How to Knit a Double Brim

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today I wanted to show you how to create

a knitted double brim that you'll see

it's very popular this year I am using

Lion Brand color made easy yarn and us

ten or six millimeter needles what you

wanted to first is cast on your required

number of stitches and then just knit

around in the round until you have your

desired height so this is going to be

twice the height of what you want your

brim to be usually most patterns call

for about five to six inches here the

number of rounds is going to vary

depending on how thick your yarn is in

what needles you're using so what you

basically do is knit in a circle or I'm

the number of rounds called for it and

then what you want to do one stitch left

in my row here so like this and slip the

marker and then what you'll do is you

are going to fold what you've knitted in

half so your brim will look like this

when you're done what you need to do is

join it so first you're going to fold up

and you want to be very careful to match

up your stitches the first cast on

stitch here otherwise it'll be crooked

and it's going to look weird when you

when you continue knitting the body so

you'll bet I want to be really careful

to drop the stitches so the stitch here

is the first one where I cast on so I'm

just gonna make sure once I go and then

it's the right one and then what you

want to do is pick up the first stitch

of your cast on I look even at this

little bar right here so I'm going to

pick this up with my knife left needle

and then simply knit it together

I'll pay subtraction so just knit those

two stitches together and then what I

want to look for is the next bar in the

cast on so that it's right here so I'm

gonna pick that up my left needle

stitches together so I'm going to

continue on doing this very carefully to

make sure all my stitches are matched up

and just continue in the round until

it's all cooked

okay so I have just a few stitches left

so normally as I go I kind of count the

horizontal bars you from the cast on and

my number of stitches to make sure that

I haven't lost my track and I haven't

missed anything as you go you'll want to

be really careful to make sure you are

in the right spot so just to show you

one more time picking up the bar from

the cast on with the left needle and

then knitting the two stitches together

pick up the bar knit together

so I to such as left and then two

stitches from the cast on left so I know

that I didn't miss anything it's two

together I find this to be a little bit

easier with the single ply yarn this one

is like a multi ply yarn which you can

see is snagging a little bit but single

ply doesn't do that the last one it's q

together and there is my double boom as

you can see it's super thick it's super

cozy and if you don't like pearline this

is a great way to create a brim that

doesn't roll up okay you don't have to

do any pruning so at this point I'll

slip my marker and then continue on with

the pattern and I'll link some patterns

below this technique is used in my new

at North Loop beanie pattern but I'll

link a few other of my favorite double

brim beanie patterns below if you're

interested in any one for yourself

thanks for watching hope this was