How to Knit a bird from beginning to end by ARNE & CARLOS

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hi everybody and welcome to our YouTube

channel we are as always your hosts Arne

and Carlos yes that didn't change and

today we are missing a bird in

embroidery yard something like this will

be leading the bird from beginning turn

you're not gonna see us this is one of

our knitting radio podcasts where we'll

be talking about whatever comes to mind

so you don't know what they're talking

about yet what we're making a bird yeah

so you see the whole process and if you

are interested in knitting the bird

yourself remember that you can get it in

our book knitted Birds and these are

actually in the Norwegian and the French

version we couldn't find the English

version it is somewhere around here is

the same cover cover but it's the same

cover so you could get it there and then

you can make your own taxidermy birds

but knitted and you put this glass

barrel is it go bail don't dough on top


another thing that you didn't know you

needed for your house so remember to

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for this video and or know let's just

clear the table and let's start knitting


so here's the book or field guide -

knitted birds and we're gonna make one

of the birds but I'm gonna put the book

away and it from memory if that works

and then of course

orna likes a challenge so he has decided

all by himself that he wants to do it

the most difficult possible way ever so

he's gotten his anchor stranded cotton

yarn it's the one that is in six strands

and he's gonna be using all six strands

and he's knitting as you can see the

needles are tiny they are

what are they one and a half millimeter

the smallest needles you could possibly

get in the market those are the ones

aren't it is gonna be using and there's

a story behind the needles to it then

you get tiny birds yeah sure but tell us

the story behind the needles I think

this is from my great-grandmother I'm

not sure if this is the one but I think

these are from my great-grandmother and

they're crooked now because I've been

using them for many many years

yeah and because they're so they're so

tiny they're so thin of course they get

crooked because they're very bendable

because they are such a small so and I'm

the tight knitter so that's why yeah I

get crooked and I also learned that it's

really hard to find such thin needles I

checked in the local yarn store and they

don't have the thin needles anymore so I

don't know you have to go to a flea

market or a secondhand store maybe I

don't know yeah but they're lovely I

mean they're it's nice that you have a

few heirlooms from your

great-grandmother here that you can

still use today like probably these

needles are what seventy-five maybe

eighty years old and it's nice that you

have that men can use them yeah like

this it's really nice so yeah we're

gonna crest on the bird and we're gonna

be knitting it from beginning to end and

of course in the beginning with the tiny

needles and the very thin yard it is a

little bit fiddly even for a knitter

like RNA it's gonna be a little bit

fiddly in the beginning but as we

started like after a while it's like

peanuts yeah it's no problem so you you

all see how how well this goes yeah

today's radio knitting radio as we like


is gonna be a longer one because it

takes a little bit longer to tune it the

bird up until now are to tow or not our

tutorials because this is not a tutorial

this is knitting radio so our radio

podcasts have been about an hour long I


the Hat was an hour and a half and this

one might actually get almost up to two

hours and we're thinking we'll see it's

interesting to see how quick but I

wouldn't say I wouldn't say that it's

manageable under two hours probably not

so it means that you have a lot of time

to spend with us today what we propose

is go put your tea kettle on grab

yourself a cup of tea if it's an evening

you could go get yourself a glass of

wine find your favorite chair I'm sure

it's a nice soft plush chair where you

sit maybe it's in front of a fireplace

and they're not everybody has a

fireplace well if you have a fireplace

probably the chair is near the fireplace

and you've got baskets of different

projects that you're working on there's

a wreck on one of the UFOs one of the

UFOs there's leftover yarn in these

little baskets and some of you might

actually feel like oh I'm gonna knit the

bird together with Arne and Carlos so if

you're gonna be doing that you better

hurry out to your bookshelf grab your

book and sit down and open it up on you

know a random page grab some of that

leftover yarn and cast on and because

RNA is using this very small very thin

needles and very thin yarn you'll

probably catch up quickly now because he

is struggling a little bit to start with

I mean I'm using like leftover yarn so

embroidery yarn but if you if you want

to make one in with the embroidery yarn

you need two of those it's not called

balls what is cool yeah I think they

call them skeins there they're in

another format the anchor embroidery

yards yeah so scale you need to to each

and I don't care what kind of color I

use I just use what I have because we're

going to going to put a sequins on top

of the word and later you

put feathers yes so this particular

radio podcast is in three parts and this

week we're doing part one which is

kneading the bird there will be a part

two which is embroidering the bird and a

part three which will be decorating it

with feathers and things so it's it's a

three part podcast and today it's part

one maybe in the end you won't see that

it is a little bird anymore because it's

all covered up with sequins and feathers

and whatever you have lying around in

your house so maybe we hide all the meat

under yeah maybe the stash

yeah and we came up with this idea of

doing these podcasts because we do have

a lot of things we want to talk about we

want to do longer videos as well we've

been doing a lot of you know 4-minute

tutorials or you know some of our longer

tutorials maybe 2025 minutes and we were

always looking for a format where we

could do something longer and talk about

things but and then we probably could be

interesting to show hands instead of

faces and this is easier because we get

we relax more because we're not you know

we're not conscience about the fact that

there's a camera up our face I'm never I

know I mean I like I like being looked

at all the time like my bad hair day you

look great no but my point is I I don't

mind being in front of a camera I think

that both of us have this natural way of

being in front of a camera and I think

it works very well to being from in

front of a camera but at the same time

when you're gonna be talking for an hour

and a half for two hours it feels like

it's much more relaxing if the camera is

not on our face you know I mean then we

can just you know take our take our

socks off and put put our feet up on

those so far I can see it knitting your

underwear no if you want no thank you


fully dressed but we're sitting here and

we are oh you paint pictures in people's


yeah well that buys you that right yeah

but that's that's not a nice picture no

but it's the beauty of the knitting

Podcast it's the knitting radio where we

put pictures on people's heads and talk

about whatever we want to talk about

people get to see your hands working on

a fantastic project and you know in the

end of the day we'll be covering a lot

of different topics and we will have a

great yeah we will see what happens and

we'll have a great time and by the end

of the day people get to know us much

better so what do you want to start well

we prepare I prepared a lot of topics I

am I have a little list now because

we're getting more and more professional

at doing this the first times it was

very random and and we were kind of

talking about whatever popped in our

minds and we still want to keep it

random so we're giving it a lot of

leeway so that we can talk about

whatever comes to mind but I do have a

little list of things that we are gonna

be talking about today or at least we're

planning and they will see if we do or

not see what happens and of course

because we're needing a bird we are

gonna be talking about the birds

let's break about birds yeah but let me

tell you what else we're gonna be

talking about you shouldn't do the list

maybe we don't talk about it yeah but

let me talk let me tell you what we plan

to talk about okay then we'll see if we

do so we're gonna be talking about birds

we're gonna be talking about real birds

and knitted birds we will be talking a

little bit about the way we knit the

bird and kind of the similarities

between this and the sock because there

is a little system here you see we will

be recapping the live stream that we did

a few weeks ago which was really really

fun and then I thought it could be fun

to talk about future tutorials things

that we are planning to do just to get a

yes or no from our listeners mm-hm

and it would also be great if we have

time to talk about design give some tips

considering our work we've been working

professionally for 16 years as designers

we have the training as well the

education and I think that we could you

know give a lot of useful and helpful

tips for people that want to design for

themselves so what do you think are now

these good topics this good no I don't

want to give away all my best tips no

but we'll give away cuz they are in mine


well but sometimes we don't get away

like yeah yeah yeah

so so those are kind of like the topics

that we have kind of sketched on and

then we'll see what we end up talking

about and maybe if we forget something

we'll have to put it in the next radio

podcast so now the bird let's start with

the bird I was saying that it's kind of

like a sock heel and there is no pattern

for the bird by the way we haven't we

haven't released the pattern other than

in the book in the book yeah there is a

pattern for the bird but it's not a free

pattern so if you want to knit this bird

you need to get the book you can go buy

it or you can borrow it in your library

we've got about a hundred tutorials free

tutorials and free patterns on our on

our website and so we feel like we can

keep this one for ourselves because

there's so many other things there right

make a book and give away the pattern

not this one this one better and if you

and if you think that's very ungenerous

of us well we're sorry but as I said

there is about a hundred free patterns

on our website so you can still get some

other things but anyway put that in your

pythons Moakley yeah yeah so the pattern

the pattern for the bird is very

straightforward you cast on as Sarna has

done and you need to run and you knit on

the round first you do the tail yeah and

then you do the rump where you start

increasing on the sides yeah and then

when you belly yeah and that's when when

you reach that point where you do the

belly you're actually knitting and

purling across two needles instead of

four there's two needles on hold and

there's two needles that you'll be

knitting and purling to do the stomach

and that will be kind of like a heel the

short wrote a short about here kind of

exactly the same it is yeah yeah and

then once you've done the belly you go

written eating on the round connecting

the belly to the rest of the rump that

has been on hold and then you knit the

chest and then you decrease do the neck

and then you increase again to do the

head so it's a super easy pattern and it

has all these different stages and as I

said the stage where you do the belly is

kind of like us doing a short row heel

so if you've never done a sock

or we can recommend you try the bird if

you have the bird practice on number

practice on the bird because it's a

simplified short row here as well it's

easier and then once you've done that

you can do the sock so that's done it's

a worker

you're shorter row because it's a few

stitches yeah so that's the way we have

set up the the bird and I think that it

is it is pretty straightforward and

that's why we don't need a pattern

anymore because we remember more or less

how it goes

the only thing I never remember is how

long the tail is but then we've got

different kinds of birds they have

different lengths of tail so that's

actually the only variable this one is

different because we're going to put

feathers in the tail on this one yeah so

this one just gets a little this is more

like a fantasy bird it's like the bird

you didn't know existed until you made

it mm-hmm it's like danger you say oh

that's a that's a threatened species B

you never know because you don't know

what kind of bird it is until it's

finished so you mean like a species that

is threatened for its - yes - it's so

rare that you have to make it to even

see it because it's not in any book you

know this is really a strange bird I

guess well I don't know yet because I

had I have to see what happens when I

finished sequence and then the feathers

mm-hmm and we also had these questions

like people who thought it was strange

that we made a book about birds it's

like why should I need the bird people

said some people said and you know why

every house need a little bird in their

living room or in their drawing room or

every or on the Christmas tree or mr.

