How to Knit a Basic Beanie Hat for Beginners

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hiya Chandi from expression fiber arts

comm and today you're going to learn how

to make AP dinners knitted beanie

you're going to need 4 ounces of DK

weight yarn

inch circular needles and a tape measure

pull up a couple yards of tail yarn and

work a slipknot insert that onto your

needle and work 88 total stitches using

the longtail cast on method

if you're an absolute beginner I have a

video for you where I break this down

into slow motion you can go watch that

if you need to first and then pop back

over here


so we're going to join for working in

the round but you want to make sure not

to twist your stitches or you're not

going to end up with a tube so make sure

they're all lined up and not twist it

around grab a stitch marker or a safety

pin or a scrap loop of yarn and pop that

onto your needle to mark the beginning

of your rounds round one so we have our

stitches on our needle they are not

twisted which is what we want and we

have our stitch marker and we're ready

to start round one go ahead and tension

your working yarn which is the yarn

attached to the ball and we're going to

work knit two purl two alright so knit

one knit two now we're going to purl two

bring the yarn to the front and purl one

and purl two and repeat that all the way

around so yarn in the back knit one knit

two bring the yarn to the front purl one

and purl two if I'm going too fast for

you and you're an absolute beginner go

ahead and check out my video called how

to knit for absolute beginners and I

slowed it down for you you can go see

all that there so repeat knit two purl

two all the way around and as you go

along you're going to want to scrunch

your stitches and just keep scooting

them around

knit one two purl one purl two I also

have a video on how to knit ribbing if

you're unfamiliar with it so you can go

watch that video as well to help you out

even more

halfway done

round one is done you want to make sure

your stitches are not twisted that

they're all lined up and then switch

your stitch marker to the other needle

and we're going to work every round just

like that round knit two purl two knit

two purl two here's a version I'm nearly

finished with you can see it has a nice

stretch and it's going to fit a lot of

different heads so you'll want to knit

until your hat is about eight and a half

inches from the cast on edge now to

finish off our hat if you're comfortable

with a Magic Loop method and you have a

32 inch circular needle you can do that

or you can switch to double pointed

needles and do that in either case

you're going to decrease your number of

stitches for the next three rounds so

the next three rounds will be knit two

together all the way around knit two

together all the way around knit two

together all the way around and you'll

just have a few stitches left then take

a darning needle cut your end thread it

on to the needle run it through all the

live stitches and cinch it up and weave

in your tail on the inside of the Hat

for this method though all you need is a

darning needle which you can get at

virtually any craft store and we're

going to run it through all our stitches

and I'll show you how to do that cut

your end leaving about a yard

thread the yarn onto your darning needle

we're going to now scoop up each stitch

with our darning needle while taking it

off the knitting needle and you want to

absolutely make sure that you do capture

each stitch otherwise it will unravel

all the way down your hat and we don't

want that so do every stitch all the way

around when your darning needle fills up

go ahead and just pull the yarn through

and keep on truckin

cinch up your yarn to pull up that hole

and then poke your needle back through

to the inside flip it inside out make

sure it's nice and tight and then we for

your tail into the underside of your hat

and you are finished

if you want to put a pom-pom or

something on it you can - that's another

option go ahead and give that a cut -

and here's the finished hat if you

wanted to have a brim just make it

longer and you'll be able to fold it up

and on the brim thank you so much for

watching I hope you like this video if

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all right have a great day and I'll see

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