How to Knit the Basket Weave Stitch

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hey there are you ready to learn a

stitch in one sitting

it is possible my friend this basket

weave stitch is perfect for just about

any project where texture is a must and

it's really quite simple to learn so

I'll walk you through from cast on to

bind off and everything in between

so keep watching alright so the first

thing you'll do is cast on a multiple of

six plus two and then we're gonna add

two edge stitches so for this little

swatch that I'm working on I'm using the

long tail cast on you can really use any

method you prefer but I am going to cast

on eighteen

that's my multiple of six and then I

will add too that brings me to twenty

and then I will add an edge stitch for

each side and that will give me 22


now we'll be tracking 12 different rows

for the stitch pattern multiple a lot of

them are very similar so don't be

intimidated by that it's a pretty simple

stitch pattern for all of your row one

we're just going to knit every stitch


now for all of your road to in your

repeat we're just going to purl every

stitch so don't forget to flip your

needle so that you're inserting it in

the opposite direction and purl every




now for Euro 3 repeat we'll do a little

bit of alternating between nits and

pearls to get that basket weave pattern

we're always going to knit our edge

stitches so what that means is just knit

your first stitch we're always going to

knit your last stitch from here our

repeat is to knit two

and then purl for




and simply repeat that until you get to

the last three stitches in your row

now let's take a quick glance here so

you can read your knitting if this is a

little unfamiliar to you if you have to

put this down you really need to know

where you're picking up so if you're

looking at your stitches and you can

sort of see the little V there that's

how you know those are knits and when

you're looking at these see how they're

they sort of have little bars right

underneath the needle those are pearls

so I've made two knits I've made two

pearls so far that way if I were to pick

this back up I know I would need to make

two more pearls because my repeat is

knit two purl four

and there you can see those four bars

for pearls ready to go

now when you have a three remaining on

your last needle here we're ready to

work just this last a little repeat

we're still sort of doing the same

stitch repeat we're going to knit two

but we're breaking it up here because

remember we're always knitting those

edge stitches and so we're going to knit

this last stitch as well now for Row 4

we're going to knit the knits and purl

the pearls I have three pearls here that

means I'm going to purl them



then I'll come to four knits

I will knit all four of them

so basically flipping our stitch pattern

here before we had two knits and four

pearls now we're basically just doing

two pearls for minutes

now Row 5 is a repeat of Row 3 what

you'll do is knit both of your edge

stitches so your first in your last and

then will knit 2 purl 4

now row six is a repeat of Row 4 this is

where we're going to knit our knits and

purl our pearls again we're starting

here with three pearls because those

last three on the previous row were

three knits so we're just looking at the

reverse here of each of those stitches

and working in the manner that they

present that's some lingo that you might

see on patterns and that's all that

means is that when you see a purl you

purl it when you see a knit you knit it


all right now for row seven we're going

to knit all stitches and by the way

you're odd-numbered rows is the right

side of the work so as I'm looking at

this this is the right side of the work

one thing I'll note about this though is

that it's technically not a reversible

stitch pattern meaning it doesn't look

exactly the same on both sides but it is

reversible in the sense that it still

looks like a basket weave on either side

but because the stitches are opposite of

one another it just looks a little

different from one side to the next but

it still looks good enough to make like

a scarf or something like that out of

this stitch pattern now for row eight

we're going to purl all of our stitches



all right now we just have a few more

rows to go in our pattern repeat

we're on row nine now and we're going to

knit both of our edge stitches so that

means we're going to knit the first and

the last stitch then from here our

repeat for this row is to purl three



knit to

and purl one

then we'll repeat that until there are

three stitches remaining

from there you will purl those two

second-to-last stitches and then you're

going to knit your edge stitch

now with that row we've made the

transition so you'll start start to see

the stitch pattern take on more of a

basket weave look now after this point

now moving on to row ten we are going to

purl our pearls and knit our knits so my

first one here is a purl

I will purl that stitch

so I had my three knits there so I will

knit them

now I'm followed by two pearls so I will

purl those two

remember to look for those bars and the

V's when you're trying to figure out

what is a knit and a purl if you pull

the work down on this first row after

the transition it's a little harder to

see the V's but if you just sort of pull

down then you can see those a little

more clearly and the bars for the pearls

they kind of stand out like a sore thumb

so you can't really miss those

now row 11 is a repeat of row 9 we're

going to knit our edge stitches so first

and last and then we will do the repeat

purl three knit two purl one we'll

repeat that to the last three stitches

in our row

and for the last two we will purl two

and knit that edge stitch

now for row 12 we will knit our knits

and purl our pearls


from this point what you'll need to do

is repeat rows 1 through 12 over and

over until your project is as long as

you want it and when it is you're ready

to bind off now I like to bind off on

Row 1 for this pattern because it's

really the most simple row in the whole

pattern repeat and it sort of keeps

things complete so we're not breaking up

the stitch pattern so if you remember

Row 1 we're knitting every stitch so

when you bind off we're still doing that

but of course we need to find the

stitches off as we go so knit your first

two stitches and then pull the first one

over that second one and that will bind

off that stitch and then you will knit

the next stitch pass it over and repeat



now I would love to hear from you in the

comment section what projects do you

plan on making with this ditch pattern

and is there any patterns that you would

recommend that I tried to teach using

the stitch pattern leave that in the

comment section below I would love to

read that and love to know what you

would like to create with the stitch