tree and then of course on his favorite

show I don't think it's your favorite

show but you love that episode in that

American show called Portlandia and put

the bird on it

yes Bernard Arnault that is Arnaz he

loves that episode I actually think it's

really funny as well so it's kind of


that's what we're doing we're putting

Birds on everything right now yeah birds

birds were very trendy for many many

years I think that there's a funny video

of you telling people that birds are

kind of trendy and you're chasing the

chickens in the garden I know I think

that's on YouTube and we did the

Christmas bulb

yeah or eight years ago yeah and you

said all birds are so trendy

yeah but they are I mean if you've been

out and about if you like going shopping

if you like looking at for inspiration

going to home furnishing stores

beautiful stores that sell decor for

your home you see a lot of things

related to birds not only prints on

fabrics but little birds cages and

different kinds of things that this has

been an ongoing trend for at least eight

to ten coming and going like when I was

to teach in the fashion school there was

these collections with feathers

everywhere it like Thierry Mugler Jean

Paul Gaultier they all have this feather

dress so then every designer who had a

feather they put the feather on there

like put a bird on it yeah put a feather

on it and yeah birds are definitely

trendy and I love it you know I love I

love spring I love going from winter to

spring because we have such distinct

seasons here in in Norway and I don't

know you want to brighten up your your

your house you get you know maybe get

some fabric with with birds printed on

them and you can do a little cushion for

your cell phone just sew up a cushion or

two and you put that out over there and

voila you have a little bit of spring

indoors with a little bird motif there

nice creatures and then of course we

have this love for variations so as

designers because we are I mean real

designers and sometimes for when we work

on a design idea we like developing the

idea it's the variation over the theme

kind of like you do in music like ba


they had their variations like the

Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian

Bach Mozart has piano concertos and

symphonies where there's a variation

over the theme it's it's all about

developing a little theme and then

seeing how far you can take it how much

you can change and but still work within

the same idea we've done it in the

Christmas ball book and now we've done

it in the bird book as well and it's a

great stimulating way of working when

you can actually work because you have a

limitation it's very limited what you

have you have this tiny little bird to

work on and then you just start very

ating it and changing it and you know

but still keeping it the same hmm but

it's like if you have a good idea if you

think you have a good idea why don't use

it on more yeah one thing exactly so you

variated and you very ate it and you

very ate it and then didn't in the end

of the day you've got 60 Birds so you've

got a hundred different birds they're

all from the same pattern but they're

all completely different it's a great

exercise for the brain the creative

brain it's always more difficult to work

creatively when you have a little you

know a little motif or something within

constraints then you that you have to

work with and you can't go out of that

box that's like the same like when

you're working when we worked in the

fashion business industry if we made a

simple design it was harder yeah if we

did something complicated it's very easy

and just we could put on whatever we

like yeah we wanted it was harder but to

achieve that simplicity to achieve that

the simple things that is really where

the work comes in we'll get to that

later when we talk about design mmm-hmm

but now we're talking about the

beautiful birds from the book and of

course spring is here

we've had a very tough winter it's been

it's been snowing a lot to say the least

yeah I'm sure that our listeners have

seen pictures we've posted on Instagram

we did the video about the winter

wonderland where we showed everybody

around here what it looked like I have a

theory based on things I hear on the

radio because I like to listen to radio

when I do my when I need or do the

design work and I heard that they say

because of the heat in the polar areas

we've endured on the north pole for us

and in the South Pole if you're in the

south part of the world we get colder


because like a lot of cold air because

of the heat in the north yeah and then

they say it's also even if we get cold

heat it's also like where we live it's

milder so we get a lot of snow and

normally like if it's a cold winter you

normally don't get a lot of snow because

it's not snowing when it's cold yeah so

I don't know what's going on it's all

mad it's madness completely madness this

climate and there must be some really

cold air high up so it makes what makes

it you know all the time I don't know

yeah and I think that that whole concept

of global warming is very confusing

because you'd think that global warming

means the world gets warmer but in fact

it's all about the North Pole and the

South Pole getting warmer and the ice

melting and then all those things that

happen here in Europe for example

getting colder because of the air the

really cold air that gets pressed down

from from the North Pole and Siberia it

just reaches us and in March it was

insanely cold here we had the

temperature was way down to minus 20 in

the evenings which is very unusual minus

20 degrees Celsius which i think is way

below zero as well in Fahrenheit and it

was freezing cold at night and then of

course Sun coming out because that's

another thing when the when it's really

cold the weather is also really

beautiful there's no because there's no

clouds there's nothing to kind of yeah

stand in the way because although it's

cold because it's clear yeah so so it's

been a crazy crazy spring and sometimes

you walk around and you feel that

there's no hope that that it's gonna you

know we're not gonna get summer this

year and everything's going to go to

hell basically and we're just gonna be

in this stuck in this eternal coldness

and eternal winter but then again in

2014 I remember distinctly that we had a

very cold winter as well with a lot of

snow and then suddenly from one day to

another summer was here and we had one

of the best summers that I can post I

mean in Scandinavia it was one of the


I can remember like sweet for that yeah

six weeks of Sun and heat so let's let's

hope for that the snow is we still have

a lot of snow but it's disappearing and

that's another thing because I've been

seeing when we post videos on on our

winter wonderland or where we've posted

a lot of Easter images we were sitting

outside at our snow beach and I also

posted yeah yeah that's the bit the the

photo that I posted and then we posted

the video as well and people are

wondering about the snow if we're gonna

get a lot of water and yeah there's

gonna be more water obviously but

luckily for us we live on top of the

mountain you know the water runs down

the water runs down so we won't get it

as bad as in other areas there if you

live further down in the valley we'll

have a problem yes bring definitely I

said on the radio that they're like

they're warning people now because if

there's a heat wave coming there will be

a lot of water coming down so luckily

they are on top of the mountain yeah and

nowadays the snow is melting as we speak

it's it's something that the I can't

even see you get all this snowfall and

it's quite fluffy and then it gets

really cold and it turns into ice and

then the Sun shines on it and it starts

melting and a lot of it actually just

vaporizes into thin air so you it's not

even it just disappears and then you've

got the the rest kind of sinks down so

from one day to another you can have a

lot of snow that has just basically

disappeared and it's not even there

so I remember reading a comment people

were asking if it gets muddy here and it

doesn't really get muddy no no Matt

there's no well then the road may be a

little bit a road might get muddy yet in

the garden oh you mean our driveway

yeah our driveway will we'll get muddy

if not in the garden or on the house

never land and I'm sure that I'm sure

that by May we won't even remember this

now anymore hopefully it's really

amazing when we look at the pictures

from last summer or other summers it's

happy actually hard to believe that it

it happens because it's so different

from what we have in winter mm-hmm yeah

it's like

in like a few months we have a jungle in

the garden yeah

another thing that depresses me is when

you you know close in mid-may when we

drive down to buy food we have to drive

about eight kilometres downhill and when

we get down to the valley it's all

beautiful and green but because we're

like two weeks later we're two weeks

later yes so when we drive down for to

shop groceries it's beautiful it's green

you feel spring is here and then you

drive up to where we live and it's all

brown because the leaves and the birch

trees haven't started blossoming yet so

that's really bad when you live high up

in the mountains you have a late spring

but then again we have we have the

blooming in the garden yeah goes on

forever forever afterwards afterwards so

like we have our live you have our

lilies in in the end of August and


then the little over okay so then the

Lily starts to bloom so sometimes when

there's snow come in in the autumn we

have flowers blooming in the snow so

that's really nice because it goes on


yeah and that may is the hideous month

here it's the ugliest month I hate me

here and that's for us the best time to

go on holiday so when people they do

their holidays in July or August that's

what we do not travel at all we are in

the garden and so if we need a holiday

if we need to go get away from this

depressing weather we'll go in in May

because that's the ugly month so we'll

go to the south of Europe somewhere to

to get a little bit of Sun and to kind

of avoid being here and just getting

still depressed because it's getting

green everywhere except here and then of

course it goes very quickly because once

the leaves start coming it goes you know

in days from one day to another it's all

green so so there's always that to look

forward to but April May March April are

good months because of the fact that we

go into daylight saving time I think

it's called when you go from winter time

to summer time the days get brighter

already now it's still light at 7:00 and

7:30 and it's just gonna keep going

and keep getting lighter and lighter

lighter the birds are back the birds

have been here for a while now they've

named in March the summer birds haven't

arrived yet

but they they will come do my time yeah

in the month but we've we've had a lot

of birds coming we have these birds just

that stays during winter so this winter

we have been feeding the birds a lot we

have like feeders up in the trees

everywhere in the garden and I have to

say they're greedy these bird little

bird Oh buggers it comes to fortune they

are so greedy you know you go and you

put the sunflower seeds in their little

thingies and two days after there's

nothing there and you can actually

notice that they are upset and it's like

where's our food and this week we've

been feeding them so much yeah so when I

one day when I was feeding the birds

they actually they one of them jumped on

on my on the feeder while I was holding

yeah that was so cute

it was probably starving probably I

don't know I would never starve

we feel them everybody every day it's

like so much food there yeah we have

we've learned our lesson we we live it

we live out in them we live on the

mountains so we have no problem with

rats I think that a lot of people that

live in cities even in Oslo might have

rat problems we don't have rats but we

don't have we don't have any rat

problems but we have cute very cute

little like wrists might like Magnus

garden another tiny tiny tiny they're

completely harmless they don't even have

any diseases they're just tiny little

forest mice but we if we feed the birds

too close to the house we might actually

get an infestation indoors we had that

two years ago because we fed the mice

near that other but yeah we fed the mice

we fed the birds a bird near the house

and the mice came in and fall when we

were touring in America so when we came

back our housekeeper said that there is

a lot of mice here now so we had to go

and get my strap and try to get rid of

them and now we're feeding them further

down the garden quite far away from the

house I don't know this electricity

thing yeah like

this noise yeah the noise thing is good

because here's them then yeah we have

this little thing we put it we plug it

in the wall

in the Bay in the basement and then it

send out some signals yeah it sends out

signals that the mice don't like but

