DIY Chunky Knit BLANKET! || How To Hand Knit A BIG Blanket by Hand!

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hello guys and welcome back to makeup


again we are in a little bit of a new

background there in my live ear because

we are going to be making a like kind of

one of those Pinterest II like braided

big comfy chunky blankets and so I made

one of these actually awhile ago back in

like probably January I made it and it

turned out so well and it was so easy to

make and so much more affordable than

buying one online or you can get these

very very very expensive and so I made a

much much cheaper much cuter and like

customized version for myself so it's

actually back there in that basket

man there's Willy so I'm gonna show it

to you guys but I'm going to be making

basically the same blanket just with

different colors and I'm super excited I

actually learned how to make this from

another YouTube video so I will link

that down below but I figured since I

wasn't making it again I might as well

film it and just show you guys how I did

it I'm done without taking credit I

didn't come up with this at all I'm not

like that crafty of a person but it did

come out really really well and it was

really fun to make and it's just such a

nice affordable way to just like make a

nice kind of cool like statement

decorative blanket this would also make

a really really good gift I'm totally

thinking for next Christmas like

everybody my family is gonna get one of

these because who doesn't just love a

nice cozy chunky blanket plus one that

looks and feels and would be very

expensive if you got it anywhere else so

that's what I'm gonna be showing you

guys today I hope that you enjoy and

let's get started so let me just show

you guys the other one that I made the

colors I'm doing this time are a bit

different but I used this like cream

color and then I use this kind of like

greyish purplish brownish kind of shade

and it is so beautiful

so basically half of the blanket is this

cream color and then like the other half

of the blanket is this like a purpley

gray color and this is actually massive

this is I'm not likely sure how long

this measures out to be when it's like

totally stretched out but you can fit

multiple people under this blanket and

so this is kind of the pattern that you

get this really pretty like

pattern so this is just kind of how I

styled it over here in this corner

so obviously this time I want to do

something a little bit different in

terms of the colors so I don't have

multiple of the exact same blanket so

why don't I do this time is I got four

skeins of this really pretty grey the

brand that I use is umber not blanket I

get too big they do have like a thinner

version of it what you totally could use

and then what I really liked about that

blanket that I did is the contrast

between the two different colors but I

didn't want to do a half in half again I

wanted to try something different

so what I decided is I got this really

gorgeous like a baby sky-blue color I

just love this shade of blue and I'm

just gonna do one skein of this and so I

figured if I just have like you know

basically like a quarter of it in this

color and the rest grade that that would

look really pretty kind of just more or

less like a band at the very top but you

can totally customize this however you

want you can do what I did and do half

and half I think that blanket I use six

cans and I'm just doing five for this

one because that one's like really big

so I'm only doing five this time but you

can certainly do six you can do way more

and do seven or eight if you want to be

huge you can make it really small if you

wanted to make one for like a baby you

could just do like two or three but if

you wanted to do half and half you can

do three and three or if you wanted to

switch it up and do like blue at the top

a couple gray like two or three gray and

do another color at the bottom or blue

again at the bottom and kind of like do

like a border of a different color that

would also be really cool you can

alternate and do like blue grey blue

grey blue grey there's a million options

which is what's so fun about this and

what makes it really cool gift idea is

you could just customize it to you know

someone's house if they maybe recently

moved you could do at the colors of

their house or if they're like I said

having a baby or something like that if

they're getting married you can make it

their wedding colors you could just do

so many cool things with this idea which

is what I love about it so I'm gonna

unpack all this stuff and show you guys

how to make the blanket and just excuse

my cats are definitely gonna be like all

up in this situation because they're

always are so where's the end of this so

this is ours I just bought this this is

brand-new and here's the beginning of it

and like a couple feet into it it looks

like someone tied it back

together I'm kind of confused by that

maybe they confused that's kind of a

nice part about making this blanket like

little things like that will easily be

hidden in the blanket so obviously you

want to get the most out of your yarn as

possible so I start the first loop down

at the bottom of course and I don't want

to leave too much of a tail so the first

thing I want to do is just create a loop

by literally just crossing the yarn

across from each other and then looping

the longer end of the yarn not the tail

right through that loop you just need to

make another loop so let me do that

again for you so yours gonna cross the

yarn across each other just like this

and then you're gonna take the longer

end of the yarn push it through that

