How to Knit a Cable Knit Sweater Vest

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hi my name is ingrid and today i'm going

to show you how to make

this cableless sweater rest um

just a few things before we start first

of all thank you so much for 500


i know we're ready at 600. but i wanted

to say thank you

for 500 it means so much to me

second this is a perfect sweater for

your first cable

um project i mean you can't really get

anything easier than this other than


a scarf or a headband it's just super


four stitch cables

third i think if i can remember


um i'm gonna be showing the stitches and

row count

for my size which is a small medium

if you are anything smaller or bigger

than that

i'll show you how to get the

measurements using your body the same

way that i did

but i'm not going to be able to give you

this exact stitch count

and bro count i'm sorry about that so

it's going to be slightly more difficult


i think you can still manage it oh

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okay so we're gonna get the measurements

um if you're doing a smaller medium

around the size of me

you can skip ahead if you're

bigger than a if you're large above an

extra small allow

i recommend you use your own body

to get the measurements that you need

otherwise it will not fit well and your

shutter will look bad

okay so first things first

front panel i'm going to start

i'm going to take the narrowest part of

my waist or where my belly button is or

wherever you want to start and

i'm going to put it kind of imagining it

besides seeing here

and like that bam uh

16 and a half let's round up to 17. now

it should be the same thing on the back

if you did it evenly

yeah 17. okay now what you're gonna do

is you're gonna measure

from where we started to where you want

the v-neck to start now keep in mind

that's going to be ribbing so

you're going to have like half an inch

to an inch

i can't remember now of extra moving so

you want to start a bit lower than you

would think

inches that's my measurement okay

so for the arm seams you're going to

start where you wanted

and over the highest point so the widest

point i guess of your front

you are going to go to where your armpit

lines up so right there


and that's going to be where you start

your increase

and then you're going to go all the way

to the top

22 and that's where you're going to cast

off should be the same on both sides

perfect done for the back

we already have the back panel


what we need to do is get the back


18. so it should be a bit small in your

front depending on what the shape of

your body is

okay so i'm going to be using lion brand


and in the color olympic the knitting

needles i'm going to be using are size

5 and size 8. i know that says size 9

but i'm going to be using size 8.