usually you need to you need to get the

mice out of the house first before you

put that on because if they're in the

house they will be reluctant to leave

because there's all that good stuff you

so you have to stop feeling the mice in

the house and then you can plug this

yeah thing so now that we don't have

mice we have the the sound barrier we

call it works now yeah and then we have

the birds that are being fed outside in

the garden and hopefully the mice are

also having their feast probably over


they live in in-between the flower yeah

and if as long as they're down there it

doesn't bother us we don't want them in

the house but we want them we want them

in the garden because they're important

as well they do their own but cute but I

think in the house it it's enough with

the knitted mouse yeah in a sweater

exactly that's enough for the house yeah

it's funny how we're gonna we say we're

gonna talk about birds and then we end

up talking about mice so let's go back

to the parents the birds so we got very

inspired by the whole variation the

theme the variations over the theme the

theme being the birds and then creating

the birds we started with garden birds

that was the first group of birds we

made we needed all the birds we found in

the garden all the the birds we saw in

the garden exactly so that was kind of

that's was the beginning but you know in

Norway we don't have a lot of colorful

birds in our garden so after a while it

ran out it was a lot of gray and black

and white mm-hmm a mix of those three

yeah there's a bird here in Europe if

you're in America you may not know it

but I think yeah I think you may know it

because we have different birds we have

different birds here compared to a

babies and runners all over the blue tea

I think the blue tit is everywhere is

everywhere I know for sure the blue tit

is Europe they know it in the UK they

call it the Norwegian parrot because

it's the most on the radio collar with a

guy who said we have this colourful bird

it's like a pair

well it's not a power is not but it's

colorful it's the equivalent of the of

the Australian parrots that you have on

the on the trees those beautiful birds

and we have the blue tip which is the

most colourful bird we have in Norway

and and then that's the most colorful

and from there it's all downhill it's

all gray and white and black and a

little bit of red we've got the boom pop

what's that oh jeez now we're gonna

start with the bird the Robin no that's

the other one but we have a Red Robin

yeah and we have the was that like 20

years ago

yeah well it's not supposed to be in

Norway I think not here I've never seen

it before so I think it's new up here

because we're high up and I've never

seen the Red Robin before in like never

yeah and we were very surprised you know

we had this bird in the garden mmm and

it wasn't shy was it no we were sitting

in the garden and suddenly there was

this little bird he came out of one of

the bushes in the garden and it was

looking at us and we talked to him and

he was just sitting there staring and

then he jumped he wasn't flying that

much it was more like jumping under the

bushes and onto the branches and then I

had to shake in one of the bird books

and the the description matched what we

saw so I think we have and I saw it over

the last year so I think we have had

that bird in the garden it summer just

because of climate change because in

with the wind yeah and it's getting

warmer here so so he likes it in the car

yeah so yeah all this climate change is

making really crazy things happen we

have swallows as well I mean those we've

had them here I've been here forever and

we always know when it's gonna rain we

don't need to have one of those

parameters endure as we know when what

in the summer we always know in advance

when it's gonna rain because you just

have to look at how the swallows behave

that is really that's a good weather

forecast that's the best weather

forecaster and then we can just run and

grab all

we don't run because we have advance

notice so we can just go and grab all

the cushions from our sofas on the

outdoor deck and bring them indoors

because you know it will be raining yeah

like not so long and now I'm sure people

are wondering so how can you know how do

you know when it's gonna rain what do

the swallows do that kind of give you

that advanced notice and that is you

want to tell it yeah they stay fly very

low because we have the lake you see

them flying very close to the water so

low they they they they come under the

around the roof sometimes yes sometimes

they just fly above our heads and that's

really low and you know that because of

flying so low you know that it's gonna

rain eventually and they I don't know

why they do this it's probably an

instinctive thing I don't know if

they're getting maybe it's windy up

there yeah it could be could be so when

the swallows fly low it's a sure sign

that there will be rain coming and

effectively there is always Rayleigh

always raining when the swallow flows

and then we have this thing where we

aren't is very clever he likes building

things in the summer he you know he'd

knits but in the summer he likes

building things so one summer or one

spring rnai came up with this fabulous

idea besitos mark yeah you were so smart

you came up with this idea of where to

put our skis really bad and you built

you built already built this this little

thing on the roof but up inside under

the roof on our on our veranda we have a

roof covered veranda and it's got these

beams that stick out and then he made a

little thingy so that we we could put

the skis up there so there was really

smart because then I don't have to go in

the snow to onenote the other houses and

find the ski in the autumn so we put the

skis so they were under the roof on top

I mean when we were in the veranda we

could look up and we could see the skis

and but the thing was that there was

this now suddenly this closed space

between where our skis were at the top

of the roof on the inside and so the

swallows decided that the

was a great place to start nesting so

they started to build their nests there

and of course we started to notice it

when we saw a little bit of poo on the

floor Burcu bird on the floor and it was

on the grill on the barbecue on the lid

of the barbecue and we looked up and we

could see some mud sticking out and

where the skis were and they were really

annoying and they were very annoying so

we had to take the skis down and they

got upset because of course their nest

was gone yeah and in the end I had to

have to put up some plastic like to try

to cover up cover up but they didn't

give up at all so in the end I have to

take the skis down and put them in de

house so at times they were actually we

were sitting there and suddenly there

would be these two swallows kind of

sitting up on the roof but on the

outside of the Brandel looking at us you

know the new shower or why they were

looking at us kind of like accusing us

of of taking away their home or

something they looked upset but there so

they were so beautiful

they're very it was kind of a pity that

we had to get out of there but but they

were really beautiful and you'd like we

could sit there and talk to them in the

evening they just sat them looked at us

yeah I think that was nice and we were

very concerned that they would keep

building every year there but they

stopped they did yes because I I know I

don't want to put the skis up on the

roof not not anymore not anymore

and there's a lot of other places around

here where they can build so I don't

know why but you know it's not brainy

they don't get wet under the roof and

it's probably very practical for them

yes so it's toasty up there so we've got

the swallows we've got the we've got the

blue tits and the black one oh the one

that comes early in spring which is that

one the back at us no the magpie is

always here all right yeah just I don't

know we'll need to look up the Latin

names there it's a black black bird and

he comes early in spring and then he

jumps around where the

no snow and he's like twisting his head

and like listening to the ground yeah

because I heard some sometimes that like

he's listening for the World War one my

name's warms and then he can hear the

world horn some people say yeah so then

we have our ducks that come every year

you know they had like in in the baqia

first years we had four so two couple or

two couples and there's no who years ago

there was only tree so one of the Ducks

died probably so now this he or she is

coming by himself or herself but they're

always coming and then the other couple

is coming as well and they're always

they're still alive yeah usually they

usually come in May early May when the

snow or with the ice in the lakes melts

there's like only small holes in the ice

where they can go down and then they and

then when the snow when the ice melts

they're swimming in the lake and and

usually we only see them here in early

in spring right like me then by Jude

they're gone again oh they're probably

around but they don't I don't I don't

know they have maybe they had kids

somewhere yeah yeah cuz we see them

what's it what's a bird kid duckling a

duckling maybe a doctor chicken duck

chicken I can yank up some new words and

then they disappear they disappear for

after a while but they come every spring

so it's always nice to greeting them and

I hope that I mean they're not gonna

live forever but I do hope that in time

there will be other ducks coming to our

lake it's really nice having these mmm

sweet birds there and you know that

spring is definitely here when you see

them coming in mm-hmm we also have

eagles somewhere in the woods a guy told

me that there are eagle nests in in the

woods around her but but we haven't seen

them I've never seen an eagle here in

this area and today I'm or poodle

haven't seen seen the eagle either and

good for her yeah you have to watch out

when she's out in summer well I don't

think it's a problem now but when she

was a puppy it would have been really

yeah well it's not that heavy I mean

she's a tough one and we have the

physical Heron the big gray yeah that is

they are so beautiful then we have one

and she's always or he is they're always

around the lake in summer and I think it

was last summer I was watching the Heron

from the second floor yeah with the


and he was walking next to the lake like

in the stairs we have that was so cool

it's like so it's so huge and it was

picking up fish from the from the water

yeah so fantastic we don't have to go to

the cinema because we have like movies

in our garden so you can all understand

now the interest in birds that we have

in the fact that starting out with a

simple pattern a basic pattern for a

bird and then creating all these

different birds and then of course doing

the birds of paradise and all the

make-believe birds and of course going

traveling abroad to other parts of the

world that is not Europe where we have

different kinds of birds like in America

in North America we saw the Cardinals we

don't have Cardinal europe the Steller's

Jays and the hummingbird and the

hummingbirds are found to ask you we

don't have hummingbirds in this would be

like a hummingbird when I'm finish it

yeah this is gonna be a hub being a

hummingbird yeah maybe but for us in

Norway hummingbirds don't come here I

don't know if so how many birds in the

south of Europe but I would suppose

problem yeah it made me yeah I think it

is but not here not here at all yeah and

then of course Australia was incredible

walking around and looking up at the

trees and seeing cockatoos and rosales

and parrots and I mean you can see you

I'm sure that Australians can see

immediately who is the Europeans

European or American tourists those are

the people like us who are photographing

trees in the park where everybody else

is just walking like like

you know it's an everyday thing for them

and you have these tourists taking

pictures of of the birds in the tree

that's us they're like looking more up

than around us so we're like almost

stepping on people yeah it was very

exotic going to Australia and seeing all

these amazing species up in the trees

and of course we got the bird book

we got the Australian bird book I've had

a lot of inspiration for new bird yeah

so we'll see if we do the bird book part

too and then of course we have what was

like I said oh yeah and the Magpies in

Australia were scary well they say they

were dangerous we didn't have any oh I

saw one very low and it attack a woman's

head well she was wearing a beanie hat

so she was fine but she kind of the

magpie flew very low and it was like

acting in that way where the magpie was

saying this is my territory you better

get out of here now probably what she

said that's what she was saying yeah

yeah yeah so but Australia and those

birds were fascinating so I can't wait

to go back and see more more beautiful

parrots and kakadu although the canoes

were pretty noisy

whatever beautiful they were quite

