that was built up

from last month's menstrual cycle.

That's why you're having your period now.

Woo-hoo! Your last one for at least nine months.

Now that's something to look forward to.

It may seem pretty strange that your pregnancy is dated