DIY GIANT CHUNKY BLANKET! (easiest budget gift idea!)

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hey guys and welcome back to do it at a

time with Catherine today I'm gonna show

you how to make a giant chunky blanket

if you have seen these all over

Pinterest and totally wanted one you

won't believe how easy they are to make

and in store they are so expensive so

today we're making them for just $35 for

this project you'll need five skeins of

yarn and you can get these from your

local craft store stack it with your

coupons and it works out to about $6 a

scheme and the best part is you need

absolutely no skill all you need are

your two hands and hopefully a good

friend and maybe a good hallmark movie

if you mess up there's a way to fix it

it's like chopping all this yarn if you

want to lean back yeah and here's how

simple these are create a loop and go

through it with your hand to create the

person off


go through the loop and pull the yarn

through to create a second loop and

repeat again the key is you want all of

the loops to be about the same size and

we did 20 loops on our blankets which

you could go between 15 and 25 to create

the desired size




once you get to the end then move your

skein to the other side pull through an

extra loop to create the next row

pull up in between each of these rows

another loop

and you just start going down pulling

through once you're done you should have

20 loops

between each row pull a new loop and you

should have the same number going back

down the other side and now it's super

easy just pull new loops out of the

existing ones you're gonna repeat this

process back and forth until you use all

five skeins here we've come to again the

end so what you do is you do two one to

start the next row start the next row

and every so often you're just going to

want to count and make sure that you

have the right amount with the right

amount that you didn't lose a stitch


when you run out of a skein just tie on

a new piece and a double knot and it

will get lost in the blanket I promise

you won't notice it


and it's super easy to change up the

colors at the end of the row you can tie

in and it seamlessly weaves into the



to cast off the yard overlap the last

two loops and go through you're going to

pull through the inner loop on the

second row through the outer loop like

this then you're going to pull through

the third row making a loop and you pull

it through that outside loop so see how

it's making a braid and finishing this

is the edge of the blanket you're going

to go down the whole row like that now

we're in the fourth pulling it through

like this tie it off at the end using a

standard shoelace knot and you can weave

the tail down through the edge of the

blanket to help hide it it's huge oh my

gosh that's awesome

these make amazing gift ideas fold and

tie with a beautiful ribbon for just $35

I genuinely could not imagine a better

gift if you're obsessed with chunky

blankets definitely leave this video a

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can't wait to show you more holiday DIYs

and I will see you guys in the next one


and it's my voice putting you to sleep

it is that's I told Jess she has the

most relaxing voice ever and she should

do ASMR videos