Horizontal one row buttonhole in garter stitch

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hello welcome to my youtube video this

one is on working a horizontal

buttonhole in garter stitch so we have

seven stitches on here and we're going

to put the buttonhole right here over

the center three so we're going to work

in pattern over to where we want to

start the buttonhole we're going to

bring our yarn forward slip the first

stitch tip to tip take the yarn back now

slip the next stitch and pass that first

slip stitch over so you're binding off

one then we're gonna slip the next

stitch over and we're gonna slip this

stitch off pass it over and off and one

more that was - this is going to be

three then we put that last stitch back

over to the left needle so now we have

two stitches on either side we turn our

work move the yarn to the back and we're

going to do a cable cast on a cable cast

on is when you go between the previous

two stitches grab the yarn pull it

through like a knit stitch and place it

on the Left needle now you can either

place it on this way or this way

doesn't really matter but do it

consistently so each time you'll place

it the same way then go between that

stitch in the previous stitch and grab

the yarn pull it through and place it on

the needle in the same manner we're

going to do two more you need to do one

more than what you bound off we bound

off three so we need to cast on four

there's three the cable cast on it's a

very very tight cast on it's perfect for

buttonholes because it will give you a

nice tight

hole edge that won't stretch out it can

be difficult to work as it gets tighter

and tighter as you do it so we've got

for now then we're going to turn the

work again move the working yarn to the

back we've got our four cast on stitches

we're going to slip this stitch over

here and pass the last cast on stitch

over it and off then slip the stitch

back and then we're going to knit the

last two stitches this is our buttonhole

I'm going to turn and work back and then

I'll work a couple rows and we'll see

how button fits in it this is called a

horizontal horizontal buttonhole you can

do this in any fabric I'm just

demonstrating it in garter stitch

let's work one more row then we can try

putting a button through it and see how

it works always remember that it's easy

to make your buttonholes too large they

don't need to be very big to accommodate

your button okay here's our buttonhole

we're going to try putting this is a 3/4

inch button through it goes through


a 7/8 inch button a little bit tight

it's actually perfect for the 7/8 inch

button so that was a three stitch

horizontal buttonhole it with worsted

weight yarn on a size 7 needle if you

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