How to Knit a Bra Top Knitting Tutorial and Free Pattern

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hey guys it's lauren from girliness and

today i am super excited to teach you

how to make this super cute bra top now

this pattern is totally free you can

find the pattern on my blog at knitting

is awesome comm slash how to knit a bra

top and there you will find the complete

pattern and the materials you'll need

and everything else you'll need to know

to make this top in this video I'll be

showing you step-by-step exactly how to

make this so I walk you through every

step in the pattern and this tutorial is

really aimed more towards a beginner

knitter because if you are if you

followed a pattern before or your

intermediate or advanced you know you

probably won't need the video tutorial

because the pattern is pretty simple and

straightforward for you to follow but if

you do good stuff at any point in the

pattern within the pattern eldest you

know where in the video exactly I do

that stuff in case you get stuck and

want to refer to the video you'll have

that too and because this is such a

basic pattern it's really easy to you

know customize or make uniquely your own

like if you wanted to add like a cool

stitch pattern or you know vary the

length of the ribbing or do like a

special kind of ribbing or do something

fun with this drops there's lots of

places that you can customize this top

and I can't wait to see what you do so

make sure to share your projects on

Ravelry you'll find the pattern page

there where you can attach your project

I'll also be hosting and it along in the

forums so if you find my group it's

called the girli nuts fan club they'll

be a forum there where you could like

share pictures and like your inspiration

and what you're planning on doing or you

can even ask me questions there and

connect with other knitters who are

making this too so I really look forward

to seeing how yours turns out and I hope

you enjoy this tutorial so the first

thing that we're going to do is cast on

for our bra top and you want to use a

needle that's two sizes smaller than the

needle that you needed to obtain the

gauge so because I'm using a size 7

needle for from the top of my bra top

for the bottom ribbing portion I'm going

to be casting on with a size five

circular needle and

I'm just going to be using a longtail

cast on to cast on my stitches and if

you're wondering how much yarn to leave

for your tail a trick you can use is to

take the total amount of stitches and

times it by 0.5 because each stitch you

cast on will take about half an inch of

yarn and then you just want to add 10

inches on to that 4 on your tail so you

have an extra tail that you can weave in

and it just gives you a little wiggle

room so it won't be too short so the

first thing we want to do is make a

slipknot and then we just want to do a

long tail cast on now we are going to

cast on half the amount of stitches

total and then we're going to place a

marker to mark the side of the bra top

and then we'll cast on the remainder and

place another marker for to mark the

start of the round and that's going to

divide the front from the back which

will be useful when we get to the top of

the bra top where we'll be doing

increases and it also will help us when

we're binding off for the back of the

bra tops so I will catch up with you

after I've cast on all my stitches and I

start joining the bra top to be worked

in the round alright

so I've just cast on 62 stitches because

I'm making the small size and then I've

placed a marker and then I cast on sixty

two more stitches for a total of 124 and

now I'm just going to add my start

marker here and then we'll join this to

work in the round little tip cut straws

work very well for stitch markers they

are very small and out of the way and

yeah they're really perfect I love using

them so okay so before we join we just

want to make sure that our stitches

aren't twisted and a good way to do that

is to just make sure that the back part

of all your stitches that like braided

part is facing towards the center of the

circle and that there's no too

or turns anywheres they're all facing

inwards and then you just want your cast

on tail there and then your working yarn

here and you just want to go ahead and

start knitting in the round now um the

ribbing that you do is up to you for

this one I am going to do a knit one

purl one rib as you see and I'm planning

on making this seven inches long but you

definitely have options and I'm going to

show you a few of those so for the blue

top I did here um this is actually five

inches and you can see in the pictures

what that looks like with the different

lengths you know depending on how much

coverage or how crop do you want it to

be and so for the blue one I did a two

by two ribbing so knit two purl two and

if you're following the pattern you can

definitely do knit two purl two because

all of the total cast on stitches are

divisible by four so that will work if

you wanted to do like knit 3 purl three

three by three thing just make sure your

cast on stitches are multiple of six I

can't promise that they are but they are

divisible by four so if you want to do

this option and then you'll see with

this purple top so this is actually only

three inches of ribbing for you no more

crop top look and I used a 1x1 rib here

so you have those options and I will

catch up with you after I have completed

the ribbing for um this brought up all

right so I've just finished knitting my

seven inches of ribbing and I'm back at

the start and I'm ready to start

knitting in the round in stockinette

stitch to start the bust of this bra top

so what we want to do when we get to

this point is we want to switch to our

larger needle so if you have two

