How to Knit an Applied Border - Applied Border Knitting Tutorial

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hey guys I'm Emily from the blue Mouse

and today I'm gonna show you how to knit

and applied border so you can see here

on my shell cottage shawl I have this

knitted on border here it's worked in

the opposite direction that a project is

worked so my garter rich's the

horizontal here on my shawl but they're

vertical on my border your applied

border can be added on to anything that

has live stitches so you can see that I

have all these live stitches still on my

needle I've worked a mini shawl here as

an example now I'm going to show you how

to do this with some contrasting yarn so

you want to start on a right side row

and you're just going to cast on as many

stitches as you want or as the pattern

tells you onto your needle that has all

the live stitches so we're my row starts

with my yarn connecting to it that is

the needle that I cast some stitches

onto so I'm just going to use the

longtail cast on method but any method

that you like will work alright so I've

just cast on ten stitches and you are

actually done working with your previous

yarn and now you're only going to be

working with the yarn for your border so

you're going to knit across all those

stitches that you just cast on until you

have one of them left and if you're not

working in garter then just go ahead and

work in pattern until you have one

stitch left

all right I've worked until I have one

border stitch left and I'm just going to

knit this stitch together with the first

stitch of my live stitches so just go

into those to knit them together and

turn and then you're going to leave the

yarn in the front of your work and slip

the first stitch on your left hand

needle as if to purl so go into it as if

to purl but just slip it and then you're

going to work in pattern across the rest

of your room so I'm just going to work

in garter stitch so I bring my yarn to

the back and continue knitting to the

end so you just keep doing that until

all your live stitches have been worked

and then you bind off your border

stitches and you're good to go so I'll

show that to you one more time so you're

going to work in pattern until you have

one stitch of your border left and then

you're just going to knit this last

border stitch with the first stitch of

your project together so go into both is


next yarn over and knit them together

and then turn and keeping the yarn in

the front of your work you're going to

slip the first stitch as if to purl and

then work in pattern to the end of the

row or the end of your border so I'm

working in garter bring my yarn to the

back and continue knitting across so in

the end you should get something that

looks like this this is my cast on edge

and I just worked all of my edge

stitches until I worked all of them and

then I bound off all of my border

stitches again you can work this border

in any pattern this example is just

showing it to you in garter stitch and

this is my newly released shell cottage

pattern if you're interested I'll have a

link in the description thanks for

watching guys please like and subscribe

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