Knitting with huge needles, DIY Chunky Knit Blanket using two strands of yarn

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hello and welcome friends I'm Smitha Katti from the blog

If you're new here I like yarn and paper and I share tutorials about things you

can make and paint

In today's video, I'm sharing how I made

this chunky knit throw for my home it has these beautiful fall inspired

colors it's a kind of inexpensive project because I'm not using roving

wool instead i'm using acrylic wool and

holding two strands of yarn together to create the nice chunkiness you need

If you're a beginner knitter this is an easy project

because it's only using knit and purl stitches. If you're a seasoned knitter

this is still fun because you're using a big needle a u.s size

50 needle and it's trying to make something this big and see it come alive

okay so let's get started here's how much yarn you'll need

I have 12 skeins of yarn this is Hometown USA by lion brand

and i have four in this mustard color four in a dark navy blue

and four in this tan creamish color so we'll start the blanket with two skeins

of the mustard and a 25mm us50 size knitting needle

i'm using a circular needle here today because i'm knitting a blanket

and a blanket generally has a larger number of stitches and the circular needle just

makes it easier to accommodate all of them. Okay so i have one strand of

yarn from each skein and i'm going to start with a slip knot

then you want to tighten the knot put it on the needle and we start casting on

For this blanket you will need to cast on 50 stitches

and the main thing to remember is that you're always going to be holding two

strands of yarn together and you'll always be inserting your

needle into two strands or two loops on the knitting needle this

is a little bit tricky at first like you saw myself

I fumbled a little bit in the beginning because these needles are big and chunky

the first few stitches might feel really difficult to cast on

but once you get past like four or five stitches you'll get into a feel how the

needle moves and you'll be able to work much faster

adding a couple more stitches and that's my 50

and once you have your 50 stitches cast on it should look something like this

now what you want to do is switch hands that is when you take the needle that

you were using put it into your opposite hand

and vice versa so what we're doing is actually knitting back and forth on the

circular needles and this is how you do it so now we're

working on row one in this row you're going to knit

all 50 stitches so insert a needle into the two

loops that make one stitch and then make sure that you're holding two strands of

yarn in your other hand so once you finish knitting all the

stitches on the needle you're going to have to push some stitches off of the

wire onto the needle part basically if you've

reached this point of the video and knitted along with me you're set

you're going to be able to finish this blanket

easily and there's no stopping you

so here i've finished row one and so let's start row number two

again flip your work over that's exchange hands

push your stitches to the tip and then the first stitch of row two is to knit

so you're going to insert your needle into two loops that's one stitch

knit it and then you want to bring your yarn forward

and purl all the way till the last stitch

here you want to bring your yarn back to the work again

and knit that final stitch this creates a nice border around the blanket

at this point you just need to repeat row one and row two over and over again

and start building your blanket here i've already finished four skeins of the

mustard and i started using the tan color

i love how chunky the blanket is and it's really snuggly already

so here i finished all of my white or cream color yarn

i added 20 rows according to pattern and now it's time to add in the blue

so let me first share a couple of useful tips that are handy for me

while i'm knitting with two skeins of yarn at once so the first thing i do is

i use my forefinger and thumb to go in the yarn skein and find that

hidden center so each yarn screen has two ends one is

the outer visible one and there's another one in the center

the outer visible one while it's easier to find

it's kind of annoying to unravel the yarn from the outside

when you're knitting with two skeins. When you're knitting with two skeins of yarn

at once it quickly becomes a hot tangle mess

instead if i use the inner center of the yarn i just pull the

yarn and there's no unraveling the the yarn skin is not

twisting onto itself and so it's much easier to

keep them separate now finding that inner yarn end it can

be tricky you can always end up with this huge

yarn barf but what i found is that you need to

pull out the outer end you like to literally pull that yarn end

out from the screen let it hang out then flip your yarn skein around inside

the forefinger and thumb kind of dig in to find a loose

bit in there yank it out it might be a small ball it might be a big knot

but most of the times you're able to find the other end

it's important that you pull out that other outer end

that just makes it so much easier if you still find your yarn to be tangling up

you can always just hold the two strands from each skein

and wind it up to become a single ball of yarn

this can be helpful but it does take a little bit of patience

what i do instead is i use a couple of binder clips

so the yarn edge that we're not using the outer edge

i pin that up onto the paper wrapping on the yarn skein

and prevent it from tangling up with the yarn end that we're actually using

i also placed the yarn skein into a drawstring bag

pull it shut tight and this way i just have

one yarn coming out and that's the yarn i'm knitting with

and repeat the whole thing with the second screen pin that outer edge to the

paper put it into its own drawstring bag and

pull out the inner center so that way i have two skein of yarns separated

completely and i just have these two yarn

edges to work with now let me show you how i change colors while knitting a

blanket probably better ways to do this but what

i do is very simple i cut a six inch tail of the old color

and then with my new color i knit my first stitch

i've not tied any knots right now i just knit the first stitch

and then i pull to again create a six inch tail of the new color

and i'm not tied or not yet but i want to pull the

old color and make it tight so that the stitches aren't loose and wobbly

then i go ahead and knit my second stitch

and once my second stitch is done i go in and tie a double knot of the six inch

tails that we left of the old color and the new color

in this case we have two strands of each yarn

and i'll have to weave those ends once the blanket's complete

so i finished 20 rows of the blue color and now it's time to bind off my

stitches loosely so friends hot off the hook i just want

to come and show you how the blanket turned out

this is super comfy and cuddly

so if you do make this pattern in any color scheme please tag me i would love

to see it you can find me on social media

@smithakatti and thanks so much for stopping by today i

will have the written pattern more tips and guides everything in my

blog post and look in the description box below for a link to it

i'll be back soon with another video until then happy crafting

and it's not that expensive i shouldn't say that about a yarn project should i

young projects are not inexpensive