EA SPORTS UFC 2 - Tips and Tricks Part 1 | Stamina and Damage

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hey guys and welcome to episode 1 of the

EA Sports UFC 2 tips and tricks series

in this series I'll be going through

different tips tricks and strategies

that I've learned while playing the game

so far to help you improve your fighting

in the UFC - even though I'm definitely

not an expert at the game there's

probably a lot of people better than me

I thought I'd share with you guys a few

things that I've learned so far that

have helped me become better at the game

in this first video we'll be going over

two basic but important aspects of the

game stamina and damage although these

may be quite basic and many of you

already have a good understanding of

them I thought this would be a good

video for those that have just started

playing the game for the first time

they're males to be a few useful tips

for those of you with more experience

playing the game so the video isn't just

intended for complete beginners ok so

the first thing I'm going to go over is

stamina which is the little blue or red

bar above your fighters name there is

also the light gray bar behind it that

represents your maximum stamina the

single most important part or tip for

your stamina is to keep it as high as

possible at all times having high

stamina helps every part of your game

with things like movement speed punching

and kicking speed your power everything

having high stamina helps all of it

whereas having low stamina make you

slower weak or easy to take down and

more susceptible to getting hurt knocked

out or submitted almost makes you a lot

easier to control in the clinch and on

the ground so as you can see here in

this clip I'm just trying to keep as

stamin as low as possible by denying

these transitions and trying to keep my

stamina as high as possible so I can

land these punches from half guard and

get the quick victory again having high

stamina is really important especially

on the ground ok so here's a few quick

tips on how to keep your stamina high

number one is don't continuously spam

your kicks and punches only going to

drain your stamina quickly and once you

drain your stamina till the very bottom

it's actually going to lower your

maximum stamina as well which is really

going to hurt you in the later rounds of

the fight

there are also moves you have that will

drain your stamina faster than others

such as spinning attacks or other

special striking attacks so make sure

you're not continuously spamming those

moves that'll really drain your stamina

quickly so keep your striking

combinations nice and short and will

really help you maintain your stamina

the second tip is don't panic

don't try to continuously attempt

escapes or transitions on the ground

this will only lower your stamina and

make it easier for them to take you down

submit you or land strikes in the clinch

what you want to do is be patient try

and keep your standing as high as

possible and wait for the right time to

use those transitions or escapes time

you want to do it is when their stem is

at the lowest so if they keep going for

strikes or transitions try and block the

strikes of transitions and then when

their stamina is low that's the best

time you can escape

and the last tip which is pretty similar

to the first one is just pace yourself

use your movement to get out of range of

a strikes every once in a while just

reset let your character regain some

stamina and figure out what your next

move will be the second thing I'm going

to go over is damage damage is

represented by the little character

outline that you see at the top of the

screen when you start taking more damage

to a certain body part it'll start to go

a deeper red when it starts to get more

and more red you're going to want to

start avoiding damage to that certain

area whether it's a leg body head or

even arms probably the best way to avoid

taking more damage to that area is to

use movement to try and circle around

the cage get out a range of the strikes

and watch out for takedowns as well you

can also use parries or blocks to try

and avoid damage to where you've been

hurt one thing to be cautious though of

is say you get hurt in the head your

opponents most likely not going to

target your head but another part of

your body so be careful of say body

shots or low kicks or even for takedowns

or getting engaged in the clinch you're

going to want to stay as far away as you

can until that body part that got

injured comes back down into gray so if

you're injured you're going to want to

get out of the way but if your opponent

is continuously going for strikes and

really draining your stamina

it can actually be a good time to

counter he keeps coming out you notice

the stamina is low yours is high it

could be a good time to go for a lengthy

attack such as a head kick you might be

able to actually catch them with low

stamina and get them knocked down to the

ground or hurt them also another last

quick tip if you notice that your lead

leg is taking a lot of damage getting

really red probably from your opponent's

low kicks you can switch up your stance

which will help take a lot of damage off

that leg and help you recover pretty

quickly okay well that is it for part 1

of the UFC 2 tips and tricks series I'll

be doing more videos in the future I'll

probably be getting to a bit more

advanced stuff as well because this

first episode was pretty basic just

going over some stamina and damage if

you enjoyed the video feel free to leave

a like it really helps me a lot

do you have any suggestions for future

videos or anything

like to see in a tips and tricks series

feel free to leave a comment down below

so thanks for watching guys and I'll see

you guys again next video