CRAFTY LOOMING TECHNIQUE TUTORIAL //How to make blankets and scarves with looming full tutorial

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hi guys welcome back to my youtube

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subscribe today I'm gonna be talking to

you guys about the looming if you've

never heard of a looming before it's so

much fun I think it's a lot easier than

knitting and actually crocheting all you

need is three simple things yarn and so

I like to use the Burnet version it's

really soft and I got like a turquoise

color and you just need the looming tool

and a looming stick here so I just cuz I

wanted to show you guys what the looming

is going to actually look like when

you're done so this is a previous

blanket that I've made but look at the

pattern that it makes

alright so to get started you're just

gonna take all of the wrapping off the

yarn and what we're gonna do is actually

just find the end of your yarn here

first do you find the end of your yarn

you're just gonna take about maybe three

or four inches and just tie on this

little knob here on your actual looming

tool okay so once you tie the yarn to

the peg here I'm getting started is kind

of the most difficult part so this is

where you want to pay the most attention

so you're going to take the yarn wrap it

around the first peg and then go across

and wrap it around in the second peg and

then now you're going to go through a

series a figure eight across all the

pegs like this so you don't have to use

the whole width of the loom tool itself

so if you're making a scarf you could

just do two maybe right here but if

you're making a blanket I would suggest

going all the way so you can make baby

blankets and you can make larger adult

blankets so for me I like to go all the

way across and use the whole width of

the loom tool

and I really like this yarn - because

it's multicolored so as you're making

the project it'll actually intertwine

all the colors in with each other so

once you get the last desired end and

you get your last peg you're gonna stop

right here and kind of just hold your

yarn and you're gonna start to push all

of this yarn down the pigs all the way



so once you get all of your yarn pushed

all the way down you're here at the end

and so what you want to do your string

is all the way across like this and

you're gonna wrap it but you're gonna

skip this one and you're gonna go

through this one and you're gonna start

your figure eight pattern again but this

time you're going to go back to the way

you started


all right so your end and what you're

gonna do is just wrap your yarn around

that last pick and just kind of put it

through these two pegs over here and

kind of just clasp it and keep some

tension and now what you want to do is

really focus on the bottom part here

this was the first row that we did and

then you can see the top part which was

the second row and our way back and now

you just want to take that bottom loop

with your looming tool and you're just

gonna grab that bottom loop and pull it

over the top loop like that and you're

gonna do this for every loop all the way




okay so once you get to your last K

you're just gonna flip it and do the

second side here


so once you have gone all the way to the

end and you put all of your bottom hooks

and over to the top you're going to

start over here and you're just going to

push down with your fingers all of those

loops that you just made



so once you've pushed all of your first

two rows interconnected with each other

you're left with your yarn here

directly across here again so you are

going to take it just like this

your figure Eight's again


so once you button all the way to the

end again you find yourself with your

yarn directly across so you're kind of

just log that right there and you're

gonna take what you've already had and

you made in the beginning and you're

just gonna loop it back over the top

again alright so once you've completed

this side you're just gonna flip it and

do the same exact thing that you just

did on this side so once you've looped

both sides again you're just going to

push all of that back down so what's

really cool is once you've done a couple

rows and you see the bottom of the loom

here you can really start seeing your

project to come through the bottom and

so this is initially what's gonna start

creating your blanket or your scarf or

whatever that you're trying to make and

it's just gonna continually keep getting

longer and keep feeding through the

bottom of the loom here so what I'm

gonna do now is do a few rows just so

you guys can see the progress of what

its gonna look like after you

continually keep doing this over and

over again so I've done three rows now

and you can really see all of that yarn

coming through the bottom you can see

all the beautiful turquoise and dark

blue colors coming through okay so I've

done ten rows now and you can see it's

turning out really well and you can see

how the initial string that we had here

that was originally tied up here it's

kind of fed through the

you can always cut that off in the end

of your project we are at our first 20

rows of our project and as you can see

it's turning out really well so once you

get the desired length of your project

going to need to know how to take the

yarn off the pegs so what you want to do

is actually pick one side and take all

the loops off on that side and transfer

them over to the other peg on the other

side and you're gonna want to do that

all the way down you can see I've taken

all the loops off this side and if you

flip this around you can see how all the

loops that were on this side are all on

top here next you're gonna want to take

the bottom loops here and bring them

over the top of each of the top loops

do you want to make sure that you

actually start from this end over here

and not this end with your yarn already

still connected so you're gonna take

your second loop here and transfer it

over to this loop and then you're gonna

take the bottom loop of this one and

bring it over the top here and then

you'll want to transfer this loop over

to this one so you've disconnected that

one peg there you're gonna keep doing

this over and over you're gonna take

this one transfer it over to this one

and then take the bottom pull it over to

the top and then take this and bring it

over and you're gonna keep doing this

all the way down okay so once you're

down to your last peg you're just going

to cut about eight inches away you're

just left with that

and then you're just gonna go ahead and

take that final loop off the peg just

pull all of that through so this is all

you have left next you're just going to

feed that final string through the final

loop here and pull and there's pull till

it's tight and it creates a natural not

there you can just cut that final piece

of string off right here

and that's it and you're done and with

the string that we initially started

with you can actually feed it through

down here and create a knot and cut that

string off as well and there you have a

guys it's finished alright guys so I

really hope you enjoyed this video on

looming and if you want to see more

videos like this please let me know

comment down below and I'll see you guys

next time take care see you soon