How to Secure a Stretch Cord Bracelet

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hi this is kat with

breaking or wearing out over time and

that can happen but I'm going to show

you a couple little tricks that I've

learned over the years that really help

reinforce them so we are going to be

using the beadsmith opal on here and

this is our stretch jewelry fiber I have

some 8 millimeter wood beads here and

these are gonna help you just sort of

demonstrate the technique but please

feel free to use whatever beads that you

want I'm gonna be using a big eye needle

and I brought this out because what's

really great is in the pack you get four

of them so you can really utilize these

for a lot of different projects but just

to kind of give you a little sneak peek

here this has a really big eye in fact

it's the whole length of the needle so

this is really great and easy for

stringing alright so I have a pair of

snips you can also use scissors as well

and then we're gonna be using a little

bit of glue and for this I recommend

getting the gs hypo cement alright so if

you have your little supplies here let's

go ahead and get started so we're gonna

begin by taking some of our opal on here

and we're just gonna get a good long

length because what we're gonna do is

we're gonna string through and then

string back around so you want to make

sure that if you're doing a 7 inch

bracelet you want to get 14 but you also

want to get a little extra because we're

gonna be doing some knots there as well

so I'm actually gonna leave mine on the

spool and then that's an easier judge so

what I'm gonna do is open my eye needle

slip on the opal on now the big eye

needle does have a tendency to wear the

opal on just a little bit because it can

be a little sharp there so you don't

want to place it halfway down because

you'll end up sort of sacrificing that

opal on but you can place it maybe an

inch or two down from there cuz we're

just gonna end up cutting that off

anyway alright so once you've gotten

that ready to go we're just gonna string

up our beads and go ahead and send them

all the way down your stretch cord there

now we love using opal on it's the best

that we found it has the most

flexibility and string

so if you are looking to purchase some

stretch cord we do sell it at and we saw many

different sizes of spools so if you're

just getting into it you just want to

try it we do sell small spools we also

sell big bulk packs so it is whatever

you guys need we've got it all right

okay so now I've gotten all of my beads

strung there so I'm going to kind of

move that a good ways down there because

what I want to do is I'm gonna go ahead

and kind of make it curved there and I'm

gonna take this and bring it all the way

back to the front there so I'm gonna

actually scooch it down just a little

bit further cuz you're just kind of

eyeballing this obviously it's going to

be a little bit tighter when you wear it

but just to kind of eyeball okay that'll

get me around at least once more and

plenty of room for knotting all right so

now just same as we did before just go

through all those beads just one more

time and this is where that big eye

needle is really helpful it just finds

its way straight through there and you

can just see that it just kind of zips

up there at the end and these wood beads

are really great I love the colors and

this is a nice multi pack of colors so

if you did want to incorporate some wood

beads into your stretch bracelet perhaps

you want to include some other beads as

well this is great because you'll get

the chance to add you know maybe just a

yellow or a black or you know a white or

a light light brown so you have lots of

options there alright and I'm almost

back to the beads that I strung so I'm

going to come all the way back to the

front and now you want to be coming out

the same side so let me kind of flip

this around here for you alright so I've

gone through once and through twice so I

think I'm safe to clip off my opal on

now and we're just gonna set that aside

so now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna

actually just remove this because I

don't want to poke myself we're gonna

use it again in a minute so now you take

both of these ends and you're just gonna

tie a nice overhand knot but before you

do that go ahead and try to scooch them

down now one thing that happens a lot

with stretch is that you get it too

tight and then the beads kind of crinkle

you don't want that you want it to kind

of feel a little bit loose not too loose

where there's gonna be any thread

showing but a little bit sort of

malleable so what we're gonna do is

we're just gonna take this and we're

just going to tie one

over him not right at the top there and

go ahead and pull that down and we want

to give it a nice little tug again

making sure that our beads aren't

crunching together so now we're gonna

tie another little knot at the top so

what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna tie

a third nap but I'm gonna do it a little

differently because I want to catch that

bottom cord there because if you see the

knots are on the top not the bottom

there so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna kind of link these together so I'm

gonna take one of my cords and go down

and sort of come up through there and it

makes a little loop and I'm just gonna

string my cord through that loop and

what that does is that catches that

second cord there so let me give it a

little tug and now you can see that we

have those cords tied together so just

repeat that with the other end just the

same way so you kind of go through the

center come up and go through your

little loop and tie a little knot

alright so now that we have a nice good

knot that's happening there nice and

thick so now what we want to do is we're

gonna take our big eye needle and open

it there we go

string it onto one side there and I'm

gonna take this side and I'm gonna go

through this first bead here and I'm

gonna go through the second bead all

right go ahead and take that off and you

guessed it we're just gonna repeat that

on the other side now you can try to get

your stretch cord through there but

sometimes it can be a little little

flimsy so if you are better working

without the needle you can do that as

well alright so like we did on the other

side we're going through one bead and

going through two so now you can see

what we have going on here is we have

our not there in the center and our two

cords coming out here to the side now

it's time to add a little dab of glue

I'm just going to use a little baggie

just to protect my

surface here so the great thing about GS

hypo cement is that it has this great

little needle on the end that the glue

comes out of so you can really get it

nice and tight in there all right so I'm

gonna kind of separate the beads there

and you can see my big knot that's

happening there and I'm just gonna get a

little bit of glue kind of getting it

all around there just a little bit all

the way around the knot there we go all

right all right I'm gonna set that down

real quick now here's the trick

take one of your beads and slide it over

the knot and that is going to be your

closure so now you can kind of let

everybody come together and this is why

you keep those sides out there to the

side so that Brown bead right there has

the glue inside of it so he's gonna kind

of mold everything together so now the

trick is to let this sit for I'd say at

least 24 hours because you really want a

nice strong bond there but what we've

done is we've created a little knot and

we've sort of hidden it inside one of

our little beads there so I'm not gonna

stretch it out because I don't want that

to happen right now but I am gonna go

ahead and clip off the little sides here

if you want for a little extra

reinforcement if you are using a heavier

stone let's say you're doing this with

gemstones what you can do is you can

take your little cord here and you can

actually kind of just repeat almost the

whole little process that I just did of

taking it going through one bead there

we'll go through here and then we're

gonna kind of come down and around and

make a little loop and tie another

little knot there so you can kind of

repeat that process if you want and pull

it through and add a little bit of glue

to a secondary knot

you do not have to but if you are using

like I said heavier gemstones that could

be an option for you as well because we

want your stretch bracelets to have a

nice beautiful long life to them all

right so be sure to let that dry 24

hours and then it is all yours to wear

and enjoy you can get all of these

supplies by heading over to and if you're new to

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