EASY Crochet Bikini Bottoms | Naomi Marie

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hey y'all what it is what it is was

tougher come fit to my channel you know

gives you obviously I got y'all

attention if you want to learn how to

make these just keep watching my video

you know I get stuff we know what what

office I do so easy I thought I just saw

it like you know so first I'm using crap

your secret yarn which is I never sent

and you can find it at any hobby

lobby there really cheating - I think I

use a total of like one and a half to

make the bikini bottom's tightly and I'm

also using a two through two point seven

five millimeter hook which is also a

seal so first things first if you're

gonna find the beginning of your you

know yarn and you're gonna create a slip


alright so once you finished in your six

you're gonna hold on to that six stitch

chain up three and you're going to

insert a double crochet into the last

stitch that you are blocking off and

then from there on you're just going to

double crochet all the way back down to

the end of your chain


once you reach that you chain you're

actually just gonna lose six rows

exactly the same which is just a chain

three work your way to the energy Jada

three and four come on straight and


design it works for me I think it works

for any size so specify it wasn't an

additional six it was just a total of

six rows including the last one that you

had just did so I'll come back


so here are finally finished my six rows

that were consistent now we're going to

start increasing for the front portion

you're gonna insert a double crochet to

the very first chain so it's gonna be

two double crochets and your chain of

three already counted as one so then

you're just gonna continue to you reach

the last stitch on the row


okay so here I am at the last ditch make

sure you don't over skip this because I

promise you your work will come out

looking funny so you're gonna insert one

double cruciate into there and you're

just gonna go back and insert like I

promised y'all this pattern is so so

basically for the next 13 rows and I'm

just going to do the same thing insert

one double crochet DC on both ends

really you just do it till you reach the

desired length you would want for your

friend you can always just put it up

against you and see if that's how you

like it

but that's usually what I do so really

I'm just gonna leave this part and in

case anybody needs to see you

be aware that my caramel 50 times that

storage where people were just calling

me so I tried to leave in a split as I

possibly could but it's really easy just

Ingram ease up and say your desired

laitanan I'll be back tomorrow whenever

we're on the backside



make sure you fasten off your hands so

chain one and then credit pull the rest

of a guru and now we're just gonna

reenact back at the crotch area we

worked in the beginning so you're just

gonna attach however you may like to I

usually just they aren't through rightly

and I go back and crochet my kids this

is really so simple just gonna increase

from that point on all the way into your

desired length for your foot my waist is

27 inches and my hips is about 31 so

this is what works for me so once again

you can just hold it up to your body to

see what will fit best or how you want

it to look it's really easy questions

you can just call my blood I'll be glad

to help you all out so I'll be back when

I finish of this



so this here is my last row which is my

21st row that I'm working

double crochets I honestly like to work

my bikini bottoms and up of machines are

easier so that you just have to make




or finally done working our butt portion

now we're gonna do supposed to be

chained but I cheat too for some

reason and you're just gonna insert a

single crochet on every double crochet

that you see so you're always gonna get

inserted too and that's what it should

look like now you're just gonna continue

all the way around to work your borders

when you hit the corners I don't know if

they got off but when you hit the

corners you're gonna chain three and

then you're just gonna continue to work

around it's really simple I like to do

borders on everything because I feel

like it makes my work for perfection so

there's that


okay so we're coming up around the last

part and I'm working my single crochets

when you get to the end you can chain

two here just for the slip and attach it

to the beginning where you start it make

sure you always cut off and you fasten

your ends that's very important if you

know what you're working to fall apart


now far as weaving in here is is really

your preference you can use a threading

you know that they offer or you can just

use your crochet hook like me if you're

lazy it's what I do

it's easier it's quicker because I

always lose my threading needle so make

sure you go back and you weave in all

your ends if you did crochet them in as

you were going along


and this is what I finished product for

my bottoms look like so beautiful so

gorgeous Guinness and this orange color

I'm living for it yeah but it just looks

really pretty perfect Wow okay for the

strings to attach all the sides it's

your preference are usually crochet a

chain of a hundred in that I just lift

up through the holes and attach them

that way or you can just reconnect and

you can do a hundred chains from there

if you just want to stay on but me

personally I always just you know

hundred and I go back and edit freak

holes as shown right


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know enough close enough

thank you guys I love you all