How to Knit a Blanket With Circular Knitting Needles

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hey guys today I'm going to show you how

to knit a blanket on circular knitting

needles I'm going to be showing you how

to use circular knitting needles without

actually having to knit something in the

round like a sweater or a hat so in this

case I'm just going to be knitting a

blanket and we're going to be using the

circular knitting needles to make a

really wide blanket something that you

normally couldn't knit on normal

knitting needles to get started you're

just going to need a pair of circular

knitting needles and your yarn getting

started on a project with circular

knitting needles that isn't actually

going to be knit in the round it's

actually very easy you just need to cast

on your stitches like you do with any

normal project for a project like a

blanket you will need to cast on a lot

of stitches you can start at around 150

but then you can fit on like up to 200

or 300 on one of these circular knitting

needles it might just get really

scrunched up by the end of it but I'm

just going to cast on about 100 stitches

and then we'll go from there

once you have your stitches cast on the

best thing about this type of project is

you don't need to worry about getting it

untwisted normally if you are knitting

something in the round like a hat or

sweater you would need to make sure that

there were no twists in this cable at

all or in this I guess on the circle

needle but in this case because it's not

going to be connected into like a tube

you don't need to worry about it so this

is the most important part of knitting

on circular knitting needles but not

actually knitting in the round so you

want to pay attention here when you

start knitting you will want to knit

with the yarn in your left hand this is

probably the most important part that

will make your work not be connected

normally if you're knitting with

circular knitting needles and you want

to knit in the round you would start

your knitting with you start knitting

the very first stitch that you cast it

on so here's the end or the very start

of the knitting I would take this end

and connect it here and start knitting

and that would create a tube in the

continuous kind of loop that is normal

for knitting in the round but we don't

want to do that because we're doing a

blanket and we don't want it to be a

connected to or something like that so

you're actually going to switch it and

you're going to have the rest of your

yarn in the left hand so here is the

last stitch that I cast it on with the

rest of the yarn here attached to

everything else in the yarn I'm going to

start knitting that and I'm going to

treat this needle here on the end as if

it were just a normal needle just doing

two needles like normal so you're not

going to need to worry about the end or

the beginning of this yarn over here

just push it down and you can start

knitting with this yarn with the left

stitch with the most recent stitch that

you did and what that will do is it will

bring everything over onto the next

needle it'll keep pushing it down in the

circle but it won't be connected to the

other end of it so it won't

form like a sweater or a hat

anything that's tubular you won't need

to worry about that forming so here I've

already started doing my next row here

and it's not going to be connected to

the beginning here and I don't need to

worry about accidentally making a

sweater I'm going to knit a couple rows

of this and then I'll show you what it

looks like to give you a better idea of

how the blanket will be forming on this

eventually as you keep knitting you'll

end up with something like this which is

still just a start of a blanket I only

got like two inches of length here but

this gives you more of an idea of what

it's going to be looking like as you

progress this is just a simple little

blanket I've got a couple cables here

that I have running through here when

you reach the end of a row like I am

here I'm ready to start a new row all

you do is you just take the end of your

circular knitting needle and with the

yarn to take the yarn here in your left

hand and you just start knitting again

so just like I showed you before we have

the Knitting just going here normally

and eventually all this is going to be

going onto this side of the circular

knitting needle meanwhile the end of the

blanket is still over here and just very

slowly it's going to work its way all

the way around this circle gonna go this


adding on is the next row here and then

it's going to continue going around and

around in a circle when you get to the

end of a row

like I showed you for just knit it off

finish the row and then slide everything

down here on to the right and then for

the end of the circular knitting needle

you just flip everything over like

normal when you're knitting with normal

knitting needles flip it over and pick

up the other end and then you start

again with the yarn behind you and you

can just start knitting again

you can use a circular knitting needle

for a lot of different projects doesn't

have to be just for like huge really

wide blankets if it's like a white scarf

or something you can still use circular

knitting needles and sometimes stores

will have a small really a lot smaller

size circular knitting needle and you

can use that for pretty much any type of

normal knitting project circular

knitting needles are super nice to use

though just because you don't have to

worry about carrying around two

different needles and when your project

is here you can just slide it down here

into the loop and you don't have to

worry about it falling apart or part of

it slipping off one thing you do need to

be careful about though is if you lift

up your project by one end just make

sure it doesn't slide off the other end

those are the basics of how to knit on a

circular knitting needle without

actually having to knit in the round

hopefully that was helpful and I will

see you next time