okay so you're going to cast on 88


onto your smaller needle

okay so once you have 88 stitches on

your size

5 needles or whatever smaller than size


you are going to do 2x2 ribbing which

means you're going to do

two purl stitches and two knit stitches

it doesn't really matter which

you know when you start i just happen to

start in the two purl

and you're going to do this for all of

the 88 stitches


okay so once you're done with that

you're going to flip it over

and you can do the exact opposite so

where you knit two you're gonna purl two

and where you purl two you're gonna knit

two um

and you're gonna repeat this the two

rows you know

changing purling on each side for

about two inches


okay so once we have finished that row

we're gonna flip it over and do the

other side the other side we're gonna do

the opposite

so we're gonna purl four and knit two

and you're gonna purl

four where you knit

um the four and you're gonna knit two

where you purl two and we're gonna do


for six rows so on the front um

knit four purl two on the back knit two

purl four


okay now that you're done with those

six rows you're gonna start the cables


you can use a cable holder if you have

one or you can literally just use a

piece of wire

or knitting needles i'm going to show a

few options in this clip

so i'm going to put my two cables on

this little holder

and the first two cables and now i'm

going to knit

just two regular stitches

just like that and now i'm going to take


two stitches that i put in my holder i'm

going to put them back

on my knitting needle the main one

not the one that just knit to it

okay so i'm just putting them on my

other needle

now okay so

it might be tricky at first

it's actually easier with a knitting

needle but i'm going to also show that

and um but once you do it a few times

you know

after you've done this a few times it'll

get a lot easier so i'm just gonna knit


those two and then i'm gonna

purl the next two

and the next four that are knit i'm just

gonna knit regularly

so these four i'm just knitting


and then i'm gonna purl two again and

i'm gonna do the cables again and i'm

just doing this with a knitting needle

this time

you can really use whatever to hold the


so knit two again and then put the

stitches back

on your needle and you're gonna knit




so you're going to repeat this pattern

for the rest of the row knit four

pull two cable and pearl tune it for

cue going um i'm just showing with

another new knitting needle

i personally like doing it but this the

best because it's a double pointed

needle it's super small and light

so there's no polar stretch


at the last cable when you knit the

first two of the cable

you're gonna end up with an empty needle


you're just gonna put your two stitches

back on that needle like normal

so once you're done with the cable row

you're gonna turn it around

and you're gonna do the same thing you

did in the back before so you're gonna

purl four

knit two and then you're gonna

repeat this pattern so doing six rows

you know knit four purl two in the front

knit two purl four on the back

um for six rows then you do the cable

and you're gonna repeat this

and you're going to repeat this pattern

for 52

rows or if you're doing a different size

than me

until it measures the length of

where you wanted it to start to your


or just below your armpit

okay so now we've done 52 rows and so

we're going to start the decrease so i'm

knitting one like regular

and then i'm going to slip slip knit so

i'm going to the back

and i'm slipping two stitches onto my

other needle and then putting them back

like that and i'm just going to knit

through them like regular

so by kneading two together we're


and then i'm going to knit the extra one

make sure to

keep the um pattern

in the same place so you want to make

sure you're knitting the four knits and

you're purling the four

twos and you're only decreasing at the


the edges should be the only ones that

are affected so i'm just gonna do the

rest of the row like regular

okay once i have three stitches at the


on my knitting needle i'm going to just

knit them together two together like

regular i'm not doing the slip slip knit

and i'm going to knit the one at the end

you want to make sure you're not

decreasing on the last two stitches you

want to have

one stitch that's regular

okay so while you're knitting your

twelve little regular you're also gonna

start the v-neck

so what i'm gonna do is

just knit for 35 stitches

or if you're making a different size of

me until

you're at exactly the middle of your



okay so once i get to that middle stitch

i am just going to cast it off so only

casting off

one stitch so

here we go and just pulling one

over that one and now you have a little

gap where your middle stitch is where

the v is going to start from

and i'm going to knit the rest of the

row like regular


okay so now at the end just knitting the

last stitch

i'm going to turn it over and on the way


i'm just gonna do the regular four pull

four purl two knit

it ends up being one purl two knit

because of the

row of the cable part that i'm on but

whatever so once i'm just going to do

that until i get to

where we cast off the stitch from before

i'm not going to keep going i'm going to

stop when i get there

okay so i've knit up to where we cast

off that one stitch

and i'm gonna flip my work around i'm

not gonna keep going

and you can see our little v starting to

form there

so for this time i'm gonna decrease one

so to do this i'm just gonna knit one

like regular or pearls that's what

you're on

then i'm going to purl two together

or knit two together whatever stitch

you're on and then i'm gonna keep going

with that same pattern for the rest of

the row

and i'm just gonna keep doing this

and you're ignoring about the other side


forgetting about it it's not

there for now we'll do that after

so just focus on this side

okay so once i've knit 12 rows keeping

up with my

v-neck decreases only on one side i'm

going to knit my regular

pattern whatever it is knit four purl


until i have one stitch left on my

knitting needle

so once i have one stitch left on my

knitting needle i'm going to pick up

that little thread

in a little yarn piece in between these

two stitches

because i'm knitting and makes my yarns

in the back and i'm getting it into the

back of that stitch and then pull

through like a regular stitch

and then i'm going to make the last

stitch and that's how you increase

so you're only doing this in one side

because you're only doing one side

of the v and you're going to keep on

doing this

for four 17 rows

after you've done 17 rows of this

your stitch count should be well your

armhole stitch count should be back

to before and we're gonna cast off

and when you're casting off you want to

make sure you're actually following the

pattern you're not just

only knitting it makes it look a little


smoother i would say so i'm just going

