DIY Reusable Easy Breezy Knit Market Bag

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hello and welcome to the Marley bird

YouTube channel

brought to you by red heart yarns in

this video I will show you how to make

this a super cute and very useful

breezy knit market bag to make this bag

you only need two skeins of red heart

Super Saver chunky yarn a pair of size 9

knitting needles now I'm going to use

circulars but you can use straights and

you need some stitch markers and a

tapestry needle last but not least you

will need that free pattern which is

available at red heart comm I will also

put a link to the free pattern in the

video description box right below this

video and while you're down there please

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once you have your materials join me

back here and I'll walk you through all

the little ins and outs for making this

really wonderful tote


before we jump in with the first part of

the instructions let's take a closer

look at this tote as we take a look down

here we can see that this toe is made up

of some really simple garter stitch

ridges and a really nice lace stitch

pattern in between those main Z Thomas

designed this tote to be super simple so

there is a front and a back which you

will make separately flat back and forth

and then you will seam it up along the

side and the bottom edge once you finish

those two pieces you make some simple

straps and you will sew those straps to

the inside of the bag just like so very

easy so in this video I will show you

how to work the actual stitch pattern

used for the body of the back then I'll

show you how to seam those two edges

together and how to make the straps very

easy stuff but it won't take us very

long so let's jump in for this bag I'm

using Super Saver chunky yarn in the

color turquo we want to cast on a total

of 52 stitches for one side of this back

we'll start off with a slipknot and I'm

gonna use the longtail cast on so I'm

making sure I have a nice long tail so I

put my tail in the palm of my hand take

my working yarn wrap it around my

forefinger and middle finger when I come

back up I cross over turn my hand over

go underneath the front loop grab the

back loop and off I now have a slipknot

that I can place directly onto my needle

this Slipknot when I'm working for

knitting counts as a stitch so now I'll

go ahead and work the longtail cast on

to get 52 stitches if you want detailed

instructions for how to do the longtail

cast on I have a video for that right

here on the Marley bird youtube channel

you can check out that little I button I

put right there or in the video

description box below once you have your

stitches cast on in your preferred

method we want to work in garter stitch

to get three ridges on the right side

we're just working simple knit stitches

and we want to get a total of three

garter stitch

ridges okay I feel like you know how to

do these knit stitches so I'm gonna go

ahead and move on if that works for you

and let's see it with the magic of TV

what the next part looks like and

through the magic of TV I want to show

you what I have here I have went ahead I

did my cast on edge and I have worked my

three ridges of garter stitch so that's

my six total rows I've also gone ahead

and I've worked one full repeat right

here so I've worked rows 1 through 12

and what you will notice is that rows 1

through 8 are actually the lace portion

and then rows 9 through 12 is garter

stitch row 1 has us begin with 1 knit

stitch and then you are going to place a

marker I made these wonderful markers

and I did a video for it right here so

you could make your own if you choose to

but you simply will place a marker on

your right hand needle now we will jump

in to the stitch pattern the stitch

pattern is knit 1 yarn over your right

hand needle and then knit 2 together now

that I did that fast let's do it a

little bit slower this time you will

knit one stitch just like you normally

do then we need to yarn over our right

hand needle so we're being on yarn

forward and bring it back over top of

our right hand needle our yarn is back

and back but we have this nice little

string resting on our right hand needle

now we want to take these two stitches

and knit them together so we will take

our right hand needle go into the

leftmost stitch here after the two and

then put our right hand needle into both

of those stitches now you will yarn over

and work through both of those stitches

just like you would a knit stitch and

have them jump off by working this yarn

over increase next to the decrease of

the knit two together we have maintained

our stitch count it hasn't changed but

we are getting this beautiful lace

pattern because now we have these holes

that are created with the yarn over as

long as you make sure you

the yarn-over with the decrease you will

not get off counts so it's very

important that you keep track of your

rows when you're working the yarn over

with your decrease now you'll notice in

the pattern that there is a star next to

that first that knit one there and that

indicates that that is the point that

you will repeat your pattern meaning

after I get done with this knit two


it says repeat from star so I go back to

the star which means I knit one a yarn

over and I knit two together and I will

do this all the way down the row to the

last three stitches I'm to my last three

stitches so I will go ahead and knit two

I will place another marker so I place

another marker and then I will knit one

and that completes my row one to move on

to row two simply turn your work make

sure your markers are on the side that

you have facing you okay it'll make

