DIY Knit Chunky Hat (Fast & Easy)

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hello guys welcome to another hip

creative video tutorial this time I want

to show you how to make this very chunky

hat and for it I'm using this brand this

one the gang collection in this color as

you can see is very it's a very thick

yarn and I'm also going to be using TCOs

17 knitting needles now we're going to

be needing this hat flat we are not

gonna do it in circle because I was

trying to find double pointed needles

and these sides and I couldn't find them

anywhere so I decided to do a flat right

such a star we're going to cast on 34

stitches and to do that we're going to

leave a tail kind of like this and then

we're going to do the slip stitch first

like that and then we start casting on

so this is the hotel this is the other

yarn grab them both here put this down

go under over and through

under over and through so that's it this

oh this is one way of casting on if you

have a different technique you can use

that one

right alright so once you have all your

stitches what you're going to do is very

simple this is going to repeat you're

going to repeat this in every row so

first we're going to net1 remember to

put your towel side

you're in the front we're going to purl

one and now that's it those are the two

stitches are going to repeat throughout

the road for throughout this trough and

every row so once again you're going to

knit 1 and purl 1

all right so just continue doing this

for the rest of this role and just keep

repeating it from this point forward

every row and then it will look

something well it should look like this

these are the net decide their pearls

all right so once you have reached 10

inches in total made way back here to

show you what we have to do next okay so

once you have reached 11 interests we

are ready to close the Hat now I'm going

to cut the yarn but I'm going to leave a

big piece okay so I cut the yarn with a

tapestry needle

I'm going to pass through all these

stitches that we have here

okay so once you have them all you're

just going to close the top

as tight as possible don't pull too hard

because you can break the yarn it

happened to me already

so okay now we start we're going to put

these two sides together so we can close

the Hat this is very simple

okay so what I'm doing here is just

getting one side of the V

and then you can pull a little too tight

because we don't want this side to be

all wrinkled

you know we wanted to stay straight

and almost done

then the only one thing that is left to

do is the pompon if you need help on how

to make a pompom i will have a link to a

video where i show how to make one it

will be at the end of this video okay

all right

No secure these two

and that's it now you wave in the ends

along the side here and that's it your

height is complete

now the final touch is the pumpin and

you'll be done alright I hope you

enjoyed this video if you have any

questions or comments please feel free

to post them below and as always thank

you for watching