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hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel it's Danny here and today's

tutorial I'm going to show you how to

make this super simple and beautiful

read it hat as you can see it's a super

beautiful design and also extremely easy

it's totally beginner friendly so if you

have never touched and knitting needles

before this is the project for you to

start learning how to knit a hat and

because it has a double brain it makes

it extremely warm and also you can make

the brim as wide as you want and it's

just so simple and beautiful so before

we get started I'm gonna invite you to

subscribe to my youtube channel if you

haven't done that yet so you're not

gonna miss any of my videos and if you

want to learn how to make these super

simple and beautiful hat keep watching

the video so today I'm going to show you

how to make this super bulky version of

this hat which used a category 6 yarn so

this is super super warm and chunky hat

but I'm also gonna leave the reading

pattern on my website for this bulky hat

which used a category-5 yarn so you're

gonna have both patterns on my website

the link it's always in the description

box below and also in the first comment

of this video

so as I mentioned before we're gonna be

using the super bulky yarn this is a

category 6 I'm using Lion Brand thick

and quick and for this hat we will use

the full skein so make sure you have at

least this amount of yarn for this hat

I'm also using my 10 millimeter circular

needles by clover these are a 16 inches

long but if you have a longer one you

can use this magic look technique to

make this hat we will also need a

scissors and stitch marker and a

tapestry needle so to begin we're gonna

leave at least two meters of yarn so we

can cast on these stitches

we're going to begin with a magic loop

there is a lot of different ways to

start casting on we're gonna use the

long tail method and of course you can

use whatever technique you know and so

place the magic loop on your needle and

now start casting on so for this hat

we're gonna cast on 45 stitches we need

44 but we need one extra too close and

dear I am yes the round so we can work

in the round perfectly so cast on 45


and so this is something that it might

help you when casting on so what I

always remember is passed urine needle

under over and through so remember that

and you are gonna be able to test on

super super easily under over and



so here we're done casting on and as you

guys can see with two meters I have this

little tail so it was the perfect amount

and now make sure you don't have any

stitch twist so then we can work

perfectly and our hat it's not going to

be twisted and now we're going to close

these round so we are able to work in

the round so to do that pass your first

stitch from the left needle to your

right needle and now take the second

stitch from your right needle and pass

it over the first stitch and just leave

it like that

now you should have 44 stitches on your

needles and we are ready to start or

super easy hat

so to begin place your stitch marker and

we're gonna work knit 1 and purl 1 this

first row you guys can notice that the


I'm grabbing the stitch from the front

but starting the second row we're gonna

take that stitch from the back it's just

a little I don't know it's something

that I do it's easier for me so you can

do however you want so basically this is

what we're gonna be doing all project

long so knit one purl one knit one purl

one it's literally like we are making

the raise of a hat but forever for the

entire hat so knit one purl one until

you complete this rose

for round number two here's where I'm

going to show you how to do the purl so

need one

and now the pearl we're gonna graph the

back part of the stitch just like that

and because we have an even number of

stitches you should always start with an

each stitch and always finish with a


so keep that in mind and continue

knitting until you have like I said 44



here I have my 44 rows I fold these

Bream's so I can check how long do I

want it so this is perfect for me

of course you can do less rows or more

if you want that it's totally up to you

and it's gonna be depending on how wide

you want your brain so here I'm making

my last stitch and now for the decrease

we're going to do three rows so first

stitch knit and then decrease one and

that means need two stitches together

and keep doing this all the way around

knit two stitches together until you

have just one stitch left so keep

decreasing need two stitches together

all the way around


so here I have one stitch left need that

stitch and now for the second row need

one and decreased one need one and

decrease 1 so that means knit 1 and need

2 stitches together and keep doing this

until you finish this row and for the

last 2 stitches you're gonna need them

together as if it was a decrease and

then for the last row off decreases

we're going to need them together as if

they were one so need two stitches

together knit two stitches together

until you have seven stitches on your



and when you're done grab the scissors

cut that tail going and now grab your

tapestry needle


and we are gonna take all those stitches

left and place it on your tapestry



if you want you can continue decreasing

until you have one stitch left but

personally I don't like that I don't

like how the hat looks so this is why

I'm doing these


so now just pull that string of yarn

close the head and as you can see it's

perfect and it looks beautiful so now

all you have to do is pass your needle

through the middle and just make a few

knots so your hat it's super nice and

secure this is why I love these super

pointy metal needles because it helped

me to make these knots easily and pass

the needle through the fibers I don't

know I just like it better than the

plastic ones and once that's done now

you just have to wait in this little

tail and what I like to do is weave it

in from the middle like well you guys

will see now in here I just like to pass

there down and then back again so that

for me it's the perfect way to with that

little tail


and that's it now you have a beautiful

reef Vinny or rivet beanie I don't know

how to pronounce that but it's okay

because you learn how to make it and

that makes me extremely happy now you

can put a pump on if you want or leave

it as it is or maybe make a yarn pom pom

it's totally up to you and just remember

that if you want to make the bulky

version no they super bulky you're gonna

have the reading pattern on my blog the

link it's in the description box below

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that's all for today I'll see you guys

in the next video bye