things easier for you as you go along

and we'll jump into Row 2 which has us

begin with a knit one then you will slip

that marker and you will purl all the

way across these stitches this row to

the next marker when I get to the marker

I simply slip my marker and I knit that

last stitch for Row three I go ahead and

turn my work once again I want to make

sure my markers are on the side facing

me it just makes things a little bit

easier and you're less likely to get

your markers caught in your work and

we'll move on to Row 3 which has a start

off with a knit one slip your marker we

will knit one and this time we'll do a

different kind of decrease we're going

to do an SSK

so we will slip one stitch as if to knit

slip one stitch as if to knit take our

left hand needle put it in the front leg

of those two stitches and now I simply

knit just as normal and off I finish off

with the yarn over okay so

is my repeat the knit one slip slip knit

yarn over so now I will go back to my

star which has us do knit one slip one

is if to knit slip one is if to knit put

my left hand needle on the front leg of

those two stitches and then knit them

together yarn over knit one slip as if

to knit slip as if to knit left hand

needle into the front leg of those two

stitches and then knit them together

yarn over I will work this repeat all

the way down to the last three stitches

when you get to these last three

stitches don't forget that yarn over

before your last three stitches that

yarn over is the last part of your

repeat now I will go ahead knit these

two stitches slip my marker and knit one

more that completes Row 3 Row 4 is a

repeat of Row 2 so I'm simply going to

turn my work make sure my markers are on

the same side facing me knit my first

stitch slip my marker and then purl to

my marker and then slip my marker and

knit the last stitch rows 5 through 8

are just a repeat of 1 through 4 pretty

simple so let's go ahead and get that

done once you have finished rows 1

through 12 you will now notice that you

have this really great lace stitch

pattern and then two ridges of garter

stitch your now carry on in the pattern

repeating those 12 rows for a total of

six times then you repeat rows one

through eight one more time and you'll

finish off with the six rows of knitting

which will give us our three garter

stitch edges for the end of this side of

the bag so right now as we're looking at

this you can see what two repeats looks

like this is the bottom of the bag what

I did the three ridges this is a row one

through eight and then these two ridges

here are rows nine through twelve and

then this is what we just did together

we did rows one through eight and then

nine through twelve so this would count

as two of my repeats and I would have

four more to complete once I do those

four more to complete I would

another row one through eight and then I

would finish off with six rows of

knitting or it would look like three

garter stitch ridges let me show you

what that looks like because I have a

little sample done right here so right

here this is actually the start right

down here this is my garter stitch

beginning here are my eight rows of the

lace pattern

here's rows nine through twelve eight

rows of the lace pattern and then here

is my final three border of the the

pattern obviously I'm making a smaller

sample than you are for the actual bag

because I wanted to be able to work

through enough stitches here on video

without taking your entire day right you

now know how to read the pattern how to

do the garter stitch do the lace stitch

pattern how many repeats you need to do

and how to finish off this side of the

bag go ahead and complete both sides of

the bag they're done identical so you

have to make each one identical once

you've done that join me back here I'll

show you how to do this II mean and how

to work the straps


the front in the back of your bag are

complete and let's make some straps now

here the front in the back of my bag so

let's go ahead and grab the same yarn we

used for the bag and cast on a total of

64 stitches we will start off with a

slipknot just like before and then use

your preferred method of cast on I'm

gonna use the long tail cast on once

again if you want your straps to be

longer or shorter you will simply cast

on more or fewer stitches totally up to

you of course I'm making a smaller

sample for this particular video so I'm

gonna do fewer stitches to show you how

this little strap works up it's pretty


once you've cast on your 64 stitches go

ahead and we are simply going to knit

two rows so we will just knit across all

of those stitches for two rows and those

64 stitches represent the length of your

strap so it is not done with wise it's

done lengthwise once you're done

knitting those two rows you will then

turn your work and you will purl three

rows so I turn my work and I will begin

purling and I will do this for three

rows after you purl those three rows you

will knit two more rows so so far this

is what my work looks like and I need to

knit two more rows

once you have finished knitting those

two rows and you're back to the right

side of your fabric you will notice that

you have some garter stitch Ridge

stockinette Ridge stockinette and Ridge

now it's time to bind off all of those

stitches to bind-off to bind-off you

simply knit the first two stitches have

that first stitch you knit jump up and

over the second and then you knit one

more and then repeat the process just

like you did for the body of the bag

when you're done with the bind off make

sure that you leave yourself a nice long

tail before you snip it because you can

use this tail to actually seam the

straps of the bag the next part wants us