beautiful yeah so yeah and then of

course Alaska we have we've been in

contact with this lady who has a store

mmm called the net loft and she's doing

this big project it's called the birds

by hand project where she's doing this

massive exhibition of birds migratory

birds and she's asking for knitted birds

from all over the world and you know

from our book but also from other books

for her exhibit and if you want to have

some more information about that you

just need to google the net loft that

net loft the Internet address is WWF

take a calm but just google the net loft

Alaska and and you'll find it and if you

want to donate a bird and send it over

I'm sure there's still time you can

contact but you said migratory bird is

that birds that that migrate yeah they

might they leave Alaska and they come

back okay but what about the bird I

found we found the bird which we're

going to send and that's the blue tit

yeah but it's any bird it's not my

driving is it no it says here like

migrating to Canada from Norway it no to

Alaska from Norway to Alaska in the


yeah so it says here my quaking bird

yeah but anyway it says here our goal is

to create a display of 1000 itted and

handcrafted birds from all over the

world so they don't have to be they

don't have to be migratory no look came

to Alaska yeah and then it says the

birds will put will be put on display at

the Cordoba Center and the corner of

museum art gallery during the Copper

River Delta show bird Festival in the

spring so in May and anybody it says

that all handcrafted and birders near

and far or welcome are welcome to take

part of the project and then it says you

can participate by creating one bird or

whole flock you may use the patterns in

the book a field guide to native birds

Barney Carlos knitted birds by Nicky fee

Yokosuka or any knitted bird pattern so

it's any any pattern and it says further

on we encourage handcrafted birds of all

types traditional birds for personalized

birds and glasses or a hat as shown in

the Ordnung Carlos book the more variety

of birds the better we would like to

hear of your bird program send us

pictures all handcrafted mediums and

types are encouraged

so you knit them you can felt them you

can crochet them you can wool felt

applique and embroider them maybe we

should send this bird while we're

sending a bird and we're sending it to

the net loft and it's an Alaska so the

net loft Alaska calm if you just google

the net loft Alaska you'll find the the

website and then from there you can you

can do your bird and send it to this

wonderful display that's a nice thing to


yeah I think it's nice it brings people

from all over the world together and the

birds together and all the birds all

over the world together make the birds

from all over the world which is really

nice it's it's it's a great thing to do

and I'm not very excited that we were

able to donate a bird from our

collection as well so that there will be

an Arne and Carlos bird on display as


and they're probably been many honoring

Carlos birds on display if people need

for our bar book so

so that that's gonna be brilliant and

yeah glasses you can put little hats on

them like our Peruvian birds you could

do you know birds from different

cultures by adding a little a little

something maybe after they're all skirt

from Bavaria to have a German bird you

could do a bird that looks like you like

we did yeah like the ones on the cover

book do you can do whatever you want or

do a bird with an Eskimo sweater if you

come from Greenland or you can do in

Berlin bro dream for a boy to be bird

you can do yeah

birds of fancy feathers from Australia

like the cockatoos kookaburra kookaburra

not to be a traditional Australian the

paralyzed bird that's the night birds

are paradise the hummingbirds the

hummingbird yeah so there's so many

birds and we're so happy that we have

them around us it's it's wonderful

especially us coming from a winter

country where we go from almost no birds

to lots of birds in the in the spring

you know like when we sometimes we feel

our birds with the leftover yarn like

when we saw they sold the tail and you

cut all the ends yeah we do the corner

and carding and let me put that in our

birds or in our balls or whatever

mm-hmm and women we were told once that

we should shouldn't do it we should put

it out in the garden up in the tree

because P the birds like it if when they

do their nests mm-hmm and I tried I put

a lot of yarn in one of the trees in the

garden like three years ago what

happened nothing they didn't want it

no our birds are too picky yeah nothing

happened the yarn is still in the tree I

don't know any scene next to the bird

house yeah well anywhere in this garden

is next to a bird house

yeah because we collect bird houses and

we love bird houses and we love having a

lot of them all over the place we make

them we buy them and I mean we've got

burnt houses everywhere I mean we go to

a National Trust property when we're on

holiday at the UK they might have a fun

little birdhouse in the store and of

course we're gonna buy it because we

want to support the National Trust and

you know if you spend a little money

you're rather of National Trust property

you know that that money is going into

the upkeep of these wonderful

communities also so yeah well I will

tweet tempted by the book probably on

the property and then a little birdhouse

or or little something for the garden

because they have really great stuff oh


but you called the bee house yeah the

little bee house is where I was really


we bought a be housed in singers you be

like an insect or insect hotel in see

singers then that was strange because we

posted a picture of the bee house and

then some a person wrote and said these

holes are too small for the bees okay

how can you say that when you see it on

the picture I don't know and National

Trust sells it insisting hers yeah they

should know what they doing yeah so I

kind of wanted to say well you should

you should bring that up with the

National Trust yes we didn't make it we

by the way didn't Mike make it please

right Nashville trust and complain yeah

and then we went to we go to antique

stores or we love going to these thrift

stores in the countryside so wherever we

are like if we go to Denmark for things

we want to go out into the countryside

to little Denmark is so good yeah

Denmark is great for thrift stores in

the countryside it's kind of it's

literally barns filled with stuff that

people don't want and I remember on one

occasion we got a really nice birdhouse

but that was in America no I'm talking

about the birdhouse that has oh that's a

nice one that's from doesn't that best

from Denmark mm-hmm and then of course

we have a very special one that we

bought in Hudson in New York that's that

is what is so beautiful we can't keep it

out no does that bird house is the only

one that we treat and cherish and keep

indoors and make sure that it's always

happy indoors because it's so beautiful

so it's like this American house with

the front porch or or in fact something

you can see in the Disney movie style

it's a New England style bird house and

it was probably built around 1890 or

1900 there's a picture of the bird house

in one of our books yeah and a knit and

crochet a garden book yeah and it was

made by an amateur so it's not it's not


it's not a professional piece made by a

renown artist or carpenter it's somebody

who made this for their own pleasure

nice high collection I think is made of

cigarette cigar box cigar boxes because

when we got it home and I try to put it

up on the shelf and while I was doing it

I heard this noise in the birdhouse

there was something moving around and I

managed to get the finger through a

window and grab a piece of paper that

was just moving around in the house and

there was a small picture of some people

sitting around the table playing cards

and smoking cigarettes mm-hmm that's why

I think it's from like cigarette it's a

cool oh we have Freya here and she you

start so marquise because she's feeling

bored don't be happy anyway Hudson was a

great place to buy to look at antiques

as well fairly expensive shops but it

was very inspiring and I'm happy that we

were able to leave with a birdhouse we

bought it in 2011 with the conversion

rate from Norwegian kroner to dollar was

much better than now now everything in

America is so expensive for us because

the dollar is so strong but in 2011 it

was the opposite everything was pretty

cheap so we were happy that we had a

possibility to go there and buy

something and we haven't been back to

Hudson but I'd love to go back at some

point it's such a nice place I would

like to go back I think there that I

heard there more places in that area

also with your cheap stores and

secondhand stores yes what we need to do

is give ourselves some time when we

toured the US and we tour that area we

should take a few extra days off you do

a little bit of antiquing while we're in

the area yeah that's a test for next

time and now or if you have some friends

and they bought a house somewhere up

there so we can even hang out with them

and then when we don't have to spend

money in a hotel we have a little extra

money which is always good selfish yeah

so the birds progressing the body is you

know being a rdrd

baniulis re and you know at one point we

will have a finished bird it's going to

take a little longer than than usual so

this tutorial or not tutorial actually

this podcast is going to take say about

two hours so yeah it's always it's very

good for us to you know look for

different things to do different formats

and I'm very happy now we've got the

we've got the tutorials right we've got

the Q&A hmm and now we also have the

live stream and the live stream that we

did in March was amazing I mean it was

very nervous we it was nerve-wracking

because we didn't know how many people

we were going to be making and maybe I

have to say it was a huge success

so let's let's do it I think it was fun

because it was nice to like have direct

contact with people mm-hmm I think that

was cool yeah and you get the answers

and you you can answer there and then

mm-hmm that was really good so the whole

thing started it started with the fact

that we have a team right there's a team

of people that come and do the filming

for us because we want it to be done in

a professional way we want everything

that we do to be professional so the

good we've got a great team of people

that are collaborating with us on this

project there's Eric the camera guy

there is Anna Anna is the director the

managing director I like calling her and

then we have PJ PJ is the boss he kind

of he kind of comes here and he sits on

his computer and he kind of supervises

everything and then we've got our nanny

who are responsible for the content it's

a great it's a great great team effort

and and we've been working together

since the beginning so they've always

been with us originally they come they

come on four day and we'd film a number

of episodes in one day but now because

of the whole possibility of

live-streaming we decided that they'd

come for a weekend so Anna and Eric they

came to spend a whole weekend here spend

the night so that we could do the live

stream and

has to be done that way because we have

an American audience that we need to

reach and so we need to start the

livestream when it's evening here in

Norway otherwise we have a problem in

terms of how many people we reach so it

was all about publishing or starting the

live the live stream at about 11:00

12:00 11:00 a.m. 12 p.m. Central

Standard Time in America in order to get

people to join us because we wanted to

interact and then I didn't know that in

fact the live stream is there forever I

kind of understood that but I didn't

think about it so we were really nervous

that and thinking that people won't

actually see the live stream because

there's not gonna be enough people

hanging out with us interacting yeah so

there's all kinds of worries I'm

concerned and concerns Eric was very

nervous about the setup the tech not the

technology because you don't want to you

don't want to make an announcement right

oh we're gonna be live stream tomorrow

at 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time and

then at 11:00 central standard time

something happens with the technology or

nothing happens or nothing happens and

you're not live so so we actually spent

two hours setting it up or Eric did

connecting everything so that we weren't

on Wi-Fi everything was done with cables

and we have the best internet we have

really good internet here because we

have broadband like if we go to Oslo and

stay in a hotel we complain about the

internet all the time because it's so

slow or there's no connection or there's

always problems yeah and we're live on

top of a mountain yeah and we have the

best yeah well it costs it cost us money

to get that installed but then again

when you are working as designers as we