separate needles that you're using you

could just use that larger needle and

knit across the stitches if you have an

interchangeable set like I do then what

you wanted

do is switch your right hand needle

first so we're just going to take off

our size five and put on our size 7

needle make sure that's on there and

then it's going to be a little tight

when you first try to shift the stitches

down so we're actually going to knit a

whole round with the size 7 needle

before switching our left hand needle

because we don't want the stitches to be

tight the whole time on this needle too

so we're just going to slip over that

marker and then just knit across the

round so I just finished knitting my

first round now what I want to do is um

you just want to make sure to remember

to change out the left hand needle to

put on your size seven and at this point

all your stitches should have loosened

up a little bit and shouldn't be tight

anymore so now we're just going to knit

four more rounds so a total of five

rounds from when we started knitting and

then on the fifth round you want to knit

to the very last stitch before the start

marker and then we're going to start our

increases all right so I've just knit my

five rounds and I'm one stitch before

the start marker and again if you ever

forget where your start marker is it's

where your tail of yarn is where you

started the cast on now we're about to

start our increase round and I just want

to say you know you can make the

increases however you like we're

basically going to be making two at each

side of the bralette so two at the start

marker and two side marker and the

reason that we knit to one stitch before

the marker is just so this increases our

more together than they would be if we

did one here to the side and then one at

the end so it's a little just you know

nitpicky thing but I like how it looks

better and the increases that I'm going

to show you are my favorite while

sometimes I switch my favorites I'm

going to be honest but this one makes a

really invisible increase and

I'm going to show it to you and feel

free to you know do whatever increase

you like so before the last stitch what

we're going to do is make one right and

which is abbreviated m1r

so make one right is you're going to

pick up the bar between these two

stitches from the back and then we're

going to knit it so this can be a little

tricky because you need to stick your

needle through the front of the stitch

it's a little awkward but and then just

wrap it around and that's knitted and

you've just increased one stitch and

then we're going to knit one I'm going

to slip this marker knit one again and

then we're going to make one left and to

make one left we're actually going to

stick our left hand needle into this bar

between the stitches through the front

and then we're going to knit it through

the back loop so we're going to stick

our right hand needle through the back

of that bar we just picked up wrap it

around and knit it and then again we've

just increased another stitch and as

you'll see they're barely noticeable and

then we're just going to knit to the

side marker and we're basically going to

do that again so now I'm on my side

marker again I've knit to one stitch

before the side marker and we are going

to make one right so again we're going

to use our left hand needle to go

between the bar and pick up through the

back of the stitch and then we are going

to knit it and then we're going to knit

one slip that marker knit one and then

make one left so we're going to stick

our needle through the front of that bar

and then knit it through the back loop

and then we're just going to continue

knitting so again this is our sixth

round of the bust portion of this bra

top and we're going to be repeating this

increase round every sixth round and so

I get after finishing this round again

you want to knit five more rounds and

then at the end of that fifth round

you want to knit to the very last stitch

and then you'll start your increase

round again and so we're doing a total

of three increase rounds so in breach

round are increasing four stitches so

it's a total of 12 increases total in

case you want to make any modifications

or anything like that so I will catch up

with you again after I have made

finished all of my increase rounds so

I've just finished my three increase

Brown's and depending on which size

you're making I'm making this size small

but I do have a larger bust so I decided

to add three rounds and you'll see in

the instructions you know depending on

the size or whether you have like a

larger bust or if you just want a little

more coverage you may want to knit a few

extra rounds because at this point we're

going to be binding off for the back and

so the length that you have now is going

to be the length of the back of your bra

top so just keep that in mind and now

we're ready to bind off for the back so

the way we're going to do that is we are

going to knit four two three four and

then as you'll see the the first half of

our stitches are going to become the

back and then the last half of our

stitches will be our cups okay

so we've just knit four and now we're

going to bind off until we have three

stitches left before the side marker so

and then I also note there that you want

to bind off with kind of a firm tension

because if you don't then the doc might

be kind of floppy and you want it to be

you know firm and secure and you know if

it is floppy you might you know need to

add like an edging you could do a couple

rounds of single crochet on the back but

if you want to avoid having to do and

edging then you'll just want to bind

this off fairly tightly as you can see

if you like pull on it you'll want it to

just kind of you know have you know your