to go ahead and you will take this strap

you will fold it lengthwise see how you

have that nice little fold point right

there and you will go ahead and you will

seem together the edge of the strap

that's the cast on edge to the bind off

edge once that's all sewn you'll have

this nice tubular strap that now can get

sewn onto your back but before we sew it

onto the bag we need to actually stitch

up our back so let me show you how to do



by this point you have the front and the

back of the back complete and the two

straps remember you have to make two

straps as you take a look down here you

can see I have a front and a back of the

back complete and I've gone ahead and I

have whip stitched these two pieces

together the reason I wanted to show you

what the whip stitch looks like is

because one you absolutely could use the

whip stitch and I wanted to make sure

you saw what it looked like when it was

done because - it's not nearly as clean

as when you use the mattress stitch

which is what I'm going to show you how

to do in this video so as we take a look

down here you can see that there is a

definitive seam right here where the two

pieces are joined together and that's

because I simply put the right sides of

the fabric together just like so and

then I whipped the side together just

you know whip and stitch it together no

big deal and can you finish it that way

absolutely if you have no problem with

the fact that there's a definitive seam

then whip stitch it together don't

overthink it just do it but if you don't

want this definitive seam I'm gonna show

you how to do the mattress stitch okay

so for the mattress stitch we actually

want the wrong sides together so we want

to make sure that the wrong sides of our

fabric are together and I'm going to use

a different colored yarn for this

demonstration so you can see how this

works I'm going to start at the bottom

of my bag this is my bind off edge up

here and this is my cast on edge so I'm

gonna start down here at my cast on edge

and with my edges nice and butt it up

together I'm gonna go ahead and join

this yarn so for me I like to join the

yarn through one side leave myself a

nice little tail and then go to the

opposite side and then come back through

this side okay it kind of gives me a

figure eight and I can tighten that up

now that we have the yarn joined we can

go ahead and begin see me

together now when we seem together the

Garter stitch section the first thing we

want to do is we want to make sure that

our ridges are butted up to each other

and when you seem a Ridge to a ridge you

see how there's like a smiley face right

there with that stitch and then you

could also see that over here there's a

frown okay see how those ones are upside

down you think of a smiley face and a

frown we want to make sure that we're

working one or the other on either side

so this one I just went up a frown and

over here I want to make sure I go up a

smiley face and then over here I want to

go up a frown so this is a frown right

there and then over here I want to go up

a smiley face and I'm making sure I'm

going to row for row over here here's a

frown and then here's a smiley face as I

pull the string together you're gonna

see that that really pulls those two

edges together and it's gonna look

seamless yeah you can barely see the

Flamingo color yarn right there once I

get past that garter stitch section I'm

into the portion where it's the lace but

it's not just lace down here at the

edges we have some nice knit stitches so

what we want to do over here is we want

to go in between so if you go in between

those stitches see how I'm able to pick

up two bars there so I'll pick up two

bars on that side come over here go in

where you came out and pop up and pick

up two bars on this side come over here

to the opposite side go in where you

came out go up and pick up two bars do

the same over here go in where you came

out come in and pick up two bars as long

as you're picking up those bars within

the same column of stitches you will

have a nice and beautiful seam all the

way up to where it's time for us to join

our garter stitch again and remember

you're always going in where you came

out and then going up and picking up two

bars I'm gonna pause here for a second

see how it's separated out right now you

can see that string okay you can see it

watch what happens when I pull this nice

a taut first off you can't see that

string anymore right it looks like it is

seamless see how those knit stitches but

up to those knit stitches that's the

beauty of the mattress stitch if I

finish this whole side right here it's

gonna look nice and clean when it gets

the stockinette portion it'll look nice

and joined together at the Garter stitch

because we know how to do those garter

stitches as opposed to over here where

it is a definitive seam right here

because I just did a whip stitch now

here's something cool that you can do if

you did a whip stitch cuz you're not

really comfortable with the mattress

stitch maybe you go ahead and you get a

different color yarn and you use a

running stitch using like embroidery

running stitch or a slip stitch if

you're comfortable with crochet right

along the top part of this Ridge and

give it a really nice column down the

side of the bag that's something really

cool you can do and make it super unique

now once you have seemed the side of the

bag you can then go ahead and seam the

bottom of the bag now when I seam the

bottom of the bag to me I like the

bottom of my bags to have a nice solid

base I feel like it just gives them them

some stability so what I like to do is

this I did not finish seaming up I'm