do and sending huge files and with the

tweeny we need broadband which is quick

so Eric was very happy about the speed

of our internet here and he had

everything set up 2 hours in advance and

he did a great job with lighting I have

to say because it's not this is a

production so we've got cameras there

were two cameras on us and then we were

also lit from above and we wanted to

have the the window with the Sun set and

everything was time so that

when we were going to be finishing the

the the live-streaming which we had

decided was going to be half an hour the

Sun was going to be setting at the same

time and it's nice because you've got

these people that you can collaborate

with and then you can do a lot of

creative talking you know how do you

want this how should we do this and and

so you get all this input from other

people and you get all these great ideas

together so it's like a big big team


which I love I love working in teams

like that so in the end of the day

everything worked like clockwork we were

live at exactly the time we said we were

gonna be live and by the time we were

finishing up the live stream which you

can see if you go to our YouTube channel

if you haven't seen it you can see it

there the Sun is setting behind us so

it's all spectacular and then of course

the big concern because all those things

aren't it those are the things you can

control you can control what time you

get as long as the technology works you

can control when you're gonna get on you

can kind of plan what you're gonna say

and you can kind of plan it to finish

when the Sun is setting but then there's

the element you can't control how many

people are gonna be logging on how many

people are we gonna be interacting with

is it gonna be my mother in Spain mother

doesn't do it it's not gonna be her but

is it gonna be my dad is he gonna be the

only one supporting us or is there gonna

be anyone well done we could have a

conversation with your father

that's not sometimes that's not so bad

at all but I wanted to talk to people

from all over the world yeah and so and

then we did this thing where we were

hesitant about posting until the very

same day so we just posted a small video

on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook

and I was so surprised and so happy when

we got about I think at most it was 720

people that were live with us and we

were getting all the comments so they

were popping up on the screen all the

time so we're doing this again oh yeah

yeah we are so totally doing this again

but we talked about doing it in the

garden is that possible yeah in the

garden well yeah Eric said that he would

just buy some really

cables uh-oh so we'll just have cables

coming out of the house into the garden

that's possible because then we can do

it in the garden next time that's what

we're hoping be nice

unfortunately we can't do the live

stream as often as we want unless we do

it in a more amateur way if we're gonna

do it in an amateur where we could do it

every week but we own the camera on the

computer and squeeze him but that's not

what we wanna do don't want to give

people we want to you know we want to be

we want to be live we want to interact

with people but we also want to give

people an experience and I think that

yeah you know having a team of you know

Anna Eric and PJ helping us out and you

know creatively coming up with a great

concept is much much better gives more

to the viewers I felt that we came to

our first live stream very prepared and

the feedback was that we were very

prepared we had a topic we were gonna

talk about UFOs and we were gonna get

people to tell us about their UFOs and

that would be reading comments out loud

and then kind of talking back to people

as we showed them our UFOs I have to say

I it couldn't have gone better than how

it went it was kind of like what I was

seeing in my head do you agree was that

kind of what you were thinking actually

I didn't understand what we were doing I

had problems understanding what do you

mean I didn't understand anything until

we sat there oh yeah yeah then I

suddenly I realized that oh they are

actually talking to you people right now

okay so you mean you didn't understand

our technology took a little time before

I understood the technology young

because I was like more all over the

place a little bit lost in my head mm-hm

yeah cuz you had the biggest job your

job which is the most important in that

kind of a setting is to actually find

the UFO and they are everywhere yeah so

that was a little bit stressful yeah

everybody knows already now everybody

knows because we've done a few videos

where we keep saying that we were gonna

do that but we couldn't find that like

there's the Easter decoration video yeah

I still haven't found Easter yes so for

everybody wondering where are we found

our Easter eggs the answer is no no we

don't know where they are

and somebody actually made had a comment

that made me laugh you know because I

remember when I was a kid we go on an

egg hunt we know their parents parents

hid the eggs and the kids had to go

hunting looking for the eggs and

somebody was laughing at that comment

that we had on the video where we

couldn't find the eggs and saying that

oh we've been on an Easter egg hunt and

actually our Easter egg hunt is still

going because we still don't know where

our eggs are but we have a suspicion

that they actually might be in South

Korea because we made this exhibition in

South Korea and the older stuff is still

there so yeah maybe there the eggs are

insulting I have a suspicion that those

eggs are at the Embassy of the Norwegian

Embassy in South Korea they were maybe

yeah because a lot of our work was

exhibited in a museum of modern art in

South Korea the Gwangju Museum of Modern

Art and I forgotten completely about

that you see too much things happening

around here exactly

it's really hard to know it's funny

though how we say we can't find our eggs

and and then we say something about the

house eating up the eggs and then we

realize that oh maybe their eggs are in

South Korea so from from having a house

too that eats eggs to having eggs in

South Korea I mean the the span of where

we live things where we leave things is

incredibly long huge you know we're

losing things in South Korea in

Copenhagen in Minneapolis or in our

house we don't even know anymore because

it's all over the place but it's cool I

mean it means that we are leaving our

mark in the international arena yeah and

I think that it is really amazing I'm so

grateful for this every single day that

I wake up I'm grateful that we can do

what we do best and we do it well and

have all these people realize remember

when we left a car key and the door the

key to the door in the bag in the flat

in Paris many years ago yes that is kind

of leaving your mark somewhere yep that

was horrible yeah so we have we had this

apartment in Paris that we rented when

we were

back in the day where we were working in

fashion because we had a lot of dealings

in Paris so we rented an apartment there

and we have been to Paris to do the

fabric trade show called the premiere

vision where you talk to all the fabric

suppliers and look at fabrics for days

and days and where you come like you get

the new trends new trends new call

everything fabric rate based so we were

there and then we were gonna go home

because we had something to do at home

and then we were gonna go back to the

apartment in Paris because of Paris

Fashion Week what we're going to be

showcasing our collection in the trade

shows so I come up with this brilliant

idea and I say to our now why don't we

just leave these bags here cuz we're

coming gonna come back anyway and what

we realized when we get to the airport

United the wrong bag basically when

we're boarding the flight we realized

that the car keys because our cars

parked at the airport in Oslo so the car

keys are in the bag that I told Arnie to

leave so that was fun and then we met

his this couple on the plane and the guy

said that he had a friend who was a

criminal and he could break it down he

knew how to break into cars so if we

needed help he could call this guy but I

felt that that I was like no no that's

not happening

I felt that was going a little bit too

far so he is a bit strange in the end we

called our neighbor because we have a

neighbor on the other side of the lake

she has a cottage it's not a real home

so she doesn't live here fully full-time

but it wasn't that early fall so we kind

of assumed she'd be here and she was and

we have keys to her house Arnon you're

wrong at that time she did not have the

key to our house no she didn't have done

that was when we decided that we should

have keys yes sell our house so we call

her up and we say we need the set of

keys for for our car because our car is

in the airport and we can't open it and

then we had our house keys because we

remember the house keys but we had the

house key but we didn't have the car


so we forgot everything yeah so our

solution was to give the car keys to a

bus driver that was going to drive the

route right so we went to the bus and we

gave the key to the bus driver and we

said hello mister bus driver

this is the key to

house and a neighbor of ours is gonna be

waiting for you at the bus stop

we're closest to our house and could you

please give her the key and so the bus

driver took the key and gave it to our

neighbor who was waiting at the bus stop

she came into the house got the car key

and then she went back to the bus stop

and then another bus going home

she gave the key to the bus driver said

Arne and Carlos will be waiting for you

with the house on station and the car

key and that's how we got the car key

for our car and then we could we had to

stay one night you know slow because we

couldn't go home because the car was

blocked actually no we had and we had

work to do and we have work so know that

but that was yeah so talk about why did

we talk about this because we were

talking about how we lose things okay

that's okay I forgot a lot and we've

also done more more spectacular things

our neighbor has had to save us on many

occasions once we went on holiday to

Greece and that's when you wouldn't

throw in the garbage yeah that's the

last thing we did before we drove I

threw some garbage in the garbage can

and when we arrived into the airport I

realized that the car keys gone and no

that was the house that was a house key

that was the house key and we called our

neighbor and said our house key is gone

but I remember distinctly that we locked

the house so what you did you actually

you had the key to the house in my

hangar yes with the garbage and to throw

everything away yeah so we made our

neighbor go into the garbage can to look

for the key

what's that Pole when you jump into

these bins this she had to jump into the

bins to find so and if you in case

you're wondering we have a great

relationship with our neighbor she knows

we're a little bit all over the place

and she expects that we screw things up

from time to time but actually we have a

great relationship so making her drug

dive into a dumpster hasn't actually dad

dumps dumpster diving diving that's

that's the word I said and it hasn't

made her hate us no no so luckily we

have a great relationship with her

around and it's it's fine but yeah we do

a lot of those things because our minds


a little bit all over the place yeah it

happens all the time and so we'll see if

our eggs turn up in South Korea or maybe

they're in Minneapolis I mean or maybe

they are in one of the outhouses yeah

because it's so messy it's really hard

to find stuff or maybe or maybe I

shouldn't say it's messy because you

think it's messy

actually I don't think I think it's like

creative creative chaos yeah and then

you know but you know what tomorrow and

say to say that we start a new

collection for Rowan because we're

working with Rowan now hmm we are rowing

designers that's the row and people are

telling us now all the time so say that

we do a new collection for Rowan and we

get a brief tomorrow right and then we

have to start looking for those yarns

they centers that are supposed to be for

that that we don't know where they are

right now so if we start looking for

those balls of yarns I bet you we're

gonna find the eggs and because you

always find stuff if you don't look for

it we're gonna find the eggs when we

look for the for the yarns of balls of

yarn and then we're gonna have to tell

her oh and we can't find the balls we've

got eggs but we don't have balls

so could you send us some more yarn

because we need to start the collection

point for you so it's always that like

that it always starts but I really

really strange because every time you

need something it's impossible to find

it and then we don't need it you find

you don't need it you look for something

totally different then it's right it's

like right in front of your nose or

something that is it's really strange

why is it like that it is like the

