How to Knit the Cable Stitch (C6F)

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hey everyone this is Heidi from the blog

Hamza occupied with another knitting

video tutorial for you in this video I'm

going to walk you through working a

chunky cable stitch to work this chunky

cable stitch you're going to need to

cast on your needles a multiple of nine

stitches plus five for demonstrations

sake and to save some time I just did 14

stitches so in just nine plus five

stitches here in this blue yarn but in

this variegated yarn over here I did two

repeats so two sets of nine stitches

plus five more stitches and so what I've

also done for efficiency's sake is

worked rows one through six of the

pattern because they're just the same

two rows repeated with knit and purl

stitches and now I'm going to walk you

through creating the chunky cable so

what we're going to do here is we're

going to work our pattern until we get

to the set of six stitches the

stockinette panel in the middle of our

work so we're going to knit one purl

three and then we're ready to do our

cable so I'm going to use my one of my

favorite things to use when I'm working

cables which is just a plain old double

pointed needle you can also use hook

shaped cable needles or u-shaped cable

needles depending on your preference

there's a whole bunch of different

varieties available at the craft store

but if you're desperate and he'll have

some DP ends laying around you can just

go ahead and use one of those so work

the cable we've got our set of six

stitches in stockinette stitch here what

we're going to do is grab three stitches

using our double pointed needle just

slip them as if to purl and we're going

to let those three stitches hang out in

front of our work and we're going to

work the next three stitches of those

six stitches as if those three cable

needle stitches aren't even there so

we're going to knit those three

and now we're going to work the three

stitches that are hanging out at the

front of our work so you can work right

off of the cable needle if you can

juggle the two needles in your left hand

at once

we're going to knit three drop the cable

needle on our work surface and then we

can finish off our row with purl three

and knit one and so that right there

that twist in our work is where the

cable is formed then on the other side

we're going to work our standard wrong

side row which is purl one knit 3 purl

six and that's the six stitches that we

just cabled so they might be a little

clustered or tight just keep that in

mind if you're new to cabling and then

we'll work three knit stitches and end

our row with a purl one and that is what

the eighth row repeat looks like for

this chunky cable stitch I worked this

on worsted weight yarn so I'm using size

eight needles and worsted weight yarn on

both the swatch and this demonstration

but if you want to do them really chunky

all you've got to do is work with a

bulkier yarn and an appropriate larger

size needle so taking a look at what a

few more repeats of this chunky cable

stitch looks like you can see I've

worked it two in two sets across this

swatch and in two repeats of each set of

eight rows vertically and then I worked

a couple more stitches just so my swatch

will be nice and symmetrical and you can

see the elegant tight twist of this

chunky cable stitch this chunky cable

stitch works great on hats cows and

other winter accessories the cables

really are one of the most gorgeous

things you can do in knitting so they're

right at home just about anywhere if

you've got any questions for us don't

hesitate to reach out in the comments

and tune in again soon for more knitting