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Hi, Guys!

I'm Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit.

We are kicking off the holiday season today with these adorable little XMAS BALLS.

These are from WE ARE KNITTERS and they are providing Studio Knit fans with a FREE PATTERN.

I want to give WE ARE KNITTERS a big thank you for sponsoring today's video, as well

as our previous video of the RANTA SCARF.

So, if you haven't had a chance to see that, make sure to check it out.

So beyond the SCARF CONTEST that we just launched, WE ARE KNITTERS is providing all of us with


Of course, I have a link to it in the description below, make sure to go download it now while

it's still available.

It makes a great holiday decoration for yourself, as well as gifts for friends!

I'm going to show you an overview of this pattern.

You can use any yarn or needle size.

I am using bulky weight along with a size 11 needles and make sure you have some stuffing!

So we begin by of course making our beloved slip knot, we cast on six stitches.

To begin we are doing increases, and so I'm doing KFB which is Knit Front and Back.

I'll have a link to how to do this increase stitch, really simple.

And once you're done increasing, we are going to be changing some yarn.

And of course, I have a video on exactly how to do that, as well.

So we have all these pretty yarn colors here and you know what?

It is already time to decrease.

And doing that is just knitting two stitches together, that is going to decrease and that

is going to take our stitches down, all the way down until we have our original six.

Just cut your yarn.

Okay, now this is a little spooky.

I am just going to be crazy and just take out my needle and cinch up those stitches

right there with a tapestry needle.

Here's what the right side looks like, this is what the wrong or the backside looks like.

And we're just going to fold it together right here and tack up the edges really easily and

we have all of the yarn ends on the inside, so we don't need to do anything to them and

then we just take some stuffing.

Stuff, stuff, stuff...

And we are going to have a cute little round ball.

And then we just cinch it up and you can use your yarn to make a little loop for a hanger.

I hope you are inspired to knit up these cute little XMAS BALLS using the FREE PATTERN by


So, a big thank you to WE ARE KNITTERS for sponsoring today's video.

Definitely, make sure to go check them out, I have all the links to their social media

accounts below, as well as download the pattern, it's FREE, while it's still available.

So, go do that right now.

And I would love to work with WE ARE KNITTERS more, so please like up this video, give it

a lot of love, leave comments below.

And, it's Holiday Season, you guys!

I have my holiday playlist and there's lots more to come!

So happy knitting to all of you!