universe how the universe works I think

it's how the universe works I think that

I think that the words aren't a you know

here's the most from me are the


I say torna well maybe if you had it a

little bit tidier it wouldn't be so

difficult to find what you're looking


actually you were cleaning up the room

we call like the studio or what do you

call it like the studio or it's my

workroom exactly it's for the two of us

but there's no space for you anymore

because I have so much stuff lying

around and you forced me to to clean it

and I said you can do it and you did and

you know what I still can find stuff I'm

still looking for

and then you asked me about yeah because

you are you were cleaning yes see you

see there should be a little bit messy

because that's when you know where you

have your stuff maybe to clean is not

good I think I think that I think that

it should be you know everything should

be in this place like in the kitchen you

know I know where the plates are but the

place no way yeah this place can be a

messy place yeah I know where it is it's

in its place it's under a ton of paper

and behind 14 books or a yarn in the

corner that's its place I agree I mean

no problem it's created chaos its

designers at work I don't know if people

really know what we do and how much of

it we do but we are always working years

ahead I think a lot of people don't know

what we do because a lot of people ask

us what are you do doing for a living

okay so what we do for a living is line

we're we're designers and we've been

doing this for a living

for the past 16 years we found it on in

Carlos in 2002 and our job consists in

product design we design a lot of things

we have a lot of clients that we work

for and and with and we design a lot of

products usually they are based on

textile because we are textile designers

honor has a background in fashion design

he is educated from one of there's three

schools of design in Oslo and he comes

from one of them and he has a degree in

fashion design from there and then when

our graduated the day after they had

hunted him to become a teacher part of

the faculty and so he taught design to

first year and third year students for

four years then we started our brand in

2002 we had a gap there that we did

other things and we've been working ever

since and then of course we also we were

guest lectures is another school for

design in also it's more like a college

it's not a university level it's more

college level where we talk

yeah we were there every year range yeah

we were there every year as guest

lecturers doing workshops on inspiration

and how to work how to do there how to

build up a creative universe and

scrapbooks yeah how to use their

inspiration in the design and have to

build the brand yeah and we've done a

number of products I've started as a

fashion brand

we had women's wear we've done wall

winds and knitwear we've done menswear

exhibited our collections in fashion

weeks in New York Paris Copenhagen sold

knit we're ready to make ready

ready-to-wear clothing and knitwear to

stores all over the world

we've relaxed a lot we've collaborated

with many brands we've done knitwear for

Urban Outfitters we've done knitwear for

a brand called comme des Garcons we

designed for two very well-known sports

brands in Norway that we can't talk

about under Danish brand we work for

yeah Danish brand we do a lot of design

we work with wine actually we do a lot

of packaging wine label design so we do

wine labels bicycles we hae yeah we've

designed the decor for bicycles we've

done we work for the Norwegian Arts and

Crafts Association yeah we did Nick were

design for the Norwegian Arts and Crafts

Society and then we also got this gold

medal for the work we do with spreading

Norwegian knit knit wear knit were

design around the world and we're like I

think there's not so many people who got

that gold medal no in Norway not so many

now I think it's verse five or six and

we are two of those yeah and that was

really nice we got this medal and the

diploma and it was like a dinner with

the Queen in Norway yeah we sat at the

table with the Queen which will be

cleaning that was a really nice person

yeah see because she's the high high


arts and crafts associations so she was

there the day when we were presented

with the golden medal Isis lives when

you work with this for so many years and

then we get like recognition this is

going mission recognition from the arts

and crafts crafts community in Norway

yeah so that that was a huge honor yes

we've done a number of things nowadays

of course and then of course we've got

the book books that we do I'd say that

they're design books so we work a lot

with the design aspect of the project

but also the design of the book great

team that we always have it's usually

the same team the photographer the

stylist aren't in me and then we've got

a graphic designer and our role is not

only to do the book the projects in the

book but we also are heavily involved in

the design of the book so I would like

to call us art directors in terms of

what we do but the books we do the art

directors like normally when we do books

we have this idea about what of course

or what what will the contents of the

book but you also have ideas of pictures

so then sometimes we actually do

sketches in black and white we do like

drawings of how some pictures should

look if there are pictures we really

want to have yeah and then we build up

those pictures with the stylist because

we have a tendency to put too much stuff

in the picture yeah because we're not

stylists no we are designers but but we

know what we want to show in the picture

because we know the inspiration behind

the product but it's really good to have

the stylist to put take away stuff yeah

and then last a little yeah and then the

theme of the book the pictures

everything is set up by us in

collaboration with the photographer the

stylist and then the designer the

graphic designer works closely with us

we do the fonts we do the layout

together with the designer we say this

we want that we'll know a lot of this

but like that blah blah and that's how

we do our books and I know that for a

fact because there's a lot of other

authors in Norway that work with our

photographer but our photographer

that were the only ones that he actually

collaborates with he says that normally

he get a box with stuff and then they

just rent a house or a location and

shoot it and they should without the

designer there so it's different I mean

we're not only doing the design of the

projects we're doing the whole thing so

we want to be involved because it's our

work it's our job yeah yeah I remember

another thing that we've done a lot of

we've done a fashion illustration as

well for magazine yeah remember yeah

tick tick we did a few really cool

illustrations and we also did done some

illustrations for for book about

weddings yeah yeah that's true we made

like drawing some wedding dresses and

also made wedding dresses yes and but we

don't do don't order your wedding dress

from us because we don't do that and we

don't also know we don't know but we

know how to so we have made a dress for

a long long time yeah but we we know how

to do it because like that's our

background yeah so that's a little bit

of what we do and yeah and we're always

busy there's always stuff to do

if we're not touring we're designing a

collection for Rowan or we're working on

a new book or we're working on another

big project the wine designing takes us

a lot of our time as well it's a fun

project because you're working on on

small wine labels and it's really fun

and yeah there's always a project for us

if we want it we get offered a lot of

different things and some things we do

some things we don't we did we did a

whole collection of paper products a

well-know colores rafts company in

Normandy Scandinavia we design porcelain

as well so that did yeah the list goes

on and on and on you know I'm cleaning

my computers now and it's amazing how

much we've done that I don't remember

like that's true I found a picture

recently of a Hulk costume we made we

might we made a fault you don't remember

we made folk costume with embroideries

of fire oh yeah yeah yeah

McCann yeah for the brown cheese

Norwegian I remember Marshall yeah I

remember okay

I just found a picture you remember I

was making this embroidery of the flames

like what you see on motorcycles oh yeah

cars yeah burning the burning stuff and

it's a traditional folk costume in

Blackpool but it has embroideries of

fire hmm and I remember I was we had a

deadline and I was doing this

embroideries for Oh hour or days you

know one stop my finger was pointing up

in me I couldn't bend my finger when I

was driving the car my point my tongue

was up in the air all the time and that

was a job that we got that was also

freelance job a design job that we did

for a huge advertising agency called

McCann where they were doing this whole

rebranding of a very famous Norwegian

brown cheese it's made of goat it's a

goat cheese and kind of tastes like

caramel it's really good it's it's very

traditional Norwegian but they wanted to

do a new packet a repack or the company

the the dairy company wanted to do a

repackaging design and an advertising

campaign and the idea was old traditions

in the new costume so they contacted us

to ask us to interpret old traditions in

new in a new costume and do three

different three different scenes for

them to do in a photo shoot that we're

going to be illustrating the cheese and

that's when we actually designed the

space invader sweater it was one of the

items so the space invader sweater was

the the traditional Norwegian sweater

where we exchanged the the pattern for a

space invader pattern but a Norwegian

would recognize the traditional

Norwegian sweater in it the second scene

was the the skier the skier with like

this traditional skiing outfit yeah but

not traditional like like what people

wear now you know like no actually yeah

it wasn't a dress yeah it was a skiing

it was a skier and she was wearing she

was wearing a kind of like a version of

a fall costume but using it to ski so it

was kind of like a oh the old folk

costume but in a new way and

third one was the folk costume but

instead of the embroidered flowers it

had the flames kind of reflecting all

that young culture with all the all the

particles yeah fall costume was a lot of

work yeah and I've never made a full

costume before yeah so we really had to

make the pattern on the dummy and we had

to cut it and sew it and make it looks

look like a

but luckily when we do get those

advertising jobs they do pay very well

so they are very worthwhile considering

that there's a lot of work involved but

the pay is really good so we should

actually go for some more I don't think

people really realize how much work it

is to design something because a lot of

people think we just make some crosses

on the paper or yeah you just grab some

yarn and you need something and while

there's the design but actually it

doesn't work like that way at least not

for us not for us because there's a lot

of thinking going into a product yeah so

so the first thing you know if we're

gonna talk a little bit about design and

designing products the first thing I

want to talk about is the bird the the

legs of the bird because we came up with

this idea to do like a mouth to do metal

legs and it's got like um it's got like

the metal goes around the tummy and you

just plonk the bird in there it's kind

of like like a like a stand a bird stand

and I thought that was funny we thought

it was hilarious but it was also a lot

of work involved in designing it because

you want to make the you want to make

the the metal look like an element that

is actually cool but it's a design

element so it's actually supposed to be

there and then I remember I think

because we've done a video on it where

we show the legs and I remember somebody

commenting that maybe the metal thing

that is showing on the outside should be

on the inside and actually that really

broke my heart because you know if

someone wants to have the metal in yes

I'd put it inside yeah but it broke my

heart because in terms of the of the

it's a designer bird the bird a bird

doesn't look like a knitted bird anyway

this is a knitted bird with the with the

thing going or across its belly that you

just plonk it in like a stand and it was

the idea was that it was supposed to be

like that and then when somebody is

saying that maybe it should be on the

inside they think that it's disturbing

it somehow when it's actually a design

element that is really cool

and when you can't really you can't

really pretend it's a it's a real bird

because it isn't so what's the point in

hiding the legs you know what I mean

it's just like it's the design element

of that and yeah I mean 99.9% of the

people understand that and there's

always somebody who doesn't and yeah and

I feel so miserable because it's like I

failed you know what I mean it's like oh

