Knitting with Beads: the stringing method

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knitting with beads is a fun way to add

a little bit of sparkle to your next

project it's a wonderful embellishment

technique to use along say the cuff of a

sleeve on a sweater or the brim of the

Hat and it's especially great on the

borders of lace shawls

not only do the beads help to highlight

all the detail and intricate lace

patterning but the beads themselves help

to actually weigh down your shawl which

helps to keep it laying smooth and flat

here at knit picks we have a couple of

different sizes for our seed beads

they're available in six and eight seed

bead sizes the six is the larger size

and the eight is actually the smaller

size and we have them available in a

range of colors and you'll find them at

everything from a clear rainbow color to

a clear with a silver lining and then we

also have them available in some great

colors such as gold blue and then red

all of which have a silver lining as

well and then finally you'll also find

there's a really beautiful dark rainbow

which is almost like an oil slick

colorway now for these seed beads

there's a couple different ways that you

can use them to work them into your

knitting there's one method where you

string them all onto your yarn before

you begin and then work them in as you

go and then the second way is to use a

crochet hook and then you work them into

your stitches as you go in this video

we're going to go over how to string

beads onto your yarn in order to

incorporate them into your knitting

afterwards now this is going to be our

very first step so this is before we


on for our project the one thing you

will use for this method is a very thin

fine gauge sewing needle you can also

use a threading needle for this process

the one thing you want to be sure of is

that your sewing needle is going to be

thin enough to actually easily slide

through the beads that you're using so

we're going to feed our yarn through the

eye of the needle and then we're going

to use that needle to feed all of our

beads on to our yarn so let's get

started to incorporate beads without the

use of a crochet hook we're going to

thread our beads onto our yarn before we

begin working our project to do this

you'll just need a threading needle or a

fine sewing needle and you want to be

sure that this sewing needle is going to

fit through whatever size beads that

you're working with and then you simply

place each bead onto the needle and pull

it on to your working yarn so you do

this whole process before you actually

begin your knitting project this can be

a little bit time-consuming but if you

don't have a very fine gauge crochet

hook to work with this is a really easy

way to still be able to work with

beading and depending on your preference

you may find working this way pre

straining all your beads onto your yarn

a lot easier so I'm just going to

continue placing the beads onto my yarn

until I've reached the number of feeds

that I need for my project

I've worked a few rows of my beading

project where I've incorporated beads

every so often on every right side row

of my knitting I've done this by

stringing on all the beads for my

project before I even started my

knitting so this was done before casting

on and now I'm going to show you how to

use all those pre-strung beads and

incorporate them into your stitches so

the first step is to get to the stitch

that you want to add a bead to and then

we are going to pull up one of our

pre-strung beads and incorporate them

using the slip stitch method so you can

see I'm at a spot where I want to place

a bead onto my stitch right here what

I'm going to do is slide up one bead

from my pre-strung beads and place it

close to my needles and then we are

going to bring our yarn forward slip the

next stitch from the left hand needle to

the right needle and then we're going to

move the bead as close as possible to

the stitch and bring our working yarn to

the back and then we just continue on

with our next stitch here and so we've

incorporated one bead using the slip

stitch method and again I'm just going

to work to my next spot and go ahead and

repeat the whole process so you can see

here I want to add a another bead to my

stich here I'm going to repeat the whole

process by sliding up one of my

pre-strung beads close to my needles I'm

going to go ahead and bring my yarn to

the front slip my stitch over to the

right needle move my bead close to the

stitch and then place my working yarn to

the back and then I'm just going to go

ahead and work my next stitch now the

slip stitch method is really great for

this beading technique because it really

keeps your beads in place it keeps some

Ling neat and flat and it also keeps

them on whatever side you place them so

for example all these beads on the right

side of my work they're actually going

to stay on the right side since our slip

stitch is behind them and it's going to

prevent them from pushing through and

kind of going from the wrong side so you

won't see any of these beads on your

wrong side they're just going to say

neatly in place now there is another way

for adding in your beads but it's not as

neat as the slip stitch method so again

I'm at a point where I want to

incorporate another bead I'm going to

begin in the same way by sliding up a

bead close to my needles and then for

this method I'm actually just going to

knit that stitch making sure that the

bead comes through so then you just go

ahead continue knitting the only small

problem with this method is that you can

already see the bead is actually going

to the back since it's actually only on

one of the two legs of this stitch so

it's kind of going to end up showing on

the front and the back of your work and

sometimes it can get pushed to the wrong

side so again it does

stay as nice and neatly in place as the

slip stitch method here you can see

there's also potential for it to kind of

slide around here it is on the other

stitch again it also is a little bit at

an angle here

it doesn't lay as flat and you just

continue working your way following your

pattern incorporating your beads so I'm

on my last stitch that needs bead just

going to slide one more up bring my

working yarn to the front slip that

stitch move my bead up make sure it's

nice and close pull my working yarn back

and then work to the end of my row and

that's how you incorporate beads into

your knitting using the stranding method

where you pre string all your beads so

you can see that this method is fairly

fast really effective the only thing is

you're going to have to spend some time

stringing all those beads onto your yarn

before you even begin your project and

this can be quite a daunting task when

you're talking about 50 100 200 beads

for a larger say lace project but you'll

be able to work them in really nicely

very neatly and pretty quickly so this

is a great technique to use when you

have a lot of heavy beading to

incorporate into your knitting