DIY Easy Knitted Pixie Bonnet for Waldorf Dolls

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hello and welcome to my channel

in this tutorial i'm going to be showing

you a simple and easy way

to knit a pixie bonnet for your doll the

first thing you're going to need to do

is take some measurements the first


is from one side of the jaw over the

head to the other side of the jaw

and make sure that you take notes of

these measurements as you go

the second measurement is from the top

of the forehead

extending about two or three centimeters

beyond the crown

of the head

so now that you've got those

measurements it's time to knit a test


so using your preferred yarn and the

recommended needle

size needle for that yarn cast on 10

stitches and knit in stocking stitch for

10 rows


take a measurement of the width of your

test square

as well as the length of your test


next you're going to do some basic

calculations with our measurements

so you're going to take that initial jaw

to jaw measurement

and divide it by the width of your test


and times that by 10 because 10 was the

number of stitches we cast

on for that test square and this is

going to give you the number of stitches

that you'll need to cast on

you'll also get that front to back of

head measurement and divide it by

the length of your test square and times

that again by 10 because we

knitted 10 rows so you can see

that my initial jaw to jaw measurement

of 28 divided by my

width measurement of 4 times 10 it gives

me 70 stitches and

my front to back of head measurement

divided by 4

times 10 gives me 30. so i want to cast

on 70 stitches and knit

30 rows so here's my 70 stitches that

i've cast on

and i like to use the long tail cast on

method and i'll link

a youtube video to that method below

so you're going to want to knit four

rows of one by one

ribbing again i'll link a youtube video

below on how to do that

and then you simply knit in stocking


until you get to your desired length

so we took a measurement sorry we did a

calculation to

determine how many rows you would need

to knit to get to that length

however you can simply keep knitting

until you get to your desired length

so for me my desired length was about 12


so i'm going to knit until i get to the

12 centimeter mark

and when you've gotten to that length

you simply cast off

and you'll be left with a rectangle that

looks something like this

so what you do now is you fold your

rectangle right sides together and

you're going to take a piece of yarn and

a tapestry needle

and sew that back seam together


when you finish sewing that back seam

together tie off the yarn

and turn your piece right side out and

at this point it should be looking

something like this

so at this point you could leave the hat

like this however the bottom edge of the

bonnet isn't going to sit around the

neck very well

we actually need to shape that bottom

edge of the bonnet to be a little bit


so the way i'm doing that is i'm casting

on a stitch on the bottom edge

every second row


this part can be quite fiddly so just

take your time and be patient

so after you've cast on your stitches

just go ahead and knit that row

and after you finish knitting you can

just cast off

so like i said before this is just going

to help the bonnet taper in

at that bottom edge a little bit more

and that's going to help it sit more

snugly around your doll's neck

and at this point you can try your

bonnet on your dolly model

so you can see here that it fits nice

and snuggly around her neck

and yeah it's looking good for the last

step we need to make the ties

so for this you you'll need a crochet

hook that's the recommended size for

your yarn

and you just cast on using um a slip


you'll then crochet a single crochet but

you'll put your hook through the bonnet

at the bottom

corner where you want your ties to begin

and pull the loop

back through and this will secure your

tires onto the bonnet

then all you need to do is chain stitch

until your ties are the desired length


use your doll as a reference to see how

long you want your ties to be

i think this length will be perfect for

my doll

tie off and do the same on the other



using a tapestry needle weave in all of

the loose ends and trim them

and then you're done