if they don't understand it's because we

failed but it isn't I mean it's just

that I think it was a good idea it was a

good idea and people see these things

differently but you know it takes a long

time to figure out what you know I see a

lot of things differently from other

people but I don't tell people I was

like I don't have to tell people that I

do I think something is stupid but I

keep it to myself hmm so I I don't think

about these things it's not my problem I

if I want to have a metal like a wire

put on the outside of the bird I do it

if I want to have a piece of wood like a

wooden stick I just put it up in the

belly of a bird and I've used that as a


I think it has to do a lot about you

know how people are because some people

are creative some people are not created

and some people are open-minded some

people are not open-minded they're more

narrow-minded and they some people you

know they see something and they can

interpret it as something else other

people they can only interpret it as the

thing they see so it's it's it's always

very different depending on who it is

you know somebody who says that it has

to be this way because it's always been

like that or you have the other person

was more open to change and I think yeah

you can't really please everybody but we

do have we do have see a lot of design

out there we don't really want to give

our points of view on

things that we see but sometimes

actually sometimes for me I don't know

if it's the same for you also but I can

blame it on my teacher background

sometimes the teacher the design teacher

kicks in and I see a lot of stuff that

wouldn't go through first year in design

school because there's like a lot of

wrong things it's not wrong in the sense

that they're not it's not flattering I

don't know if you put some a lot of

patterns on your behind behind is that

the right word yeah I guess you have to

be careful so put put put a lot of 8ly

roses or something on your behind that's

I think not very flattering no maybe

you're not even if you have a nice

behind yeah because you don't want to

have the focus on the wrong place or

there's another one if you put put a lot

of stripes around your belly that's a

nice way to get the tension to your

belly if you have a big one or even if

you have a small one because it will add

more volume around your waist yeah so

then I think there should be stripes all

over or you put the stripes on top yeah

what I think is cool nowadays because I

can mention yeah let's do this in a more

structured way I'm thinking I'm thinking

what is cool is that nowadays anybody

can actually do designing because you've

got especially if you're if you do

crafts if you do knitting crocheting

embroidery you can make up your own

designs and you can put them on Ravelry

you can put them on Etsy right and I

mean we're we're not here to judge

anybody's design I think in the end of

the day if somebody is interested in

your design and purchases the pattern

then it means that for that person it's

a good design and that's that's great

it's very democratic nowadays design has

become so democratic anybody can give it

a go and I think it's good I think it's

good we see a lot of talented people we

see some people that need a little

guidance and I think that we could give

you a few points if they're if you if

you if there's a designer in you that

really wants to come out

let's give let's give people a few

points to consider I like I like what

Coco Chanel said the Coco Chanel said

something very clever about dressing she

said that when you get dressed to go out

before you go out look in the mirror and

take something off

I think iris apfel says look in the

mirror and puts put the neck strap thing

yeah so that can't be both way well yeah

okay but Iris Apfel is she's born with a

lot of style and she's professional so

she knows what she's doing

most people can get it wrong most people

if they put more stuff on they get it

wrong but what I wanted to say was that

it design wise it kind of works the same

way when you're thinking of doing a

design look at it and see if you have

too many ideas in one because too many

ideas in one actually creates an over

designed piece that is not good for

example if you're doing if you're

designing a scarf so you're doing a

scarf right and in that scarf you do you

do cables you do fair isle you do

brioche you do some garter stitch

there's a lot a universe around yeah but

my point is you don't need to do is not

with 40 different techniques a lot of

people do yeah but take a few things off

you know simplify it look at look at

what works look at the parts that you

think are the nicest and focus on those

take away all the other techniques I

remember like one of the rules we had in

fashion school was that you shouldn't

use all your ideas on one project you

should spread it all over

yeah so so then you anyhow a lot of

people like a lot of stuff on things

yeah but it has to be done well so if

you do if you put if you put a lot of if

you do a maximalist design you need to

balance it well you need to look at the

pattern you need to look at the size of

the garment and you need to balance it

well I think that if you look at a

sweater how many how many you should

maybe these divided into three thirds

yeah about you mean I see if you put the

right things in the right place yeah one

third is the the shoulders down to the

chest they've got the the waist area and

then the

mariya and then you divide it in three

and then you can see a little bit of the

surface you don't put everything on the

waste area no spread it yeah and and

there's no there was another thing oh I

lost it

pattern placements know if you have if

if you put something on this on like on

the garment don't do the flagged mistake

that's a big mistake that's a big

mistake yeah if the design looks like

it's a flag

you have to rethink throw it away throw

it away again the flag is the worst

thing that's one of the things we killed

all the time when I was a teacher in

fashion school it was if something

looked like a flag and then you have it

and then you have an expression in the

design world that we use all the time

it's kill your darlings

yeah and that it doesn't mean it doesn't

mean that they're bad you can have you

know talking about darling darling is a

design that you're in love with that you

do and that you love more than any of

the other designs that you do and you

love it so much that you became

completely blind to the content Texas do

you think it's great because and

sometimes it is but maybe it doesn't fit

the rest zactly but normally when I see

a lot of people like they don't do whole

collection like now people are designers

but they do like one piece and that's

the design yeah they don't do

collections but anyway what killing your

darling means doesn't mean that you're

killing it forever it means that you

don't maybe you can't use it right now

because it's not working with whatever

the other things you have and we have a

killed darling that has come recently

it's a design submission that we did for

ro and we did like nine design

submissions and out of those nine six of

them made it to the magazine and three

of them didn't and I was very surprised

when I saw what didn't make it because

it was the best design but then if you

think about it maybe because we don't

know what else has been submitted and we

don't know how they're building the

collection but probably it's not because

it's a bad design it's because the

design does not work with the other

pieces so it's all about seeing the


thing the whole story not only focusing

on that particular thing so you know

being more open-minded and looking at

the whole the whole thing and then

figuring out whether it should be there

or not and you know when you're killing

it you're not killing it forever you're

just taking it out and maybe putting in

back in another time in another

selection so always be critical about

your designs when you're doing them look

at them if you're doing say you're doing

as you know you want to do a series of

socks right you do say six socks in a

bundle that you're gonna be selling your

patterns on Ravelry look at all those

six socks and try looking at them

cohesively see if they fit together if

something sticks out even if you love it

take it out and then use it again

another time but do people do

collections I've never been there if

they do I think people do just one piece

so there's actually no darling to kill

or you have to well unless it's too much

yeah unless it there's too many because

there's a lot of design but it's not

collection yeah I think so those are

things I mean we're not laughing at

anybody here we're not pointing out a

particular designer because we don't do

that we're just talking about risks of

things that you can you know traps that

people can fall into that you should be

aware of so try so just to sum it up try

not to put too many ideas in one design

so if you got a pair of socks try making

them you know beautiful but simplify you

know don't put cables don't put Fair

Isle don't put brioche don't put garter

stitch don't put you know this this this

this and that and they're not a fringe

on top of it because it's gonna be too

much just keep it simple simple is

always better in these in these cases so

as Chanel said take something off kill

your darlings in the sense that if

you're doing a little collection if

you're doing six socks like an example

look at those six socks and try to look

at them from a cohesive point of view

see if they all fit into the other fit

together if there's something that

sticks out in a bad way take it out it

doesn't mean you can't use it but maybe

you can use it another time

and then of course with powder placement

always think about balance and symmetry

always divide things in third

you know look at things in three parts

and try to find the right proportion and

try to put the pat pattern where it

belongs proportion wise so that's also a

good tip and then the final thing is the

flag design be careful because you don't

want to look like the flag of France or

the flag of Cameroon or something like

that you you know you don't want to look

like a flag no so don't do three colors

in the field in that way because that is

not very and if you want to break some

of those rules or what you call it maybe

not rules but well you call them rules

and they are to be broke oh yeah then

you should be good

yeah because sometimes there are people

who are actually breaking the rules and

doing it well but and they're doing it

really well and I've seen some like from

patata more from catwalks

where they actually break roots and it's

really good yeah but but that demands

quite a lot of skill you know I mean it

needs you need a trained eye and and

that does take a lot of time to learn

for example I have the eye for antiques

yeah a friend of us told me I had a good

eye for antiques I'm sure you know that

I know what's well you will or anything

but I know what I'm looking for so I can

scan the room that's true yes I find

things that are hidden under cells and

and we've also trained our eye in terms

of what we see we go to a lot of museums

that's a lot of our work because a lot

of our work is in the creative field we

get inspired by art modern art but also

the old masters and we've kind of

learned how to look at art and that's

something you can train you know the

more museums you go to the more art you

look at them or the more your eye gets

trained to look at things it's it's not

never about what's right or wrong

because that's not what we're saying but

you look at a work of art and you

realize that it's relevant for you that

is what you like and then you look

another one and you say that is what I

don't like and so when you go to a

museum you learn how to scan the museum

so that you're actually looking at what

you love and what you're not loving

you're not even looking at it and that

way you can actually absorb more of the

things you love and and this can be done

with design as well if you start looking

at clothing if you start dividing them

you just in terms of balancing if you if

you look at things in thirds looking at

pattern proportion where the pattern

goes but once you start doing that with

every single garment you're seeing if

you're looking for patterns on Ravelry

if you're looking at a runway look at

the way the patterns are placed do that

often and then your eye will start to

train and you will start to learn about

the porns also if you want to work as a

professional designer it's like to make

collections and stuff you should also

learn how to look for trends hmm because

that's something you also it's nothing

it's like something you have to learn in

a way it's like looking at art and

looking at other stuff you have to know

what you're looking for and you also

have to kind of understand the world

you're living in and you have to

understand results of what's going on in

the world how that will have an