loop you just made and make another

little loop just like that and now you

have your first knot so now that you

have your first loop super secure

basically what you just did is what

you're gonna continue doing to make the

rest of the blanket so what I like to do

is I pull it from behind

I just put my fingers through that first

loop that we made grab the longer end of

the yarn grab it with my two little

fingers and pull another loop through

now you want to make sure that you're

keeping the loops as similar in size and

as consistent as you can so I pull a

little loop through I like to keep my

loops fairly tight so again putting your

fingers through grabbing the longer end

and pulling a little loop through so

it's gonna look a little bit funny until

you get a few loops into the blanket so

don't oh hey no so don't start freaking

out if it doesn't look perfect yet just

keep going now we've done four and five

loops and so you can kind of customize

this to make up as big or small the

blanket as you want video that I watched

they did like 20 you can do 15 you can

do 25 you can literally do as many loops

as you want to make it as wide as you

would prefer so again putting my fingers

through that first hole grabbing the

longer end of the yarn in the back

looping it through so here's that little

weird not so watch this I'm gonna pull

this through I'm gonna pull it right

into the loop there and see now it's

part of the loop

so I want to stop with that not kind of

right in the middle of this loop so that

when I pull this next loop through do it

just basically formed right into that

loop and all I need to do is grab a

scissor and trim that little guy and now

you can't even tell that there was ever

that knot there and if you feel for any

reason that you did too loose of a knot

in one of your previous knots obviously

if it's too far back it's a little too

late but you can always just push it

back through tighten it up if you need

to and then keep going so it's really it

makes it really difficult to mess this

up which is really good for me

okay so I did 30 knots just about and

this is how long it is so it's a pretty

long it goes all the way from basically

the top of my foot up to my waist so

that's the kind of length and width that

I like so just use yourself as a

reference and gauge like how big do you

like your blankets alright the end of

the first row and kind of the border

what you're going to want to do just to

kind of guide yourself is move your

skein and all your extra yarn to the

other side so that you're now basically

perpendicular to your border and you're

gonna use this very last loop to start

your new row so instead of going up this

way like we were before and we were

adding on this way we're actually gonna

use this loop we're gonna kind of turn

it this way to that rather than facing

straight ahead it's kind of flipped and

it's facing up and you're gonna pull the

longer end of the yarn right through

that so now you're gonna start working

sideways instead of up and down so we're

gonna use the previous loops that we

have made along this border to make the

next row so we're gonna use for example

this little loop here I'm gonna reach in

grab some of this extra long yarn and

and loop it through like this and so

you're basically gonna use this border

as your new way of stitching pretty much

so we're gonna again stick our three

years through this little loop pull

through and we're just gonna basically

make a whole line of loops like this all

the way across again just like before

try to keep your loops as similar in

size as possible just so that your

blanket comes out really consistently I

also just super wanted to talk about the

price so these like I said online can be

super expensive like sixty to eighty to

a hundred dollars but you make them

there's so much more affordable so I

think full price these big blanket yarn

the skein of the brunette yarn is

99 each I'm pretty sure so if you pay

full price which you know I try not to

do generally this would be like a fifty

to sixty dollar blanket but I always

just wait till my goals that's where I

typically get these have a sale and

sometimes I'll have the yarn on sale

plus they'll be like coupons off your

whole purchase so typically when I bite

the bullet and get these but I typically

have been able to get these for around

like five to six dollars per skein

rather than ten cutting the price of the

blanket in half so this whole blanket

with five and I believe I got these for

like five or six dollars with like

coupons and sales this will be like a

$25 to $30 blanket rather than like 60

to 100 so definitely stack two coupons

wait for these to be on sale so for me

if these blankets take more than one day

to do just because I'm usually to be a

million another thing so I'll work on it

for a little while come back work on it

for a little while come back so I'm

going to just work on this a little bit

more and then I'm going to show you guys

how to work in the next one just so you

can kind of like fuse it with the second

and then third and fourth and fifth so

this is kind of like an easy transition

between them just so y'all can see that








oh okay so this is the size of the

blanket so far and what it's looking

like just kind of like a tip that I

didn't mention earlier this side that

I'm like knitting on is kind of like the

back of the blanket and you can still

see the braids but you'll notice when

you flip it over they stand out a lot

more because this is like the outside of

the braid like that's the flat part and

this is kind of like the ribbed part so

just keep in mind that the back of the

blanket is gonna be the side that has