knitting not stretch too much so so

we're just going to continue to bind off


well we have three stitches left on our

left hand needle okay so now we've just

bound off for the back because you see

here and we still have these front

stitches and we are three stitches

before the side marker and we still have

one stitch on our right hand needle and

basically we're working the first row of

the front of the bra top and so we're

going to start with slip slip knit so

you're just slipping one stitch and then

the next and then you're inserting your

left-hand needle into those two stitches

and then you're knitting those two

together to decrease those two into one

and then we're just going to knit to the

last three stitches of this row and

decrease again which I'll show you when

we got there so now I've just knit to

the last three stitches and we just want

to end this row with knit two together

and then knit one and now we'll be

working on the bra top back and forth so

we're going to turn our work and purl

across and then we're basically going to

be repeating that decrease row a few

more times and the only difference is

when you start the next row you're going

to do knit one slip slip knit instead of

going right into the decrease because um

for that very first row we already had

one stitch on our right hand needle but

sure you'll figure out that out just

fine and I'm going to catch up with you

after we've um done the three more

decrease rounds and also just to note

that you can remove these markers as you

need them we won't really need them on

the sides anymore because eventually

we'll be decreasing enough stitches that

they'll have to move so you can just go

ahead and take those off so now I just

finished a total of seven rows I've done

four decrease rows and three purl rows

and now we're just going to purl across

the backside again but this time to prep

ourselves for dividing the cups we're

going to want to basically place a

marker in the set

to ever knitting so the pattern I'll

tell you exactly how many stitches to

knit because I'm making the small and I

have the total of 68 stitches right now

68 divided by 2 is 34 so I'm going to

purl 34 place my marker in the center

and then purl another 34 so I'll be

ready to start working one of the cups

on the next row so we are now ready to

start working the where's left cuff

which will be like the right cup if

you're looking at your knitting and

basically we're going to be doing a

decrease formula where we decrease at

the underarm every right side row and

then we decrease at the neckline every

right side and wrong side row so

basically every row so the way we're

going to do that is we're going to knit

1 again slip slip knit and then we're

just going to knit until we are three

stitches before the marker and now that

were three stitches before our Center

marker we're going to knit two together

and then knit one now at this point you

have a couple options if you're more

advanced and you are comfortable with

knitting the cups at the same time and

to do that you would join a second ball

of yarn and look at the instructions for

the where is right cup and basically

you'd be working like this row and back

and then this row and back if that

doesn't make sense you don't worry about

it because what we're going to do right

here is um just work this cup by itself

and finish it and then come back and

work this cup but just an option in case

you want to work them both at the same

time but for what we're doing we're

going to turn our work arounds and

basically work this cup so as I said

we're going to decrease at the neckline

every row so we're going to start this

row with purl one and then purl two

together which is basically the opposite

of knit two together it's going to look

pretty on the edges you will see they

like leaned the same way and look really

nice and then we're just going to purl

to that

and then we'll just be repeating those

to decrease rows the line we just sit on

the right side and this one on the wrong

side every row until we have six

stitches left and there's a note in the

pattern for what to do if you because

you want to end on a right side row and

what how to handle it in case um you

don't end up on like the right row with

the right amount of stitches there's

instructions for however you land

because it'll vary depending on which

size you make so um so just go ahead and

repeat those to decrease rows until you

have six stitches left and then I'll

catch up with you you there to show you

how to do the icord strap so now we have

our six stitches left ending on a right

side row and as you can see the cup

looks really pretty the decreases make

this really nice edge that you won't

need any extra finishing for because it

lays nice and flat and now we're just

going to work an i-cord and of course if

you want to do something different for

the straps you're totally welcome to I

like the look at the icord because it

has a nice pretty finished look and it's

strong enough because it's like double

layered and it also will cover your bra

straps nicely so I'm a big fan so what

we're going to first is just transfer

these stitches to a size seven double

pointed needle and you're going to need

two double pointed needles to work in I

chord so we have this there and we're

always going to be working on the right

side so we're basically going to take

our tail and then we're just going to

pull it tight and knit across our

stitches so it's going to pull that

tight and knit and so basically what

we're doing is making a tube it's almost

like we're knitting in the round but

we're not actually like you know working

from it like in the round like this

we're just taking our yarn and pulling

it tightly

every time we work

