How to Knit: EASY Chunky, Double Seed Stitch Knit Throw Blanket

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

today I'm going to be showing you how to

create your very own chunky textured

blanket this blanket is incredibly soft

and squishy and it's perfect for this

time of year if you want to figure out

how to make your own blanket just keep

watching first thing you're gonna need

is a pair of 20 millimeter circular

knitting needles these I got from Hobby

Lobby I really like these kind they're

super sturdy definitely allow for your

stitches to smoothly glide along each

needle I believe these are 36 inches but

don't quote me on that just make sure

they're long enough to hold all of your

stitches this is a chunky knit blanket

so the longer the cord the better also

going to need some super bulky yarn this

is a weight 6 yarn and it is 100%

acrylic this is the new Lion Brand thick

and quick in the hundred percent acrylic

you can find this at Michaels and as you

can see here it's 100% acrylic and it's

a weight six this is in the color

burgundy going to be holding your yarn

double-stranded so it's best to have two

skiing's that way you don't have to

worry about your yarn getting tangled

you look in the description box below

I'll have exactly how much you need for

this blanket the first thing I want to

do is pull up the strands of your yarn

one from each skiing a lot of longtail

we're going to be using the longtail

cast on method you want to leave enough

of the tail so you can cast on 52

stitches you want to make your blanket

larger you can cast on more stitches if

you want to make your blanket smaller

just cast on less stitches you do want

to make sure that you're doing this in

multiples of two for me I'm going to be

doing 52 stitches I will also have the

dimensions of the blanket I'm making

today in the description box below so

you can see just how big my blanket is

and if you want to add or subtract

stitches from yours so now that I've

pulled out the length of yarn that I

need I am going to make my slip knot

here I'm going to add it onto my

circular knitting needles and I'm going

to proceed to cast on 52 stitches using

the longtail cast on so with this method

you just want to make sure that your

working yarn is in the back and your

tail that you left is in the front

you're going to hold your stitch on to

your needle with your finger

and then you're just going to hold your

yarn like so and just cast on if you

want a more detailed video of this you

can search YouTube for the longtail cast

on method but this is just how I do it

and like I said just go ahead and cast

on your 52 stitches or as many as you

want in multiples of two and I will come

back once I have that all right so I've

casted on my 52 stitches I did it

double-stranded as I mentioned if you

pull out about two arm lengths worth of

yarn you should have enough and it will

also leave you a tail so you can weave

in your ends when you're finished

once you've cast it on your stitches

we're gonna go ahead and start the

blanket we are going to be making this

blanket using the double seed stitch and

basically a double seed stitch is a knit

purl knit purl knit purl all the way

across and then when you turn your work

you'll do the same stitches as you did

before and then we'll switch the pattern

up after we get three rows in so we're

gonna start with Row one and we're going

to do a knit stitch so just insert your

needle into your stitch wrap your yarn

around pull it through and pull your

stitch off and then for a purl stitch

you'll bring your yarn to the front

insert into the next stitch in the front

wrap your yarn and pull through so you

will just continue your knit purl knit

purl all the way across the row until

you have completed the row

all right so I'm going to continue this

pattern and then I will come back and

I'll show you how to do the next row all

right so I've completed my first row of

knit and purl stitches so basically it's

like a knit one purl one rib for the

first row and then on the second row

we're just gonna turn our work as I did

and we're going to place a knit stitch

in the places where there are knit

stitches in a purl stitch in the stitch

where there are purl stitches so row two

is an exact repeat of Row one so you're

going to start with a knit stitch work a

purl stitch in the next stitch as you

can see I have a purl stitch right below

it so you're gonna do another purl

stitch and you're just going to repeat

this a knit purl knit purl all the way

until the very end of this round

just like you did in row 1 so I'll go

ahead and finish row 2 and then I'll

come back and show you what it looks

like alright so I just finished my

second row and as you can see all my

stitches line up so there's knits where

they're knit stitches were and pearls

where the purl stitches were so it looks

like a basic knit 1 purl 1 ribbing right

now and start on Row 3 and Row 3 and 4

are done the opposites of Row 1 and 2 so

you started with a knit stitch on row 1

and 2 so now you're gonna start with a

purl stitch on rows 3 and 4 so anywhere

that there is a knit stitch you will add

a purl stitch and anywhere there is a

purl stitch your odd and knit stitch so

I'm going to start my first stitch with

a purl stitch and then my next stitch

will be a knit stitch and then another

purl and another knit stitch and you

will just repeat this process all the

way for Row 3 and you'll also do the

same thing for Row 4 so I'm gonna finish

up Row 3 and 4 and I will come back and

show you what it looks like alright so I

finished rows 3 & 4 and as you can see

it has this really nice squishy texture

it creates this really nice like weaved

effect and I really like it and once

it's all knit up incredibly squishy and

soft and you're gonna love it so you're

going to repeat rows 1 through 4 a total

of 17 times or until your desired length

I'm going to do mine like I said about

17 times about 68 rows and I will come

back to

you whenever I have it all finished

we'll also have the pattern written in

the description box below just in case

you want to peek at it here and there

because I know blankets can be kind of a

big project you can't always finish them

all at once I'm also gonna add in some

montage of me working on the blanket so

you can see the process of how I do it I

just kind of hang out on the couch or on

the bed listen to some music

and knit away so I'll add some of that

anything gets finished I'll come back

I'll show you how to finish the blanket

off and then you all have your own cozy

squishy blanket so happy knitting and I

will see you shortly


all right guys so as you can see I've

reached the end of my blanket here I've

done 68 rows and you can see this

beautiful texture it's so squishy so

thick so warm it's going to be perfect

for the cold weather it's gonna make a

great gift for anyone but now you want

to finish it off and to do that you're

just going to do a simple cast off so to

cast off you just knit one stitch knit

two stitches and then you're gonna pull

this first stitch over your second

stitch you want to make sure to not cast

off too tightly so your blanket doesn't

Bunch at the top you want it to stay

consistent with the rest of your blanket

you can tend to cast off a bit tighter

than you knit so be wary of that as

you're casting off so you'll just

continue that you'll knit one more

stitch carry over your first stitch and

just continue that until you are down to

one stitch on your needles

all right so I'm down to my last stitch

I've tested everything else off as you

can see here now what I'm going to do is

cut my yarn like so and pull this

through give it a little tug there and

now you just want to weave in your ends

just take your needle thread one of your

pieces of yarn through your needle

you're going to weave your ends back and

forth through your stitches you want to

go multiple directions so you can ensure

that your ends will stay at nice and

secure in your piece so just do that a

few times I just kind of pull it to make

sure it's nice and snug into place and I

will take my scissors and cut closely to

the blanket being careful not to cut

your blanket and that's how you weave in

your ends that is your finished product

you can see how nice and squishy

this texture is I just love this stitch

so much it's so nice and it's so simple

and you can really just mindlessly knit

and it works up so quickly

alright and that's how you make your

very own chunky blanket if you enjoyed

this video please remember to give it a

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see you later bye