Bubble Beanie Hat Pattern for Knitters

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How to knit the BUBBLE BEANIE HAT.

Hi! I'm Kristen and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT!

The bubble stitch and my bubble beanie hat pattern has been so

popular this past year I thought it was high time to create a corresponding

video for you this is a great hat if you enjoy changing yarn colors and are

comfortable knitting on circular needles the written pattern is available over on

my website studio knit totally for free I also have the

downloadable PDF pattern that is paid and it is on Etsy as well as Ravelry and

over on Ravelry you'll see literally hundreds of knitters have been making

these bobble beanie heads and it's great to browse through for inspiration to see

everybody's color choices and just how happy everybody has been knitting up

this bubble beanie hat so I hope you join along for yarn you'll want bulky

number 5 worsted weight works well too but I really prefer bulky for this

project for the shorter beanie size you'll want 120 yards and if you want to

do a longer slouchy style then about 140 yards is great and you'll see that the

yarn I'm using it's called Karen and Pantone and this is great because they

have exactly the right amount of yarn and beautiful color choices I will have

a link to where you can purchase that however feel free to use whatever you

have in your stash any fibre have fun with it your knitting tools our circular

needles these are size number 8 us and 16 inches in length along with double

pointed needles also size and you'll want scissors and a tapestry

needle so let's knit it up to begin we are taking our circular needle and

casting on just the simple longtail cast on method is what I'm using and we

started out by casting on 64 stitches in total

before joining in the round of course you want to make sure that you are not

twisting your stitches and I want to share an optional little trick that I

like to do I add an additional stitch I take the right needle and I simply slip

one stitch from the left to the right and then I add my stitch marker and for

my first stitch I knit those first two stitches together and it just helps me

join my yarn in the round a little bit more securely so and this is just

something I like to do it's totally optional and we are knitting the 2x2 rib

stitch so that's knitting two stitches and purling two stitches we are doing

that all the way around for six entire rows so the brim of our hat is in the

2x2 rib stitch pattern it's usually at this point that people think their hat

is going to be too small but trust me this is a great size for all adults this

hat does have a tendency to stretch and although the brim looks teeny tiny at

this point it will fit an adult sized head even one as large as mine we have

one increase row so here we are kfb knit front and back so you knit into that

first stitch but you don't take it off the needle instead you bring your right

needle around to the back and you knit into that to increase one stitch and

then you bring it around and off your needle and from one stitch now you have

two and then k15 that just means that you are knitting 15 stitches and

repeating this pattern all the way around so you're doing kfb four times

total we're taking it from 64 stitches up to 68 stitches on your needle rows 2

through 6 are super easy we are knitting all to just that stock in that stitch

that's so easy when knitting in the round knitting every single stitch now

at this point I like to change my yarn colors it's totally optional you can do

the same yarn color change it up whenever you'd like but if you'd like

the same color scheme as I have then this is time to change your yarn color

and personally I like to knit my old yarn and my new yarn together in that

first stitch to help it just stay a little bit more secure before I weave in

those ends at the end of the project we are beginning the bubble stitch pattern

so it starts with knitting two stitches looks look I have three that's because

of that change of yarn color and now it's time for the big k4b that's

knitting four below so we slip off one stitch and then we take the yarn letters

one two three four I know it's so scary the first few times you do this and then

it gets really fun and you put your right needle into that stitch from the

front and you take it to the back of those yarn ladders take your yarn wrap

it around and then you're just knitting through right there and you have knit

four below it's pretty exciting stuff and then you knit three stitches so

let's do this k4b together again well I don't know if

we're doing it together but I'm going to show it to you on this

video one more time on your left needle you're slipping one stitch off and then

those yarn you are intentionally those stitches over times with your

right needle put it through that little stitch bring it to the back wrap your

yarn around and then you're going to knit it through that stitch right there

and you've caught all of those yarn letters you have knit four below and

this is the technique that we're using to create those beautiful bubbly

textures throughout the entire Hat the last two stitches on this first bubble

row we are doing k4p again so we are dropping our stitch those four yarn

ladders putting our right needle through and to the back knitting it on through

and finishing up row one with just one knit stitch

alright so Row two and six is just knitting all so we are knitting every

single row we have that nice stockinette stitch and we can see our bubbles

forming now row seven we start with k4b so let's do that together we are

dropping those four yarn ladders putting our needle thrill and this one's a

little bit easier to keep track of because we start immediately with k4b

and we knit three stitches and that continues all the way around the entire

row seven we can stop to admire our bubbles so pretty and see how they're

starting to shape up and then we have rows eight through twelve which again

it's that stockinette stitch in the round all we have to do is knit and

continue rows one through twelve until your hat

the length that you desire now from the brim all the way up to the top at seven

inches is a good place to stop to do your decreases if you want that smaller

just be nice sized hat I personally am going to continue on and

do two more inches after this because I already have a beanie on the size but

this color I want to do a longer slouchy beanie and so that is 9 inches until I'm

ready for my decrease rows so the first row you're either doing Row 1 or 7 of

the bubble beanie pattern it depends on where you've stopped and I stopped on

row 12 so I'm starting with world 1 just one time to do that bubble beanie around

the bubble stitch around so I can get a little bit more texture near at the top

now the decreases are knitting two stitches together and then we are

knitting accordingly as we go around and you'll see that knitting two it's just

knitting two stitches together and following the pattern all the way until

you are ready to switch to double pointed needles once it starts getting

tight on that circular needle I switch to the double pointed needles and here's

how it looks once you have all the stitches on those three double pointed

needles and that forth needle is what you knit from if this is new to you I do

have a video on switching from circular to double pointed needles and continue

your decreases all the way around according to the pattern until only six

stitches remain well take our tapestry needle after cutting our yarn

and thread it through those six stitches right there removing the knitting

needles and will go all the way around take the yarn put it to the back of your

work and weave it on through cut your yarn and you're almost done you still

have some more yarn tails that you need to leave in and since we have it inside

out let's go ahead and look I really like the texture on the wrong side of

the work too so maybe we can call this a reversible hat and if you'd like you can

add a pom-pom I hope you have enjoyed seeing how the bumble beanie hat is knit

up thank you so much for joining me I have so many other great projects that I

hope you give a try please subscribe to my channel studio knit and I will see

you next time bye