Nesting Bowls Free Pattern Workshop

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everyone at stage we're from knit and

crochet ever after today we are going to

make these nesting bowls you can see

they fit right into each other and

separate first putting all your

knickknacks in we're using t-shirt yarn

some very super bulky yarn and the

Raney's and 11 millimeter hook so

download the pattern below and we will

get started sort of start the basket

we're gonna do something a little

different so instead of a magic

adjustable loop we are going to work

into some chains because this yarn is so

thick trying to get a completely closed

hole on the bottom of the basket is

almost impossible so instead of having

to mess with our magic adjustable loop

we're gonna do something okay I put in a

slip knot on my hook already and now I'm

just gonna chain to somebody yarn over

grab my yarn pull it through the loop on

my hook and do one more and then what

I'm gonna do instead of doing six single

crochets into a magic adjustable loop

I'm gonna do six single crochets into

this first chain I made so I'm skipping

the second chain and I'm working into

that first chain I'm gonna insert my

hook in there yarn over kind of lay over

my yarn pull up a loop and do my single

crochet doing a 5 more times and that's

gonna push all my stitches into a circle

but now I don't have to mess with

pulling my loop closed its not going to

you know I don't worry about that magic

adjustable loop you can substitute this

for the magic adjustable if whenever you

want just know that you will have a hole

but you can kind of sew it up at the end

you can use this tail down here and kind

of go across and kind of pull it closed

as you when you do your weaving in so I

have one two three four five and they

need one more and now row one round one

obviously a bro for rounds round one is

okay since for round two we're going to

just start single crocheting again we're

not joining

so that way we don't have any kind of

seam in the basket but we're going to do

two single crochets into each of our six

stitches so it's going to give us 12 at

the end if you're not used to like

figuring out where hooks go and stuff if

you're brand new just use the tops of

your stitches stitches as a guide so

each one looks like the letter V so we

have one two three four five six so this

one right here is where I need to put my

hook so you can count back your stitches

to figure out where to start so I got

into both loops and then I'm gonna yarn

over pull up a loop and do my single

crochet then I'm gonna go right back

into that hole and it's made a little

bit bigger by that last stitch I did it

so it's easy to get into and I'm gonna

go again

now this hook is a little small for this

yarn on purpose so it gives it a nice

structure the only problem with that is

getting into your stitches so you'll see

that I'm wiggling and jiggling to get

through so just kind of work with it to

get through your stitches it's a little

tougher but it'll give your basket or

your container whatever you're working

on nice shape so again I go back into

that stitch one trick though to get

through the loops on your hook is to

yarn over point your hook at the

stitches and it gets through them nice

and easy so again I'm going under both

loops pulling up a loop and one thing

that I should have done which I'm going

to do right now is put a stitch marker

in that very first stitch I made so I

can tell where I did try not to forget

like me if you're not used to crocheting

but when I see two stitches into one

stitch such as right here so I can see

that this one is my very last stitch of

the first round and then here I have two

stitches that I worked into one stitch

so I know right here

my very first stitch so let me get a

stitch marker here then I'm going that

way and keep track of my rounds and I

know what I'm supposed to end so don't

forget your stitch marker I have one

stitch into this stitch I can see that

if I pull on it I only have two little

loops going into that stitch each two

loop is one single crochet so I need to

put another one in there there's have

four more so at the end I should have

twelve stitches if I place that stitch

marker correctly so I like to count the

tops of my stitches especially when it's

single crochet because it can be

difficult to see the Front's of your

stitches so have one two three four five

six seven eight nine ten eleven and

twelve so I did it right thankfully and

I can move on okay so go around three

we're gonna keep on increasing but we're

gonna do some single crochets in between

so this is gonna be the pattern we're

gonna single crochet twice in our next

stitch it's not very first one I'm not

gonna forget to put my stitch marker I'm

just gonna do both of my single crochets


then we're gonna do one single crochet

and mr. chapter loop crochet so again

we're going to stitch one stitch after

this squeaky yarn is not bothering you

too much and then we're gonna do that

again four more times to get all the way

around so we will have a teens to choose

at the end of this round

alright round three is done we're ready

for Round four still increasing same

kind of stuff as before so we're gonna

do two single crochets in that first

stitch then put our stitch marker back

in and then we're gonna put one single

crochet in each of our next two stitches

so we keep on increasing by six stitches

which is what you usually use for single

crochet to keep it flat and you kind of

want the bottom of our basket to be flat

so that's our pattern we're gonna do two

single crochets in our next stitch and

then one single crochet in our next two

stitches so continue that pattern around

just check the actual pattern if you

need help remembering and we'll meet up

at the end of this round okay one more

stitch for this round then round around

five which we are increasing that's our

last round of increasing for this basket

then we can move on to just making it

bigger so again two single crochets in

the first stitch

and then we're gonna do one single

crochet in each of the next three

stitches so again just increasing by six

at the end of this round we will have 30

stitches one two three and then two


and three not three and one but one in

the next three and then we do that

another four times till we get back five

thirty stitches and now we are just

going to single crochet around so make

sure that you are putting your stitch

marker and then you're just gonna single

crochet around close for 30 stitches for

round six and also 70 and nine but we'll

come back after six because a lot of

people I get messages sometimes flap so

I want to show you after this round with

