How to Make a Loop Yarn Blanket

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hi this is Jessica with QC crestcom

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

make this easy finger knit blanket you

don't need any knitting needles or

crochet hooks all we're gonna be using

today is this really neat loop yarn and

it's nice and soft and it makes a

beautiful blanket and yeah all you need

is this yarn your hands and a pair of

scissors for a good size throw blanket

about 50 by 60 inches you're going to

need seven skeins of the loop yarn so

first you want to count off the number

of loops that is going to make the width

of your blanket for my 50 by 60 inch

blanket I counted out 70 loops across

and that's not including you need to

leave two extra loops at the end and I

will show you what we're going to do

with those oh that one already came

apart but um each of the loops is held

together by a piece of thread in the

middle here so all you need to do is

take a pair of scissors and snip right

in the middle because you want a nice

little tail about that long so that's

usually just two loops for the tail snip

two of them and then go ahead and count

out 70 loops if you want to make a nice

size throw for demonstration purposes

I'm just going to count out ten loops so

one two three four five six seven eight

nine ten and then it's a good idea you

don't have to but I found it helpful to

take a safety pin and Mark that last

loop especially when you are dealing

with counting out 70 loops you want to

make sure that you remember which one

you're supposed to be on so that's going

to be your first row and then you're

gonna take all of your your yarn move it

to the other side not the blanket and

kind of pull this yarn this way and the

next row we're gonna do what is called a


stitch and this is the easiest stitch

for you to do all you do is take this

next row and you're going to take the

loop and put it pull it through the loop

from the first row so the second row of

loops here is coming from the back and

you're pulling it up through the first

row so again back row loop comes through

the first row and you need to make sure

as you're doing this especially the

first row it's going to get a little bit

wonky and make sure that everything is

straight none of your loops are twisted

and make sure you're pulling those loops

through all the way and definitely for

the first few rows you want to do this

on the table or on the floor not sitting

like on the couch alright so once you

gotten through that row you're going to

take I like to take the bulk of my

thread and move it to the other side of

whatever I'm working on and then you're

gonna do the same thing so again the

knit stitch is pulling this new row of

loops through the back of the previous

row of loops so I pulled that through

the back pull this one and make sure you

don't skip any loops or you'll end up

with a hole or a gap in the blanket so

this was our knit stitch now we're gonna

switch off to doing a purl stitch so for

the purl stitch I take my the bulk of my

yarn and I'll move it across the work

but you want to bring it to the bottom

that's gonna make it just easier for you

to sort everything else so my new row of

yarn I'm bringing in from the bottom

you want to take the next loop and

instead of pulling it up through the

bottom of our previous row we're going

to take the new loop and pull it down

through the top of this loop so take

this loop pull it through this swing

take your new row pulling it down

through the bottom of the previous row

and then just continue that along the

row so you can see how that leaves kind

of a ridge on this side that is what the

created the border on my blanket so I

did two rows of the knit stitch and then

I'm gonna do two rows of the purl stitch


so again we're just coming in with our

new row bringing it through the top of

our last row and I want to show you

really quickly before we move on to

create this border that was consistent

around the entire blanket I actually

switched off when I got to each end here

so this is the knit stitch all the way

across for the first two rows and then I

did the purl stitch along here but the

last two loops here are the knit stitch

again because I wanted the knit stitch

to be all the way around the blanket so

knit stitch a whole row a whole roll of

knit stitch again a row of the purl

stitch but two knit stitches at the end

another row of purl stitch with just two

knit stitches at the end and then for

the entire rest of the blanket until I

got to the very end and I was almost

finished I did the knit stitch for every

row except for the two so I left four

there's one two three four stitches here

at the

and so these two are going to be purl

stitches and then two more knit stitches

you don't need to do this if you want to

just do the whole thing in it stitches

that's totally fine or you can do the

whole thing in the purl stitch if you

like that better

either way it's totally fine now say

you've run out of yarn or you want to

start another color if you're at the end

of the row I will show you how to do

