How To Make and Mix Floor Screed

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hi to mix floor screed and really gonna

talk about ingredients a lot and the

grades to make in floor screed and hi

Mick Street is sound spent and what I'm

holding here is sharp salt the accidents

like class result that is bagged off our

sharp salt sharper the batter and when

you talk about sun's sharp sound classes

on don't insult really it's just the

size of the greens it's mutual sharp

songs should be at their the bigger size

of sod with bigger grits and pepsin up

and this province actually I've gotta be

harmful of sharp sound and with low salt

just wanted to show the difference

between belton Sun and sharp so blue

screens gonna be it's gonna be a semi

dry mix of once meant to four shop so

doesn't some just won't talk again a bit

Salvador keep it on but a big mix is

good ingredients so you gotta make sure

you have the key ingredients for a

strong strong mix so Bolton sounds a

fight pain salt a sharp sound as if a

gritty sound and when it pains together

the fact that the grits when you pick it

all that into the read molecules all

these stones basically both for the

place I move wrapped 8 so I'm gonna see

this hard

I make screed up I normally have had

mixing I'll use down sound and a mixer

like so how are my dumps out first I

don't do crazy with water you do not

want a wide web mix it will be nearly

impossible and I am not sure when I say

it nearly impossible to get a beat floor

with a wet mix and this is not concrete

at his floor screed it's a sound cement

mix she wanna semi dry and

don't be thinking that because it's

semi-dry it will be weak and you can't

walk on it but this will be a very very

strong mix for one sound cement floor

screed semi-dry if you are concerned

about that decon be able to be missed

sanding just putting very very little

amounts of water if you notice in the

middle where it start with sort of come

together and boy this is the way you

want the screed this sort of be you do

want too much Bowl because that means

you're over maximum so now you're I'm

happy that my son is at stomping off I

can go ahead and add my Smith so

basically I have a fold over the sound

and they're horrible smell just through

the demo this video and I'm gonna be

making concrete for a snap here but I

thought I could crack on and get this

small demo or blues here and you can see

it's mixing way over this it's pretty

much doing this mix as is and just hold

the mixer for will be bit and that what

that does is that just helps it mix at

the back and make sure there's no that's

pain at the back and it will speed up

the mix as well when you tell the mixer

forward so you see if you will notice it

still looks very very dry well this is

what you're looking for when you're

mixing screed I'll see you never put

your home to make sure unless it's

turned off the way I'm compressing it

then it's compact it should bang

together like this and that means that

it's ready

that actually is a ratty mix it's

dumping off you can see it stand

together I mean that's compares there

and compacted and walked in it will be

perfect and for demonstration purposes

we're gonna show you here how you know

you start to over mix your screed

metal screens still okay out and a wee

bit more water if you notice the ball

start the film you don't want the balls

that does being this

but the polls if you get too much it

would be an absolute nate murderface

because they're very compact and they

would be difficult if you have a lot of

them be very difficult they're compact

and compress a floor and and go in a

steady freeze but so that's that's why

you mix it case for the one son cement

semi dry and do the harm test here

sensual when it's compressed as holds

holds a bit of ship and you're done

you're ready for your screen click recap

squeeze is a four to one mix of sand and

cement you want in sharp sound and sharp

at the batter consists of mainly three

min min materials and added sand cement

and water preferably if you have damn

sound that means you don't really need

to mess back with one or two much as you

it is a semi giant mix and you want to

keep it as such and there is another

gradient you can add your water you can

add some SPR waterproof fish and motor

mixes to enhance strength and waterproof

abilities you can also add some snow

chains of stool wheel fain fain tippin's

if you want to also add strength and

then also add favors if you want the out

strength but again they're all optional

and the main ingredients is sound cement

water out of four to one ratio so thanks

for watching guys hope this helped

what we do alive

echoes in eternity