How to Knit a BUNNY from a SQUARE | Easy for Beginning Knitters

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A Knitted Bunny from a Square!

Hi, Guys I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit.

Today, we are going to celebrate Spring time and Easter with this adorable little bunny,

easily shaped from a square knit in the garter stitch.

I love knitting up this really cute little bunny. So simple.

The materials we will use are: Aran or Worsted Weighted Yarn in two colors.

Your Color Choice is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. 2 Size 7 US Knitting Needles.

Scissors, a Tapestry Needle, and Stuffing.

To begin, we will cast on any number of stitches you chose! I am casting on 30 stitches.

Knit in Garter Stitch until your piece is a perfect square. The Garter Stitch is simply

knitting the Knit Stitch every single row. Check out my tutorial on the Garter Stitch

if you would like to learn more.

The easiest way to determine when you have knitted an equally sided square is to match

up your corners, like so.

Then, it’s time to bind off.

Now, we will loosely stitch a triangle shape using yarn and our tapestry needle. First,

we will stitch all the way across our piece in the middle. Then, form a triangle. With

both of our yarn ends on the side of our piece, place a ball of stuffing, then cinch up your

piece. Your bunny’s heads and ears are immediately formed! Too cool!

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like this!

Then, we just stitch up the back.

Give your bunny extra personality by embroidering a face in any colors and features you chose.

I am adding eyes, a nose, and whiskers.

Finish you bunny with a little pom pom for its tail. I like winding yarn around a fork

to make mini pom poms.

So cute! I hope you are inspired to knit your own little Easter Bunnies from the garter

knitted square, too!

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