that you want to leave one two loops at

the end and then just snip in between

those two loops and then just like we

did at the beginning go ahead and snip

in between the loops to release them and

then you'll have a tail there and just

go ahead and keep that like that for now

and then at the end we will go back

after the blanket is finished and weave

those ends in and I've got my new color

that we're gonna bring in here and just

like we did previously we're gonna snip

open two of the loops on the end to

leave a tail lay this new row out above

your work and just like we were doing

before bring the new yarn in from the

back to the front through the previous


super easy and just leave that tail on

the right side here and and boy we'll

weave that in later so again we just

continue with that yarn bring it across

to the other side so now say that you're

going along and you want to switch

colors in the middle of a row I've done

a few stitches here and now I'm going to

stop here so leave two loops again snip

that off

snip open the two loops like always

and then we're gonna bring in our other

color here and I've already made a tail

on this one by snipping two of the loops

and so we stitched through the swoop and

now we are going to continue stitching

with the purple this loop here so then

just continue down and you kind of want

to take these tails here and just tuck

them in the back and we'll save that for

later all right so say you're ready to

stop now your blanket is finished you

want to leave two loops at the end step

that off make your tail and then we're

going to take the loop on the opposite

side and we're going to take the loop

next to it so the one to the left here

and we're going to put it through the

first one on the right and pull that up

so this becomes this was our loop that

was on the left this becomes our new

loop so it's kind of like a crochet move

we're taking the loop on the left put it

through the one on the right and then

this one is our new loop that we're

using so continue that along the line

left through the right you can also do

it the other way if you happen to end on

the other side it doesn't matter just

make sure your opposite the tail that

you left then you should end up with

this nice braided look on the top here

and we have our last loop here that we

need to secure so take the tail thread

it through the loop here now you can

just kind of like weave this tail back

in on the back under some of the

stitches but I like to make it extra

secure and I don't know if I'm breaking

any knitting rules doing this but I'm

going to tie a knot

maybe that's the embroiderer and me that

likes to tie knots but I feel like with

this fluffy yarn you can get away with

it and you can't

so I've tied a knot there to secure that

and now we need to take care of all of

our loose ends so we turn the blanket

over and remember how we did a color

change right here there's gonna be kind

of a gap here so what you go and want to

do is tie a knot I like to tie a double

knot there and that's gonna make it so

you don't have that gap in the back but

then we still have this string here so

all that you have to do then is just

take your extra bits of yarn and I like

to follow the same color so you can't

see it as much and again we're working

on the back of the blanket and pull that

up a little bit and thread the yarn

under and again we're gonna go over a

stitch take the yarn thread that under

if you want to make this a little bit

easier you can take a crochet hook push

that through one of the stitches and

that's going to make it easier to grab

the yarn on the other side and then just

pull that through not necessary but I

did find that that makes it a lot easier

so do you got about three or four times

and then this one I'm going to take the

opposite direction and then once you've

done that a few times you can just go

really close to the blanket being

careful not to cut through any of your

stitches and just cut off those ends

there and then we're gonna do the same

thing with all of these other ends that

we've got these pieces at the end

there's no need to tie knots for these

ones these ones are already pretty

secure and there's no gaps or anything

oh and just to show you what happens

when you skip a loop look at that right

there I skipped a loop so to take care

of that I am just going to leave that

under some of these extra stitches

and thankfully this fluffy yarn helps

that disappear quite easily and then

once you get all your loose ends woven

and you shouldn't be able to see

anything and everything should be nice

and secure and you've got yourself a

nice cushy cozy blanket for these cold

winter days so I'm gonna teach my

ten-year-old how to do this and I'm

thinking that maybe she might want to

make some scarves for her friends for

Christmas or something so it's a good

teen or tween crafts but also fun for me

as an adult to do and have something to

do while I'm sitting watching TV super

relaxing and a really easy and fun

project to whip up I hope you enjoyed

this blanket making tutorial head on

over to my blog cutesy crafts calm for

more fun crafts ideas