How To Knit A Bauble (with free pattern for all yarn sizes)

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hi and welcome to knit with Hannah today

we're knitting Christmas baubles


hi I'm hope Internet with Hannah I'm

Hannah I'm here is niching there to help

you learn turn it's the easy way and we

are getting Christmassy today with

Christmas baubles now when it comes to

knitting for Christmas I love knitting

Christmas decorations they are short to


they're really cute when you finished

and you can use them year after year

after year after year they feel like an

heirloom I remember knitted decorations

from when I was a child and I'll

actually show you some other ones that I

needed myself when I was a child now as

well there are all sorts of designs we

just found in magazines and such like

but I have a new design for you this is

for stupid junkie on with baubles super

chunky yarn with nine millimeter needles

I will show you the exact materials you

need in a moment let's get to it

let's have a look at the demo I can it

all the way through this so you can

watch all the way along if you like I'll

show you all the little nuances of the

pattern but you can also download the

pattern as well there's a link in the

description below so let's see the

tutorial on how I have my chunky on here

this is dropps Andes and suggest we use

nine millimeter needles so that's what I

have here nine millimeter needles

they're all ready to go and yes I am

knitting on single pointed needles so

that it's easier to stuff with a filling

once we finish knitting always find that

easier and you'll have a much eat more

even stitch definition as well because

we're knitting in garter stitch if you

knit every row it's going to look a lot

better than if you are switching between

knits and pearls which you would be

doing if you were using double pointed

or circular needles but that's why as a

couple of reasons I'm using single

pointed needles what I'm going to do

first is cast on seven stitches that is

a purl stitch and then I'm going to use

the cable cast on

to cast on six more you can always go

and have a look at my casting on

playlist if you want to see more casting

on methods so three four five six seven

now we're going to knit the first row

it's gonna be nice and quick just

straight across there and to create a

spherical shape we now have to start

increasing we're going to do that by

knitting one stitch then we're going to

make one which is loop in between the

two stitches there put it on your needle

and knit into the back part of that loop

there see that there I'm gonna do this

over and over again so I'll show you it

multiple times so that's now knit one

make one and it's one I'm going to pick

up that loop move the left-hand needle

into it into the front and then knit

into the back of that stitch there we go

four stitches and it's once again we're

gonna lift knit into the back of that

loop let's make one again and this one

we're going to make one again and knit

one make one again and then one more

time we're going to find that loop up on

the needle make one there are various

ways you could increase but I tested a

couple and I found this one to be the

neatest so that is 13 stitches on the

needle 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 there

we go

so now we're going to knit the next row

and this following row isn't quite as

even as the previous one we were doing

knit one make one knit one make one all

the way across but this time we're going

to knit one make one knit two make one

to make one knit two five times and then

when you've got two stitches on the

needle at the end we're going to do make

one knit one

make one knit one ego that's all the

increasing we need to do so we permitted

a rope we've increased we've measured a

rope and we've increased so that's four

rows we've done so far so now from rows

5 to 12 we're going to knit just be

aware as you start knitting into these

increased stitches it might be a bit

tight but it's actually fairly easy to

just continue knitting especially with

this sticky on it feels a lot easier

than it might to otherwise


here's 12 rows it confused about how

many rows you've knitted or you lose

count while you're going just look at

these rows of stitches it's easier to

count on super chunky yarn you got Row 1

2 3 4 5 6 and then you have to count

again 7 8 9 10 11 12

there you go so that's for 12 rows now

we're going to start decreasing so with

the sphere we want to increase and then

decrease we're going to knit one then

knit two together and repeat this all

the way along the rows knit one knit two

together and it's one knit two together

knit one knit two together knit one knit

two together and the last two stitches

we're just going to knit so count the

stitches now should have fourteen two

three four five six seven eight nine ten

eleven twelve thirteen fourteen perfect

now we're going to knit this next row

and now we're going to decrease again

this is very simple knit two together

seven times one two three we're going to

knit this last row but we don't cast off

what we do here is take hold of scissors

give ourselves a nice long length and

then we can stuff and

here we go move this thread once it's on

the needle through these top stitches

that sit on the needle here we go so I'm

going to go through from this side each

stitch in turn and into time there nice

and easy big to pick up with the needle

well now I can take a little needle out

there we go so we now have that sitting

there very nicely we can start sewing up

the side and start stuffing it I'm going

to do this really quickly but there is

an extra video on my youtube channel

about knitting sewing up a garter stitch

seam with this we need to do and say

just take outlook bit at a time and that

can start going in the ball ball once I

start stuffing


okay do I have left a cup of rose and

I'm just going to just start putting

they're stopping in one small piece at a



okay that feels like a good sphere shape

and I can just sew up these last couple

of stitches now and then I can also just

slip my needle through these top

stitches where we cast on and the

casting on Rome very convenient for just

like the cast off row just putting those

stitches together a top so there we go

that's just tightening that top it up

and now we can make the hanging thread

now the hanging thread I'm making by

twisting this yarn and twist it just

follow the way that this is twisting

anyway and you just want to go with it

and increase it so that it looks a lot


I'm just twisting that in my fingers

over and over and over again WR now I'm

going to double it up on itself and you

will see something fantastic happen it's

created a core Joe it's doubled up on

itself and twisted itself together so

now I'm just going to put the needle

sewing needle through that last bit of

thread and catch that up in the ball

there and I can go through the top the

other end of this now as well there we


so that is holding the ball up and then

I will just sew these ends into the ball

ball and that is that that is an

iterable ball stuffed with a hanging

thread you can do the hanging treads in

a different color if you like in a very

similar way but it seems very convenient

to already have the thread already there

okay there you go

one Christmas bauble great you now know

how to knit these garter stitch

Christmas ball balls

now go over to my website and you can

sign up for the download which is the

full pattern you can keep that as long

as you like use it over and over again

and indeed that also has information on

how you knit the stripy one - I'll see

you next week we'll be talking about one

skein that knits this is how you can

knit something with only one ball of

yarn and that's really interesting

because if you are knitting things that

you need for Christmas then that's going

to be kind of thing you want it's gonna

be something that will only take you

through one ball of Iranian or legit

really quickly so we'll talk about that

next week okay

bye for now I'll see you again soon