like more of the detail but anyway so

this is so far which it's kind of hard

to give you a frame of reference but

like here's my hand so it's pretty big

so far I'll actually measure it once I'm

done but this is with three skeins of

the gray so far so that's with three I'm

actually about to add the fourth one on

and so obviously I've already connected

a bunch of them but I wanted to show you

guys how I do that it's super simple but

I wanted to make sure I included it so

this is the end of the yarn that's

making up the blanket right now and this

is the end of the new skein of yarn and

so literally it's as simple as just

tying a knot I don't want to waste so I

don't do too big of a knot but you also

don't it to be too small so I just make

it super tight and then you just take

your scissors and just trim off the

little tails so I'll show you once I get

to the part where I actually incorporate

it I just have a little bit left but it

makes this little knot which honestly

once you squeeze it enough it doesn't

really stand out much and honestly want

you to start weaving it it just gets

lost in the middle of the blanket like

you'll you'll barely be able to notice

you can find them if you're looking for

them but it's really hard to notice

where they are in the middle of the

blanket so it's a really good way to

just incorporate your next game all

right Joe so I'm about to work the knot

in here then is right here as you can

see so I'm gonna put

through this loop here and what I'm

gonna purposely do is kind of nestled it

into the middle of the loop and now it's

gonna make it a little tricky when I

come back around because this loop is

very small because I don't want this to

stick out too much so I'm gonna kind of

keep it stuck in the center and this

will just be a small loop for the next

time but that's no big deal in that way

the knot is you can see the back of it

it's just stuck in the middle of this

loop and it's a really good way to hide


so I have this rolled over quite a few

times because this is getting super long

but I just finished with the fourth a

skein of the grey so I just added on and

a little not the blue which that is such

a pretty blue I'm so excited to be using

that so I just attacked that here if you

want to be like really nice about it you

could just trim the tail of the gray

when you're at the end so that you start

the blue kind of like cleanly right on

the end of a new row but I just I didn't

want to like waste all that gray so I

just started in the middle and you an

honest that doesn't make that much of a

difference you can't tell that much so I

decided on kind of wherever the gray

stops but you can choose to start it at

the very beginning of a row if you want

to do that

okay so now I'm getting to the very end

of my skein of yarn of the blue and so

I'm going to show you all how to cast it

off or basically like kind of curve it

around and end the blanket so this is

the very edge of the blanket here and so

we have the very you know last couple

loops here what you're gonna do is do

what you would normally do to start a

new row by taking the end of this and

loop it through the final loop so

normally you would do that and then you

would just start looping through and

start a new row but instead of doing

that what we're gonna do you want to

make sure this loop is a little bit

bigger than you've been doing before

you're gonna do one more loop just like

you normally would but instead of

continuing down and making continuous

loops you're gonna pull this loop from

the second row through the first loop

just like this then you're going to make

another loop in the next row pull it

through again make these fairly sizable

you're gonna pull that loop through the

previous loop so as you can kind of see

we're starting to make a new braid along

the end so again you're gonna keep this

loop here make one more and we're gonna

stick that one through the previous one


okay so I'm making the very last little

loop here and clean it through at the

corner so now we have the tail the edge

of the blanket and our last little loop

and so this is pretty simple you can

literally just tie it kinda like it's

just a standard like shoelace tie just

feed it back through and then that caps

it off really nicely and then what you

can just do with the tail you'll if it's

really long when it's kinda long you can

trim it you can really simply just weave

the tail back through the edges of the

blanket and it hides right in I finally

finished I'm actually is so matching the

blankie right now this is not

intentional but it is finally done let

me show you so this is what it looks


we just measured it and it is a five

feet long and three and a half feet wide

approximately which is a perfect size

basically if you're five feet tall this

will cover all of you but as you can see

just the detailing on the edge doing

that little like a loop through it just

makes this really really pretty

braided border indeed you could see how

it kind of just really like nicely flows

into the gray and so this is kind of

like the flatter side this is the

slightly more like textured side again

the gray has this really pretty

braided border all along it so that is

going to be everything for this video I

hope that you guys enjoyed if you have

any questions or need clarification on

anything like I said that video that I

used to learn how to do this will be

linked down below but of course if you

have any questions also just let me know

in the comments if you guys would like

to subscribe we would love to have you

we have so much fun

and until next time I will see y'all in

our next video bye guys