our right-side row so basically we're

just shifting the stitches back and

forth as you'll see me do so you finish

one row and then slide the stitches to

the top and then start knitting across

again while pulling that tight and then

so at first the back might look a little

bit funky you might see kind of like you

know like the long jogs of the yarn

across the back but once you get it

going if you just kind of give your

knitting a tug which I'll show you

you'll see that it turns into a nice

little tube so I'll show you the back so

at first you can see I kind of see like

the lines then if you just pull it like

that it will turn in

it'll be like pretty seamless and you

won't see anything there at all so yeah

you just want to continue in icord for I

would say about 11 inches it's just

going to depend you know because

everyone's torso is so different so I

would recommend maybe looking at a top

that you own that's kind of similar and

measuring the straw playing for an

estimation and I would say it's always

better to make it a little bit longer

and then you know take off some rows in

case it's too long as opposed to not

having it long enough because then you

know you have to like because you're

going to have to trim your yarn so then

if it's too short you'll have to like

tie more yarn on again which gets kind

of messy so I'd say if anything give

yourself a little extra length and then

you can always adjust it when you are

finishing your top so now I've knit

about 11 inches which is the strap

length that I want so I'm just going to

bind off these last stitches

then we are going to cut our yarn and

you just want to leave pieces is the

perfect length of strap for you you just

want to leave you know a few inches so

that you can use that to seam the strap

to the back of the bra top when we get

to that point so I'm just going to pull

that through and then now we're going to

go back to knitting the other cup so as

you see these stitches were just held on

our circular needle until we're ready to

knit them and we want to work the first

row starting on the right side so

basically be at the center of the

bralette and you're going to join a ball

of yarn again you smell like leave a few

inches there when you're starting and

then again with this cup we're going to

be decreasing every row at the neckline

and every right side row at the underarm

so we're going to start with knit one

and then hold that there suppose and

slip out and then slip slip knit and

then we are going to knit to the last

three stitches where we'll then on it

two together and then knit one now we're

at the last three stitches and then

we're just going to knit two together

knit one and again we're going to going

to turn or work and then purl across to

the last three stitches and then so at

the last three stitches we want to do

the opposite of slip slip knit which is

slip slip purl so it's going to be slip

one twice and then put those stitches

back on your left two needle and then we

want to purl those two stitches together

through the back loop so your needle is

going to go around to the back of those

two stitches purl them together and then

purl one

and then we're just going to be

repeating those last two decrease rows

again until we have six stitches left

and ending on at the end of a right-side

row and then we're going to knit the

icord straps just as we did for the

other cup and then I'll catch up with

you after we've finished on both straps

and at that point you're ready to just

attach them to your bra top and weave in

some ends and then you'll be all

finished so the final step is to attach

the straps to the back of your bra top

and I would recommend just using a

couple safety pins to pin the straps

down now you know if you're not going to

be wearing a bra under this placement

might not be you know super critical you

just want to make sure you know they're

both the same distance from like the

underarm so it's even in all that but if

you're like me and you want to wear a

bra under it you might want to try it on

with the bra and make sure the straps

align with your bra and they're in the

right place and then you know once

you've adjusted the length as needed and

have them in the correct spot and you

just want to pin them down and then a

little trick that I use is once you have

where you would like the strap and you

want to sew it on but it's kind of

awkward having this pin here and my

advice would just be to grab this guy

and then just move it down a few rows so

if you just mark those three stitches

then you'll know um where you want to

place your strap and then you can grab

your strap of course kind of play with

it make sure but you know the back

portion is in back and everything lines

up and then you just kind of want to put

like the wrong sides together so like

this and then use your tapestry needle

and just sew the strap to the bind off

row on the back and you might want to do

it a couple times you might have to fuss

with it a little but um ultimately you

know it should look nice and pretty so

however you can accomplish that and as

for the ends I found that if you take

this end and just kind of weave it

across the center and up the side with

your tapestry needle

I'll create this nice finish you don't

need to like tie anything down it will

look nice and pretty nice for your start

you know you just want to weave it in

along one of these ribbing lines here

and then that will look nice as well so

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and

that your bra top turned out super cute

if you would like more tutorials like

this like let me know what you want to

learn if you have any questions you can

leave them in the comments below or you

can post them in the forum on Ravelry

and thanks for watching bye