to cast off


okay so yeah we don't one side now we

need the other because we use the yarn

for that

side for this side we need to pick up a


thread string yarn piece and we're just


start doing the back like normal

it might be a bit loose in the beginning

but after a few stitches it should be

totally fine

okay so once i'm done with that row i'm

flipping it over to the front side

and remember um we're only on the 12

regular now we haven't done the increase

on this side yet

so i'm just doing normal i'm not

increasing or decreasing in the armhole

i'm just gonna knit like normal um

until we get to the v


okay once i'm towards the end of this

row i am

going to knit two together

just like that and

then we're gonna do that for 12 rows

remember no increase or decrease in the

armhole you're just

decreasing on the v neckline

okay so we are done

with the 12 rows now i'm going to start

the increase in this side

so same idea you're going to knit one

where the armhole is

and you're going to pick up that little

kind of stitched ring

and you're going to knit into the back

of it just like that

and remember you're gonna do this for 17

more rows

um so you're going to

increase on the armhole and decrease on

the neckline

for 17 rows and once you're done with


you're going to cast off and you have

your front piece

and now we're going to the back okay so

for the back you can do the same thing

as the front

you're going to knit on 88 stitches with


two inches of ribbing do the regular

pattern like you did before

for 52 rows and then you are going to

do the decrease


and you're gonna do the 12 regular rows

and then you're gonna do the 17

increases increase rows


and then you are going to cast off

and then you're done with the

now you make back smile once you have

your two pieces

you're just gonna need a needle anything

that you can fit the yarn into

doesn't matter what kind preferably

sharp it doesn't really matter

and you just used the same yarn as


and we're gonna sew it up so i'm just

lining up the front of the back pieces

um it's not that difficult i'm just

making it look harder than it is

uh you want to make sure they're lined

up at the top that all the edges

are together and i'm gonna thread my


so once i've threaded my needle

um we're basically this is inside out

keep that in mind it just looks better

if you're doing inside out

i'm gonna just put my needle through the

both of them

on the bottom and create this little


at the just i think it's called some

kind of

over stitch top stitch basically you're

just making the thread go

over the top so you're going underneath

and your thread should kind of

land over the top of both of them and

you're going to do this

for all of the seams

so that side's done i'm gonna do the

exact same thing on the other side

and then i'm gonna sew up both the

side seams from there all the way down

to the bottom in that same stitch that i

just showed you i'm not going to show

not going to sew the arms just what i'm

holding up right now

along there and on both sides


okay so once i've done sewing it up i'm

gonna flip it right sides around

and i'm gonna take my circular needles

these are i think a size six i'm not

exactly sure that i don't sand them and

i bought them a while ago

but anything size six and below i think

is great

so i'm going to stick my needles into

one of the little

rose stitch things and i'm going to wrap

my yarn around it and try to bring the

yarn through

so this is going to be a little bit

difficult at first but once you have the

first row it's easy

so just like that it's kind of like

crocheting and

i'm going to try to do this in every one

of these little row stitch things

but it doesn't really matter if you skip

a few it's totally fine

and i'm going to do this for the entire



okay so once you're done you're gonna

start with the ribbing

so i'm just gonna knit two and purl two

that's it really simple i'm gonna do

this for seven rows

and remember because this is circulating

there's no front and there's no back

so where you knit one row the next row

you're gonna also knit


okay so once that's done it should look

something like this

um let's get a little smaller than it's

going to be because my circular needles

are smaller than it's going to be

kind of pulling them in and i did seven

rows of this in total

so now what i'm going to do is i'm going

to cast off

so just really simple just cast off


and i'm going to do the exact same thing

on the other side

so cast on knit

uh two by two ribbing for seven rows and

then cast off


once i've done both sides i'm now

getting to the middle

so i just put my needle through one of


whole stitch things and i'm gonna

wrap my yarn around it and pull it

through and

i'm going to do the same thing as in the

armholes i'm going to try to get

every stitch but if i can't it's totally




once so i'm gonna do this all the way


like i did on my arms

and once i'm done with that i'm gonna

start with the ribbon

so i'm back where we started in the back

and so i'm gonna do

two knit and two purl just like the arm

two by two ribbing

okay so unlike the armhole i'm actually

not going to go all the way around

i'm going to stop when i get to where

the v is

and you can see where it is well i kind


go through the part there but yeah

because it's my knitting needle is

harder to see but you should be able to

find where your view is equally

easily sorry um so i'm going to find the

stitch that's exactly in the middle

and i'm going to knit two together right

next to it

so those two remaining two together and

then i'm going to knit the stitch that's

exactly in the middle

so it's going to be knit in the front

which means because this is the back i'm

going to purl it

sorry and then the rest of the row i'm

just going to do my regular two by two

two knit two purl whipping


okay so i've come back around and i'm

gonna find the original spot

where i'm gonna keep it knit stitch now

i want

purl stitch on the side that i'm working

on and

this time i'm not gonna knit two

together before i'm gonna knit two

together after it

so i purled it it's kind of hard to tell

because the ones before it were also

purl but i'm doing my slip slip knit

so that my when i decrease she looks all


and then i'm going to knit two together

and you're just going to alternate this

so it's going to be five rows in total

but um

every the first row you're going to knit

two together on one side

of that one knit stitch and then the

second row you knit two together on the

other side

of that knit stitch and you're going to

alternate this for five rows

once you're done with the five rows it

should look like this

um that's the back so you're starting

you're ending off where you started

and this is the font so you can see that

these can be less is less defined than

it will be

because it's on round needles but um

once you're here you're gonna cast off

and then you're done