How to Attach a Pom Pom to a Hat - Add a Pom to a Knit Beanie Tutorial

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hey guys I'm Emily from the blue Mouse

and today I'm going to show you how to

attach a pom pom to a knit or crocheted

hat so for this video

I have the new Aurora beanie which is a

knit beanie and a giant pom-pom and

there's another video on my channel that

shows you how to make this giant pom-pom

but for now I'm going to show you how to

attach it so the pom pom has a couple

strands of yarn attached to it and I've

also got a little bit of yarn attached

to the crown of my hat

it's attached on the inside at the

moment so to begin I'm going to thread

the two strands coming out of the

pom-pom to a yarn needle and then you

find the crown of your hat which is this

top a little bit right here and I'm

going to stick my needle through the

hole of that on the inside I'm going to

pull that yarn through so I'm just gonna

pull it off my needle for now and if

you're looking at the inside of the Hat

at the moment I'm going to thread my

yarn that I use to close my hat and I'm

going to thread it up through the hole

in the crown and up into this pom-pom so

you can see it pops out right there

fling it through the pom-pom and then

you find a place a little bit over so I

kind of spread the yarn aside so I don't

bend it when I do this but I find the

spot just a little bit over to push it

back through so I came up through here

and I'm going back down in a different

section so I push it through and I feel

with my hand underneath the Hat I put my

hand where the crown of the Hat is and I

feel for the

needle so I'm going to gently push it

through and it's coming through right

near the crown of the hat so then I just

pull it through on the inside see the

crown of the hat is like right here and

it came through just right next to it so

that's good and then you pull it through

you can see here that it's kind of

folded over some pieces so just take

your yarn needle and just pull them out

from underneath that you just want to

get this yarn out of the way so that you

can finish pulling that through so pull

all the yarn that I see out of the way

and I just continue pulling from the

underside and you can see that now that

yarn has disappeared and if you fluff

your pom-pom you can't really tell where

it went through so then I go back to the

inside of my hat and I just go around a

few of these stitches around the crown


do you have a pompom that is not very

well secured and you can tell on the

outside that it wobbles a lot you can go

up through that pom-pom for a second

time and come back through and it will

secure it more but mine doesn't really

wobble very much so it's secure enough

for me so then go back into the inside

of your hat take your yarn needle and I

just thread the pom-pom yarn around a

few of these stitches and then I tie it

in a knot just to make sure it's extra



and I'm just gonna go through this

stitch here but don't pull it all the

way closed

instead take your needle and go back

through the loop that you just made

creating a knot I wheel it through a

final few stitches and then I can cut it

off so that is how you a pom pom to a

knit hat the same method can be used for

a crocheted hat as well or any other

piece that you would like to add it to

just fluff it up and you're good to go