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if you want to make this version then

click here for this bow headband are

four different sizes baby to adult in

this video I'm making the adult pattern

so if you want to make one of the other

sizes then you need to download the

written pattern I put the link

underneath this videos will click on it

and download it and follow along with me

the materials that you need are size

three or four light worsted weight yarn

if it's on the thinner side then hold

the yarn table if it's not then just use

one strand of yarn size us eight

straight knitting needles and a tapestry

needle to sew and weave your ends okay

so I'm holding my yarn double because

I'm using worsted weight yarn if you're

using chunky then you don't have to now

we're going to cast on so I leave a long

tail and I make the Slipknot so I just

crossed my yarn and I grab the one

underneath and I pull now we have a hole

and I get my yarn

okay and now we're going to cast on so

this counts as one so I hold it put my

next finger and thumb and I pull my yarn

apart and hold it with my other fingers

then I come over and I pick this one up

but on this side and go through okay

even again pick it up bring it around

and go in the middle the night at all

now we have three okay are you just keep

doing that till you have 18 stitches now

that I have 18 I turn to my work over

and I slip the first stitch

and then I go throw the front in the

back of the next stitch make sure you

have your working yarn and not your tail

and bring your yarn around

counterclockwise throw it up and then

take it off

so from front to back your yarn over and


just like that

okay let me turn it over and then we do

it again slip our first stitch and then

come in it our second one and all the

rest of them and then you just keep

doing this until it's your desired link

you can measure child's head just be

aware that it stretches a little bit so

you might want to make it smaller than

your head

I like an image as the Garter stitch

makes it stretch I here are some

measurements if you are unsure how long

you need to make it all right there you


this is how you make the headband part

all right this is all mine looks like it

is 17 inches long unstretched okay so

now we need to bind off and my tail end

is on the left side so your should be 2

if you want it to look nice in the front

on the top and bottom edge so to find

off you first knit two

then you grab your first stitch you pull

it over your second one and off the

needle now we need a net another one

because we need two stitches on the

right needle and we pick up our first

stitch pull it over suck it and off the


all right so do this all the way to the


okay and then I just pull this out

enough for me to weave the ends get my

scissors and then I pull off the rest of

the yarn there we go



okay after you sew your headband

together now we need to make the bow so

is the exact same thing you cast on 18

stitches I made find six inches long and

18 ridges alright so this is how we bind

off our bow we knit two and then we grab

our first stitch we bring it on top of

our second over it and off of our needle

now we need another stitch so let's knit

the next one and do the same thing in

our first stitch and bring it over

just like that


all the way to the end so I'm left with

one stitch on my needle and I cut it

then I pull the yarn through and there

you go

now we have our bow let's weave in our

ends so I have my yarn a tapestry needle

and what you do is go through your



okay and then I go back through

different stitches and kind of make sure

it's hidden and then you cut okay do it

on this side now all right so I need my

bow eight inches now we need to make the

loop so to make the loop we're going to

cast on eight

and I am only using one strand you can

use both if you want but it just doesn't

need to be thick

knit four five inches and bind off

okay so put your bow on top of your

headband where the two ends meet wrap

your loop around them like this and sew

your loop ends together and you're done

I hope you had fun and enjoy watching

this video if you did and you want to

make something else with me then here

are some options or you can just go to

my page and look at all of my other