How to Knit a Blanket with a Loom

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hi my name is MIA and today I'm going to

show you how to knit a blanket west and

blue so you will need a loom a

rectangular room usually a bigger sized

loom would be better for this project

but um whatever size you have is fine as

long as it's not too small and it has to

be rectangular but just keep in mind the

bigger the rectangle the bigger the

blanket you will also need of course

yarn the thicker of the yarn is usually

the better it is

it depends what type of blanket you want

if you want a thick one where you can

just snuggle up in this type of yarn

would be good it's very thick if it's

soft but if you only have thinner yarn

then just double it up

if the yard is very thin only if it is

very good then you can triple it but see

how thick this would be if I triple it

to think this is the right size if you

if you don't want to double it or triple

it okay so the first step is making a

slip hot slip knots are very easy all

you do is you take one finger taking

pointer finger I'm wrapping the yarn

around my finger twice and just hold

this end of the string with these two

fingers if de are just hold it with the

other hand whenever are suits you okay

so now I take this the yarn loop at the

bottom and I pull it over the top and I

take this remaining one

take it off and I pull this through now

this is how each a book in the end okay

now I'm going to put this on my first

and just remember just to tighten it

sure it's nice and snug like so the next

step is pretty easy you take the yarn

and you wrap it around make sure you

wrap it around the far side and make

sure it's not too tight unless you're

not going to be able to do the following

steps but also make sure it's not too

loose this is a fairly quick process


now I am done with this side so we're

going to switch sides and go to this one

and still loop it around the far side

and it is vital to make sure that it is

not too tight I know this from

experience and keep in mind that using

the slipknot method and using this

particular method if you let go of a

certain thing and chances are this whole

row or maybe these two rows will just

fall out pretty much so you have to be

careful with this method


okay so we're done with this now what

you do is you push everything down

keep pushing


now everything is on the bottom now you

take the string and you do the same loop

process but keep in mind you do not loop

it around the last one and the first one

that you're doing so you take it and you

pretty much skip it see how I went to

the second one and make sure that this

is loose as well that is very important

trust me

just keep it there

okay finish this side now you go to the

second side

found around using circular motions with

your hands help just going kind of like

that makes for quick and easy looping

and keep in mind you do loop the last

one okay now just let this extra yarn go

over here the next step

you most people would need a something

to pull the bottom over some people use

many different types of utensils but I

prefer using my hands this may not

always be the easier way but right now I

do not have and the other utensil so

what you do is you pull the bottom over

the top and like I said having this

strength thick makes it harder but it

also makes for better one can show you

on this side pull it over

once you've done one side I made the

second side of the breeze so just keep

pulling it over

so you keep doing that as you see these

are done if you can see the difference

between these and these then you push it

down I didn't do the whole thing because

that would take a little bit too long

but you push it down then once you're

done with that you start again and you

keep doing that until you get your

desired light and eventually this might

take five to six days but however long

it takes it will come out to be a

wonderful blanket thank you guys for

watching and if you would like me to do

any other tutorials then just post it in

the comments thanks guys