going to show you how to do this I'm

gonna turn the bag inside out okay so

now my right sides are facing each other

and what I am going to do I'm gonna take

my yarn once again and I will join it

down here just like I did before okay so

I'm gonna join this down here just like

I did alright so now I have a nice joint

and then what we're doing here is we

have these are our cast on edges and if

you did the long tail cast on you'll

notice you have some nice little V

looking stitches and what I like to do

is this I will go into the V okay so

I'll go in

this side and then I'll go into the same

V on the corresponding side okay you

worth me here and I'll come up now what

I will do is I will go into the V right

next to it on that side but I'm gonna

come back and go into the V that I went

into on that side see how I'm going like

diagonal okay

I'm not going straight across I'm going

back into the stitch that I originally

went into on this opposite side now I'll

skip over one stitch over here and then

I'm gonna go diagonal and come into that

stitch that I went in over there you see

that I'm gonna do that over here I'm

gonna come on diagonal make sure you

come in diagonal and as I work this

stitch all along what it's gonna do is

it's going to pull this together really

nice and this section here is going to

pull together and I'm gonna get a nice

sort of bump seam on the inside of my

bag and honestly I really like the way

that feels it feels like my bag is a

little bit more secure so that way when

I take it to the yarn store and stock up

on red heart Super Saver chunky yarn I

am not worried that I'm gonna blow out

the bottom of my bag right so let me

pause there for a second I'm gonna

tighten this up let's just tighten this

nice and tight just like we did before

see how that tightens that up and let's

take a peek what it looks like so on

this side I have a nice little bump and

on the opposite side see how it looks

like I have this nice kind of garter

stitch right there it looks like the

Garter stitch flows in to each other

it's a really nice beautiful way to seam

this together now if you are a little

bit more advanced and you want to try

something a little bit different with

this bag what you could have done is

picked up the amount of stitches that

you needed to cast on for either the

front or the back no let me rephrase


what you could have done is finish the

front and then instead of recasting on

the total number of stitches you could

have just picked up stitches along the

cast on edge of the completed front and

work at the back so that we would

already be joined at the bottom so

that's one way you could change up this


little bit and have a little bit less

seeming all the way along right so once

everything is seamed together and you

have seamed together your strap here

which I haven't done but we're gonna

we're gonna make believe okay let's turn

this right side out and it's kind of

funny because everything is sort of

seamed together here right so we turn

this right side out ignore all the

strings and if this strap were complete

it would be just like so and you have a

decision to make you either want to have

this nice Ridge that's the center fold

point either towards the inside okay so

if I were to put the strap here and then

put the other edge over here on this

side so have it on the inside or switch

it around and have it on the outside and

all you will do here is you will take

the string at the end of the edge of

your strap here and you can use it to

actually sew on to your actual bag and

have that nice and secure and then of

course use this one you can either go to

the opposite side and have straps going

along that way or you could have the

straps go this way you know what I mean

this way totally your choice it's really

simple I'm sure you know how to seam

straps on at this point you can just

whip them on you can either make the

actual needle itself and yarn go to the

total opposite side and have a design

feature or just keep it all on the

inside of the bag and not have the

straps show at all just as Nancy did in

the sample bag alright so here is the

actual sample bag and let's take a peek

right here you can see Nancy use the

mattress stitch along her edges and so

they're nice and clean they look really

nice and joined and then when it comes

to the straps she actually joined them

one to the front and one to the back so

this is one strap and she joined it one

to the front and one to the back and she

did not have it come all the way through

so the stitches do not pop all the way

through they are simply just stitched to

the inside of the bag just like so she

also made it so that way the folding

point that I was mentioning before is

towards the inside of the bag on both

straps okay

but you can change that up if you want

you could switch it to the outside you

could make it so that your straps are go

from the same side of the bag it's

totally up to you you have a chance to

really customize your bag but hopefully

you will run out get yourself some Super

Saver chunky yarn and any color you want

like shoot you could even make this like

multicolored make each section repeat a

different color that would be one way to

make this a really unique bag and make

this really super cute breezy knit

market bag that you can use on your next

trip to the yarn store or I mean

supermarket wink wink I'm Marley bird

proud spokesperson for red heart yarns

and I hope you will come back here and

check out more videos teaching you how

to become a better knitter and crochet

thanks everybody bye


everything you need to know about

knitting or crochet can be found right

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