How to KNIT a DRINK COZY: Knit Flat or In-the-Round

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hello noble knitter it's Nancy Queen and

today I'm going to show you how to make

some drink cozies these are easy to knit

ribbed cozies that you can use to keep

your cold drinks cold or your warm

drinks hot so let's dive right in don't

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time I post it's time to gather your

materials so for this project if you're

a beginner choose some straight needles

if you're a more advanced knitter use

double pointed needles so you can knit

it seamlessly in the round I'll instruct

it I'll include instructions for both I

used size for knitting needles sport

weight yarn and don't forget to grab a

pair of scissors a finishing needle a

tape measure and if you're knitting it

on double points use a stitch marker as

well as always I'll include a list of

the materials with links in the

description below to cast on my drink

cozy I'm going to use my straight

needles and I'm going to be knitting

this flat working back and forth and

then I'm going to seam it at the end

this is great for a beginner because

you're just using knit and purl stitches

so I'm casting on a total of 50 stitches

for my ribbing if you plan on knitting

this in the round on double pointed

needles you're going to cast on 48

stitches I'm using the longtail cast on

to put my stitches on the needle in fact

if you'd like to give it a try

check out this link above

now I finished my cast on and I don't

want to accidentally knit that long tail

so I trim it down and then I have it so

I can weave it in make sure you count

the number of stitches on your needle

before you get started and let's start

Row one we're going to work Row 1 as

follows we're going to knit the first

two stitches then we're going to purl

two knit two all the way across the row

and you'll just keep repeating purl two

knit two now if you're working on double

points you'll join your yarn to knit in

the round and then you'll work Row one

as follows knit two purl two all the way

around row two is going to be the exact

opposite of Row one we're going to start

by purling the first two stitches then

we're going to work knit two purl two

all the way across the row and as you'll

see when you're working up you're going

to be knitting on top of the knits and

purling on top of the pearls to create

really beautiful columns of ribbing now

for those of you knitting this in the

round you are going to continue just as

Row one all rows are going to be the out

all rounds are going to be the same they

are knit two purl two all the way around

look at how beautifully our project is

working up so when you've reached

approximately four inches from the

beginning you're going to bind off okay

I bound off all the way across the row

on down to my last stitch and I'm going

to leave that on the needle for now and

just take a look at my nice ribbing I'm

really pleased with the way it came out

I hope you are happy with yours as well

now I'm going to cut the tail leaving an

18 inch tail so that I can sew the seams

then I don't have to attach a new piece

of yarn now I'm going to put that tail

through the loop so that I have a

finished end

now let's take a look at our work if

you'll notice you want to find the front

so the front is the side with the

knitting on the side edges so see how I

have the knit there's my knit columns so

that's the front of the work I'm

actually going to turn that over because

that those are the pieces that are going

to get joined like this and sewn up the

seam is going to be still in there so

what I'm gonna do with it those that

front face down is I'm going to come

into the yarn and go in between the

first and second stitch in that edge you

don't want to work in the very edge

stitch you want to come in and go in

between the two come up from the bottom

now I'm going to go over to the other

side and go into the same spot and just

pick up that bar that's in between the

first two stitches and then I'm going to

come back to this side the original side

and pick up the next bar I go into where

I came out of and I pick up that bar in

between those stitches I'll see if I can

tighten it up for you okay so as you can

see I'm going to pick up a bar and then

I'm going to go over to the other side

and pick up a bar and kind of work like

a ladder going back and forth up each

side I'm going to get to the top of the

work I turn it inside out and you can

see that seemed edge inside and now I'm

just going to weave in the yarn ends and

then I'll clip them close to the work so

you don't see any tails I'm here to help

you become a better knitter with every

stitch so check out this video to watch

next or see the one that YouTube wants

you to watch next below I will see you

in the next video