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hello my little ease in this tutorial

we'll see how to knit beautiful yet

super estate called the blanket stage

it's a great pattern for beginner just a

two row repeat knitting pattern and it's

ideal for knitting a blanket or a scarf

or a cowl because it doesn't curl it has

a great texture and it's not reversible

but it doesn't look but on the wrong

side so firstly we need to Caston

multiples of four plus three for example

four times - 8 + 3 11 stitches

first crow wrong side of the work the

repeat is I'll remember you have the

read instructions on my website there is

a link below this video on the

description box net three four one and

that's it let's do it again

net three

or one and keep repeating if you have

more stitches oddly there are only three

stitches left and in the row with net

three remember I like to make the last

one through the back loop only in this

first row so we can avoid a huge stage

there second row right side of the work

net across that means net every stitch

that's it you just need to repeat these

two rows until you reach the desired


when finished bind off networks after a

row one I hope to enjoy this tutorial

thank you for watching and don't forget

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happy anything