influence of what people think or as

simple as which colors people will

choose it's all based on things that's

going on in the world and then of course

the trend doesn't necessarily mean that

it's a short-term trend it's not about

the length of a skirt because there's

long term trends as well that can

influence the way people think we have a

long term trend that has been here now

for for many many years it's the digital

trend versus the real things you know

it's all about all the crafts and all

the things that people do with their

hands and it's kind of like a counter

trend to the digital world and social

media so you've got you know when one

thing happens the opposite also happens

and it's all about recognizing that and

learning how to figure out what's gonna

be the next in terms of the eyes the

next big thing yeah and of course when

we were and now some tips for

people who want to design will give you

a few tips on what to look for okay so

depending on where you're coming from

there's always traditions and heritage

all over the world and it's always a

good idea to look at your own traditions

and heritage so if you're American for

example look at Americana look at things

that are done with patchwork look at the

Wild West look at the Native American

crafts look at those things because they

belong to your culture and see if you

can find elements that you love and then

bring these elements out and then make

them your own and that's a great way to

create a modern and new something you

can even work on your life your personal

universe exactly isn't that's what we

taught the students in when I was a

teacher that you should actually look at

your own life you should look at what

you were obsessed by or your interest

since you were a little kid because what

you experienced as a kid will influence

your whole a grown-up adult adulthood so

actually if you have if you have stuff

from you were a kid or if you have

pictures of stuff you liked when you

were kid you should collect these people

these things mm-hmm if you have the

sickle the FISC fish the physical stuff

or if you have just picked pictures or

drawings or stuff you should put it in a

book or put it in the box

yeah and create your own personal

universe that's a great way to work with

inspiration and and for us we've always

been working with the things that we

love even when we were in the fashion

industry we were still looking at arts

and crafts we were still looking at fall

costumes we'll still looking at

Scandinavia and a heritage in knitting

and we're taking those elements and

making them modern putting them in a

modern fashionable content and that is a

great way to work with design because it

gives you all this material you like if

you're Japanese look at kimonos look at

the way they die with indigo look at all

these wonderful crafts if you're Italian

there's loads or French there's loads of

stuff in folk

students as well it the culture in the

manufacturing of and there's like a lot

a lot of there's more like for us like

being Norwegian it's not just being

Norwegian in a way it it's like if

you're not if you're like Norwegian you

just don't look at fault costumes and

there's so much other stuff which is

connected to you as a person

mm-hmm if you look at your family

history look at every area interest if

you live in everything if you live in an

area of outstanding national beauty like

for example if you come from Iceland

look at the volcanoes look at the nature

look at the landscape try to recreate

that in your designs so it's always

about looking at history it's always

about looking at heritage it's always

looking about looking at your

environment and being inspired by what

is next to you what is in front of you

in order to create something special and

new so that's one of the biggest tips

that we have for anybody out there

wanting to be a designer or actually try

and giving it a go

and of course Allen Harlan at color yeah

okay so you know ya know and then I'm

also thinking if you want to be a

designer to learn how to make a drawing

of the garment on the figure learn how

to make draw sketch like etch or because

and and also if you're going to design

and give it for someone to produce you

need to know how to put measurements you

need to know how the body or the

clothing are working on your on the body

yeah so there's there's like a lot of

stuff you have to consider and yeah it's

always nice to know how to put those

measurements and to know how to make

drawing and yeah so taking classes

basically is always a good way to learn

anything yeah I think that yeah and then

in terms of color if you have like for

example if you have a picture of

something you love and you want to

recreate a design using those colors

that's really easy you just look at the

colors and try to get the same if you're

knitting something get the colors from

the yarn store we have this lovely

little aquarelle that we used to do that

we used to look at for norwegian

inspiration was from the 20s it was

French it was an acro painting

skiers in the way the French thought the

Norwegians were so the colors were all

off but they were so beautiful and then

we took that little aquarelle with us to

the yarn store and pick the colors from

the painting and then used them in

projects that's a great way to work with

with colors that we we highly recommend

so it's all about training your eye

going to museums training your eye

looking at garments looking at balance

looking at the portion working with your

cultural heritage working with the

inspiration of the things you love and

when you do that you will create real

products that are 100% you that you can

be proud of and that hopefully people

will love and again if you put them on

Etsy if you put them on Ravelry and

people are loving them and are buying

them then it is a great complement to

you it means that you succeeding which

is great and as I say its design is

becoming more and more democratic now

that everybody can self publish and I

think it's a good thing because it gives

a lot of variation in this world a lot

of things like this but are like I I was

making I made a drawing for a new garage

but that doesn't make me orchid no no no

no it's not so that's not democratic

no but no I would never get a job in the

architect often of course not but that's

a whole other story for another time

since that is you know it's not

necessarily what we're talking about

here but I understand what you mean

cumbia an architect is an architect a

designer as a designer and then you've

got people that are doing it other side

and enjoying it but for their own

personal pleasure yeah and those are the

people that we're addressing here I

suppose because if people are trained

designers they don't need our advice

they know they know anyway what they

need to do and how they do it is their

is their business so yeah we're looking

at finishing off the bird stuffing it

now this time we're using the normal

stuffing that we have but we did a

tutorial a few weeks ago that we use the

leftover you don't have talked with that

we carted a lot of people were

commenting that you could buy these

these brushes are in the dog store as

well and I agree what you can do that as

well it's just that we got the Carters

in a thrift store for nothing

we pay $10 for them so a lot of comments

of audiences and a lot of money so no

but there was a lot of comments about

Carly's being very expensive and and we

were very surprised because the ones we

got with $10 in a thrift store somebody

just threw them in the store they didn't

want them and we walked in and we got

them so anyway if you can't find

Carter's in in that price point yeah go

to the go to the dog store and get

brushes but they're not as as

long-lasting obviously so you probably

need to go again I get new ones when

they wear out or if it's too expensive

than you buy wool well actually wool is

very expensive art and I so buy cotton

no the synthetic thing yeah or just go

to the pet store and as you can see

we're filling in the bird with with a

pen and shaping it as we fill it and

because we're working with wool wool is

very bouncy so it's easy to shape and

and this is how we do it we want to have

a nice well shaped bird you have to

squeeze the neck when you feel the head

to make it more short so now when this

is finished I will we will put put on

the sequins and since this one is going

to have a lot of stuff I use leftover

yarn so there's like no that that's not

so important which color you use if

you're gonna put a lot of stuff on top

of the bird anyway so you can get get

rid of a lot of leftover yarn yeah by

making a little bird that's you decorate

yeah and these are gonna be I don't know

where are we gonna put these Christmas

tree I think we put it in under the

glass I wondered the glass dome don't

never let you know oh yeah so this one

will join the other birds I guess yeah

so we're always we're always looking for

new ideas new new tutorials we love it

we'd love to hear from you please tell

us what you think tell us what we should


we do need a lot of tips I mean we've

been doing this for almost well we've

been doing it for a little over two

years and sometimes I feel like we're

running out of ideas until I read

comments of people suggesting things so

what you think about our tutorials is

very important to us especially what you

think that we are not doing that we

should be doing like this is not a

tutorial I keep saying tutorial but it's

not this is after all a just a podcast

but if I know a lot of people enjoy the

podcast but if people have a specific

thing they're looking for they can't get

it the knowledge you know we don't know

how we can show we know how we can show

it we don't know yeah but what we know

that we can show we still need to know

what it is because sometimes we take

things for granted yeah that other

people are struggling with that we're

not struggling with and so we don't

think about it so if there's anything

you would like to know if there's

anything any tutorial that you would

like to see we will appreciate your

comments on the comment field of this

video or one of the more recent videos

so please feel free to to do that and

then we can do and then we can do video

these podcasts we're aiming for once a


unfortunately in March we weren't able

to to do a podcast too busy working with

the other projects especially finishing

up some collections that we've been

doing for Rowan that we actually showed

in at the H&H in color let's talk about

the HNH as the finicky watched is in

2020 this is 2080 18 so March 2018 we

went to the HNH to launch our first

collection with Rowan which will be

available in the beginning of August

it's a woman's wear collection made in

felted tweed and kids okay Rowan told us

to choose whatever yarns we wanted and

those are the ones we chose we were very

much in love with kids okay so beautiful

when you knit with shelter tweed and you

do the all the pattern work it in kids

silk that is so good but kids still

cases on its

is also a stunning yarn and I think it's

right modern if you were doing fair isle

knitting and knitting with kids okay so

you get a completely different look with

a yawn like that I'm gonna be knitting

myself a sweater in in kids okay so I

think it's a it's a great yarn and I

really want to work with that I see in

you you fo coming I knew you men's

striped sweater in kids okay are you

talking about the bird no I'm talking

about the sweater you making oh no the

sweater that I'm not me I'm finished now

with my bird so yeah put on there and

now we're gonna look for an embroidery

idea so there would be sequins

embroidery sequins and feathers if it

won't be looking like this one but

something something similar somebody

similar same same but different exactly

exactly yeah but anyway back to the H

and H is a finishing thing back to the h

NH as a finishing finishing thing we

really love to yeah we're looking

forward to showing the collection in in

a in sorry in August we already showed

it to the buyers and the response was

really really great and it's a woman's

for a collection and now we're working

on a menswear collection yes which

hopefully will be next year again and

yeah and now we will be designing more

and more for Rowan and Payton's

and of course continue with Reggio

projects and by the way we forgot to

talk about that you know when we're

telling people all the things we've done

we forgot to mention that Reggie I wish

is the most successful collaboration

they would talk for three hours we've

ever had exactly we could talk for three

hours but we are now running out of time

it's been a couple of hours

it's been fun dating this sock sorry

this now I'm talking about regia and now

I'm mixing it up it's a bird it's been

fun the alert we hope you've enjoyed it

you've probably had a lot of tea while

you've been listening to us talking and

knitting on your own projects thank you

so much for for watching and put the

bird on and put a bird on