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How to knit Butterflies!

Hi, Guys!

I'm Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit.

This cute little butterfly knitting pattern, it's a quick, fun knit and a great stash buster.

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To knit up your butterflies, you can use any yarn weight or needle size that you like and

in this example I'm using worsted weighted yarn with size 7 knitting needles and of course

scissors and a tapestry needle.

When knitting our butterfly, from the bottom up, and here you can see how it takes shape.

In this video, I will share the particular knitting techniques that you might like to

have a little bit of help with.

We start with our beloved little slip knot and we are going to be casting on eight stitches

using the regular long-tail cast on method here, we are casting on eight stitches.

And knitting from the bottom up, we begin with increases.

So the very first stitch is simply knitting one and you can see the instructions over

on the left side of the screen.

Now we're going to do an increase.

KFB, it means Knit Front and Back.

I also have links to these knitting techniques if you would like a little bit more time understanding


So, knitting front and then you keep your stitch on the needle and you also knit back

and this increases that second stitch from one stitch to two stitches, giving us an increase

so now we have three stitches.

Here on row one we just knit those next four stitches and then finishing up it's KFB again,

so let's look at this.

We knit in the front, we keep it on our left needle and then we go to the back and we take

our yarn around, we knit through there, taking it off the needle, that is another increase

and we finish with slipping one, and I'm just taking my right needle and just jabbing it

right there into that last little, that last little yarn loop, that's a Slip One.

We continue our increase rows, rows one two three and four, are all increases and this

is how it looks on the bottom, nice and rounded increasing, finishing with sixteen stitches.

So, let's jump to row five and the decreases.

So, we knit one and then we're doing slip slip knit and that helps it sort of slant

to the left a little bit to shape our butterfly perfectly.

And we are just going to slip and slip and then Iike to sort of pull the yarn down a

little bit and we knit those two stitches together right there.

SSK is slip, slip, knit.

And that's a decrease.

So, where we had two stitches, now we have the one right there.

And we're going to continue knitting down this row, just ten stitches.

Let's jump to the next decrease, this is K2Together, so we're knitting two stitches instead of

one together and that's another decrease and that helps it slant to the right to give our

butterfly a really nice shape.

And then we just slip that last stitch.

Slipping the stitch actually it is giving our edges a really nice, refined smoother


So you keep decreasing on rows six and seven and I want to show you row eight here.

It is BO 3, that's Bind Off three times, so just like we bind off our work when we're

done, we're going to do two stitches and we're going to take that one stitch, pass it over,

and that's binding off one time.

So then we knit again.

And we pass it over, that's binding off two, and one more time here, is binding off three.

I just wanted to help clarify exactly how many stitches you bind off and you keep that

one last little bind off on your needle.

And then we just knit five stitches and at the very end of row eight, it is slipping

one and here's what the shape looks like, it's like a cute little boot.

Now here on row nine, I wanted to show you specifically the CCO that means cable cast


We begin by doing the bind off three times, just like we did in the last row, row eight.

After you've done your bind off, you do three knit stitches.

And we have four stitches on our needle.

I want to show you the Cable Cast On.

Okay, so I have my needle, I put it through those two stitches, I have a full technique

video linked down below.

You bring your yarn around and you pull it through, keeping the yarn on your right needle.

You bring it to the right.

And on your left, you just add that little cast on right there.

We're going to do it four more times for a total of five.

We just bring it around and here are these are increases.

See how the shape is, it's bringing all of those stitches to the side, shaping up our


And on row ten, very similar, after knitting nine stitches we use the Cable Cast On for

five more stitches.

And here's what it's looking like.

From here on out, just follow the pattern, it's more increases and decreases that we've

already covered here in this video and once you've gotten up to row nineteen, you have

twelve stitches and it's time to bind them off.

To give our butterfly a little bit more shape, we're going to sort of cinch it up in the

middle using some more yarn, and a tapestry needle.

Just take that bottom portion and fold it slightly right here on top to give our butterfly

a bit more shape.

Just like this and then just using a little bit of yarn, we're going to just tack it in

place right here.

So totally cute.

Okay, let's finish it up.

Creating the little abdomen, just cast on 14 stitches or however many you think is a

good length and then just bind them off and tack them to your butterfly.

Here's how it's looking.

To make antenna, I'm taking three strands of yarn, knotting it, and then just braiding

those three strands for about two inches and tacking and tying the antenna to the top of

my butterfly.

So cute.

And we are done.

I hope you are to knit up these adorable knitted butterflies.

Thank you so much for watching, please check out my entire Summer Knit Series, lots of

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