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okay so what we first need to do is make

a slipknot so I have a long tail and you

put your fingers like this inside the

yarn and then I'm twisting the yarn and

then I grab the whole yarn that is

underneath the other one Niger's I ended

up using size 11 needles and molding my

hair and double and kind of told that

this pattern makes a really small bag

and I want to make it a little larger so

I am using size 9 knitting needles now

with your white yarn you are going to

cast on and I have a video for that if

you need help on how to hold it you put

your thumb and pointer finger between on

the inside and pull out and then you

hold these two with your other fingers

and then you with your needle you go

over and you pick this yarn up and then

you go over this one and go in between

just like that people okay

and it says to do cast on 25 and I'm

going to do more than that I'll let you


and now with every row you are going to

knit ignore our tail we go from the

front to the back and then we grab our

yarn our working yarn and I go around

you know and pull it off okay so let's

do that again go from the front to the

back and yarn over front to the back

bring it around the needle

counterclockwise and slide it off turn

back over

No okay this is what you do with every

row and I want you to we're going to be

doing the white color for two inches

okay guys don't hate me but I changed my


I wanted the ridges to look bigger and

so I am now holding the yarn double and

I am using size 11 needles and I cast it

on 30 instead of 25 so it's going a lot

faster and it's worth it to pull the

yarn double or you can probably use a

chunky yarn and it'll work okay so

either this for um around two inches and

now we are supposed to cut our yarn so

we just cut our yarn now we are changing

colors so this is what we do we get our

orange color for the inside of this

candy corn and I'm going to leave a

little bit maybe a couple of inches and

I put it like a loop onto the needle I'm

holding on to this white yarn so that it

just doesn't come undone and I just knit

now I'm going to knit the next stitch

with the tail so that it doesn't come

out okay

and I'm going to do it one more time

with the tail and that is how you add a

different color easy huh okay

so does net net net for I think around

four inches and then we will change to

the yellow okay so now we have to do the

yellow and we need to add the yarn now

we don't add the yarn when this is our

next row on the wrong side or you do it

on the right side where it looks nice

and pretty okay that's what I wanted to

show you guys because that won't look

good if you start one on the wrong side

and the other ones on the right side and

then you do the same thing as you did

with the orange

okay and then I'm going to do this one

the longest because it is the very

bottom and you're going on to the other

side so I would say maybe nine inches

I'll let you know

okay know that we have our five ridges

and it's the same length as our first on

the other side you're going to bind off

while we're on the wrong side of the row

so all that we do is we met two and then

we pull our first knit over our second

stitch okay now we need to knit another

stitch and then we bring our first one

over our second one okay okay so keep

doing this till the very end all the way

to the very end

we only have two stitches on our right

needle then we're left with one so you

have to do another one okay

okay sorry I lost by not okay and then I

give a needle and I pull it out enough

for me to leave the ends and pull that

yarn out that's what it looks like now

we need to leave our ends okay so I have

our yarn and I have it through a needle

and I just go through the on the back

side there's some of the stitches should

I go up and down up and down through

okay and then I pull it through and then

I go back

okay and then you just cut it off do

that to all of these

okay so I've already done the white and

I just tied the orange to the white

because you don't want to see the white

here because you will no matter how well

you do it

and you just go back and forth

after you're done with the orange attach

the yellow yarn and sew the two yellow

sites together okay for the handles

you're going to get black yarn I'm

holding it double and you need to double

pointed needles to do the icord we cast

on three okay and you just knit okay so

I'm sort of flipping it over and

starting to knit on this side you just

slide it over

and we knit

my yard is on this side bring it over

okay and do this for as long as you want

your straps to be and then sew them on

your back and you're done