black crochet okay so I finished round

six and you can see that it's starting

to cup up a little bit it's still not

totally bull shape so don't worry it

takes a couple rounds for it to really

get into the bowl shape we are going to

go ahead and do rounds seven eight nine

and ten on our own because it's all the

same we're just single crocheting and

each stitch around so don't forget to

put that stitch berth for back in and

you'll be good to go and just for

reference it's not you know an automatic

rule but it is kind of the way it goes

is that the right side which is the side

we're making our stitches on is the

outside of the bowl and then the wrong

side is the inside if you like the wrong

side you can move it to the outside

totally up to you but just so in case

you're wondering cuz I have some people

will be like am I supposed to be

crocheting on the outside or less oh

sweet crocheting on the inside whatever

is more comfortable for you you know if

you like crocheting it with it you know

tilt it in perfectly fine even if you

want that on the upside you just pop it

to the outside when you're done so

crochet it however you want and display

it however you want but technically the

correct way is with the

right side facing out okay so we'll meet

up after around 10:00 and take a little

bit on the last stitch around 10 and

then that we're ready to fasten so to

fasten off we're gonna do a slip stitch

in our next stitch and that just kind of

brings it down because if I just

fastened off right now I would have this

big gap from this stitch to this stitch

so by doing a slip stitch in my next

stitch so just enter into both loops

pull through hook it kind of brings it

down so it's not as noticeable and keeps

it a little bit more in line so it's not

such a jump and then once we leave it in

it will help bring it down even more so

make your tail long enough you can weave

in easily you're gonna need that needle

I'm like what are those calling it a fat

needle to weave in those ends but we

have our nice thick first basket and

then we are going to make the next one a

little bit bigger so this one can fit

inside and then one more bigger than

that so okay so to do our medium basket

we're gonna do the same exact thing

we're gonna chain to do 6 single

crochets in the first round and it's

basically just a repeat of the small

bowl so you're going to work up through

round 5 where you have 30 stitches total

so we're just increasing the exact same

way so you can just kind of rewind the

video if you need a refresher on the

first five rounds otherwise we are going

to meet up at round six for one extra

round increasing that we're going to do

before we start making the even rounds


Boal so just go ahead and do the same

exact thing that you did for the small

bowl for this bowl up to round five and

then you worked all the way up through

round five and I've actually almost

finished round six which is going to be

the different round from our previous

Bowl this one is just going to be

another increase so I'm going to show

you the very last repeat of that

increase but this is what you're doing

all the way around the circle six times

so you're gonna single crochet two times

so we're just increasing one more round

before we start our regular Bowl

instructions then we're going to single

crochet in the next four stitches so

we're just increasing another six

stitches we're doing two single crochets

in one and then one single crochet in

the next four so you do that all the way

around and then you're ready for Round

seven which is going to be our plain and

easy round and the rest of the rounds

after that are all plain and easy we're

gonna do six rounds total just single

crochet so 36 stitches around just

single crocheting make sure that you're

keeping track keep sticking that stitch

marker back in there and it's gonna be

round seven eight nine ten eleven and

twelve so six rounds total and then

we'll come back and look at our bowl and

then we will get started on our March

okay I finished up through round twelve

the basket or Bowl is complete so I'm

just going to do a slip stitch to finish

it off just a bring the edge down a

little bit

let's fasten it off

and cut my end so I can weave in now

we've got two of our three baskets done

so you can see my previous basket

that's right inside very nice and now we

are gonna move on to the lunch basket

which it will also be in okay so for our

large bowl we're gonna be doing the same

exact thing we're just gonna be

increasing for many rows we're going to

start off with our chain two and you're

just gonna follow the same instructions

for the medium bowl up to round six so

right where we left off or where we

stopped increasing our medium bowl is

where we're gonna meet up the kids

single crochet where we're gonna meet up

for this bowl because we'll need to

increase one more round pass that to you

know ensure that these are nesting so

just keep following those instructions

in the pattern it's gonna be the same as

our medium bowl same as the small bowl

just keep increasing every round and

then we will meet up on round seven okay

finished round six so I have 36 stitches

and then I'm moving on to round seven

where we're gonna do one more increase

before we start making the rest of our

Bowl so we're gonna do two stitches in

the first stitch just like we've always

been doing and then we're going to do

one stitch in each of the next five

stitches so if you notice it just

increases those single single crochets

increased by one on every round so I'm

gonna get five of those and then we're

just gonna repeat that five more times

so two single crochets in our next

stitch and then one single crochet in

each of our next five stitch

okay one more stitch to go and then I'm

ready for my even rounds so I'm going to

do seven even round so seven rounds of

42 because I have 42 stitches now so

just single crocheting around just like

we've been doing on all of our other

bulls there it's round eight through 14

so seven total I'm gonna meet up with

you after all of those are done because

it's basic just keep single crocheting

and don't forget to put your stitch

marker in and then we'll come back and

weave in our ends and check out our

finished bowls okay at the end of round

14 oh I'm just gonna do a slip stitch

like I've been doing to my ends and

we'll come back and check out my

finished bowls all right I've got all

three bowls done you can see that's how

they nest inside of each other and then

just pop right out to start holding

whatever it is that you want them to

hold super easy project you know if you

have any questions leave them below but

thank you for watching