How to: Crochet Bunny from a Square

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hi guys it's Nikki crater if Nikki's

home reycraft

today I'm gonna teach you how to make

this cute and adorable little bunny that

is simply made out of a square we're

going to make a smaller version of this

so it's easier to see and you can make

it too

you don't need a specific stitch any

stitch will work just make a square so

let's get started so here you can see

that you're gonna need to make a square

it doesn't have to be perfect but it

should be a square

mine is six times six inches I'm using

the same yarn as I used for my square

and we're going to now weave in our yarn

from one end to make a triangle and then

come back on the same side as we came in

okay so in in and then here back out


so let's do that


once you made your triangle right here

and woven your yarn you now gonna place

some of the polyfill right in the middle

such as that and then you're gonna pull

but don't pull it all the way yet

because we're gonna see first where our

eyes are gonna be so I'm gonna tech it a

little bit it's probably gonna be a

little bit much of my polyfill but just

want to see okay so my eyes are gonna be

right here and here is going to be my

mouth so I have here my eyes you can

also use yarn later on but I'm just

gonna do it like this so here my eyes

you can see how the triangle around here

is formed and then here is going to be

my nose so there you go

so now I'm gonna open it up again and

I'm going to add my backings of my eyes

and my nose as I said you can also use

yarn in order to make these so I notice

I have a little bit too much polyfill so

I'm gonna stuff it here now that I

finished the eyes and now I'm gonna pull

and as I'm pulling I want to really

close up that hole I'm gonna keep

pulling and make sure my Paula for my

stuffing is inside so as you can see now

that's where my eyes are and my nose

super cute alright so now let's close

this up I'm gonna just simply make a

tight knot that's just that really tight

make it nice and closed there we go so

I'm going to leave my ears for right now

like that so now we're going to need to

close the back here I'm going to use my

yarn that I still have here so we're

going to sew it up right here and then

we're going to sew it up in the back

you would for hat but we'll also need to

put some Paul Phil in here so there you

go I can have some more later just so

that I have it the right amount roughly

so we're just going to close this up



okay so I see there's a little bit more

room so I'm gonna add a little bit more

my stuffing here there we go okay so now

we're gonna close up the back which

you're simply gonna do as you would when

you have a hat so just weave your yarn

all the way around alright and then

we're gonna close it up and we're

weaving our end and we're also gonna

fasten off and to hide our yarn I simply

push my yarn through like this and it

comes back out over here and just cut my

yarn so now you can shape your ears the

way you like oh so in order to keep the

ears from going back open you can use

your yarn over here to kind of sew them

up so I like to do that so that way my

ears they kind of together in the back

here's just like that I do it on both

sides there you go they kind of stay

together then and it'll make a note

double knot is better

there you go and again I'm gonna push my

yarn through here so it disappears okay

so one last thing we need to do is add

our pom pom so I like to add it a little

bit higher than where my end is right

here so just add it right here so I have

here a pom pom that looks you know I got

that from some kind of Christmas box or

something so when I put some yarn

through and just add one end in now at

the other one very close to each other

so that way I can tie them up and you

won't really see where I added the knot

and now just tie it really really tight

like that and now you can weave in your

end very easily just put both ends

through here through the needle such as

that and do the same thing as we did

before just weave your yarn through and

cut it and there you have your cute

little bunny

it's a tiny version super cute and

adorable with a poofy little pom-pom in

the back and a cute little face almost

looks like a mouse

so you can take it as a mouse as then

you make a long tail or it's a bunny

SuperDuper cute you can shape the ears

as you wish and here is the bigger

version of it so you choose how you're

going to make the eyes and the mouth and

the size that you like it's totally up

to you here you can see the two

different sizes of the bunny they're

both made out of a rectangle just one is

a little bit bigger than the other and

the other difference is the eyes and the

mouth so it doesn't matter

which one you pick whatever is more of

your preference I hope this video was

helpful on how to make these cute little

bunnies right here so if you liked this

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watching bye