COZY & ROOMY Knitted Sleeping Bag For A Newborn Baby (4 Advanced Beginner)

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greetings in today's video I will need a

warm baby sack for this project I'm

using double pointed needles you can use

circular if you want I'm using long

needles this is this both are size 15

I'm using hook eye or five point five

millimeters scissors and I'm using bulky

yarn which is actually rolling I will be

doubling this this yarn is going to be

doubled double the yarn okay and cast on

32 stitches and by the way if I did not

mention how many of those balls I'm

using its I will be using probably four

or five of the balls before you start

knitting I would suggest to you to kind

of smooth your yarn just like this so it

has the same length both strands have

same length okay and when you run out of

that length you do it again our next

step is to knit six snows I'm sorry

seven rows of knit stitches so you just

knit net-net Here I am

at the end of my first row my last three

stitches so I will knit knit and my last

stitch I usually slip but you can you

can knit it if you want okay and we're

ready for a second row and we just start

as we usually do with knitting and we

will knit this entire row

again and then you will continue

knitting five more rows and when I have

knitted seven rows I will show you what

you will do next I knitted my entire

seventh row okay and now we will knit

this way turn around an eighth row which

is even row what you will do is you will

knit four stitches two three four and

then we will purl all 24 stitches purl

row per row then until are the last four

stitches which you will knit again so I

brought all my stitches in here twenty

four of them and I have four stitches

left and these four stitches will be

knitted net net net and you can knit and

I will slip now the ninth row

in other words odd row is going to be

all knitted so knit this ninth row knit

all stitches knit this is going to be

our tenth row and we will knit first

four stitches purl twenty four stitches

and then knit last four stitches

so net net net net and now pearl pearl a

burrow burrow entire row until last four



okay so I am here at the end of my

second part this is my second piece that

I have knitted which is identical to the

first piece and this is my tenth row so

I need to do couple more purl stitches

purl all purl let me see how many more I

have left four okay now we need to do

knit net-net and you either knit or you

can slip I slip and I will continue

knitting in this manner that I will

alternate odd numbers odd number of rows

I will knit and on the other side I will

knit first four stitches purl in the

middle and then knit last four stitches

until you have 34 rows total including

this edge okay so now this is our

eleventh row so we will just knit knit

knit knit and then next row will be my

twelfth row and that will be four knit

24 pearl and four knit and you will

repeat this until like I said you have

34 rows this is my 34th row that I'm

working on okay and we are going to

finish our purling so I have two pearl


/ oh and one two three four four last

stitches knit knit knit and I will knit

also this one okay then I am ready I'm

ready to put my two pieces together

actually I'm not ready yet I have to

first transfer these stitches sixteen

stitches on one double pointed needle

and 16 stitches on another double

pointed needle let's do another one this

is a gift for a friend of mine she's

having a baby so I thought that um this

some of you might experience the same

thing that friend of yours has a baby or

somebody in a family and when they are

being newborn they like to be kept nice

and warm right so what we need to do now

is connect this this part to this part

and start knitting in a circle which

means we need to start knitting from

here all around continue here and then

continue connecting these two together

so what we are going to do is I will

start knitting and I can do it either

way I can do subnetting

over here in the back or I can go and

start knitting here in the front because

I haven't cut my yarn yet here so maybe

that's what I will do because it's going

to be easier for me so now I will need

this entire row okay so we can go and do

it this way

a so just start knitting and tie your

row so I just took this off but you just

start knitting with the second second


okay so knit entire row okay here I am

at my last four stitches so I need them

okay net net net so this is our first

row of the front so I knitted the whole

thing by the way if you have if you're

working with circular needles now you

would already have this on a circular

needle but I do need to kind of connect

it now to my two together to this okay

so what I will do is actually I

shouldn't have knitted this one what I

will do is I will knit these two

together knit this one and this one


it will be stronger you know that you

won't see really as a big gap and

tighten this up as much as you can

tighten it up okay so you don't have big

gap and keep knitting knit knit knit and

it all around here and then we will

connect these two I don't like to work

on circular needles so for you it may be

a little easier if you work on circular

needles this might be one of the hardest

parts of your project but once you put

this together in a circle you're going

to be fine

net knit and we will take that last

stitch okay make sure that it doesn't

twist so we have to we have to make sure

that everything is good that the back

the wrong side is facing wrong side and

we will move the last stitch I just

moved the last stitch from this needle

or actually from this needle on to this

needle on the first needle and we will

need these two stitches together let me

just move these stitches down more so

they don't slip off that's why I work

with these bamboo needles because they

the stitches don't slip as much

okay so we connected everything into the

circle everything is connected into the

circle and this is our second row okay

and what you will do now from now on you

will knit in a circle you knit all the

stitches all the stitches just knit knit

knit knit knit knit all around all

around these knit many rows until

desired length okay and I will arm I

will see you when my entire

length has been knitted so I just will

knit in a circle all the time and just

to explain to you what's going on is

this is the front this is the back and

this is going to be turned into a little

hoodie okay and then we will have the

body part over here down here so that's

what's going on at the moment okay so

here I am thing almost finished with the

baby sack and right now I will be

working on this part down here and I

will show you how to finish it up and

when I put this front together with the

with the back I started knitting around

right on my double pointed needles and I

made 40 rows all the way down here all

the way down here 40 rows so when you

get to the beginning of the row and I

hope you were marking if you don't

remember where is your beginning after

knitting 40 rows you do need to start

knitting two together so we will knit

two together entire row okay and as you

remember when we were joining on those

two in those two joints in those two in

a very first row of the joining the

those two two parts together I needed

two together so originally without

knitting two together in the first row

I had 64 32 + 32 64

armed stitches after I joined I had 6262

stitches so right now when I are knit

two together all around I will have 31

stitches and so just keep knitting two

together and when I am finished I will

tell you what to do next

knit two together

okay so I needed all my stitches

together and I have 31 stitches now and

I will knit four rows just knit all

around four rows net net net and again

mark your beginning of the row if you

need to

I remember where my beginning of the row

is but you especially if you work on

circular needles you might need to you

might need to mark your beginning I am

finished with my knitted four rows one

two three four and this is the row that

I was knitting two together in I am

ready to knit two together again and

since we have thirty-one stitches the

last stitch is not it's not going to be

it's going to be knitted by itself so we

will knit two together thirty stitches

and then the last stitch just need one

so knit two together again all around

our bottom of the sock bag baby bag or

whatever you want to call it okay I

finished knitting my stitches together

and now we will knit three rows so just

knit knit knit knit all around for three

rows so I am finished with this with the

three rows and now we need to take this

last knitted stitch and pull it pull

this stitch through all of these


okay so what we will do i usually with

the back of the hook i transfer the

stitches from needle to the hook and

then i take that stitch just that one

stitch not all of those stitches and and

I pull it I pull it through these

stitches okay and now next next

just transfer from needle to the hook

and then take the hook I hold it here so

I control the yarn because I kind of

pull on it a little bit so it doesn't

get off the hook and the hook goes down

right and then in those in this space

here it's easier to pull through you see

and another one you can take it off the

hook you could keep this stitch on the

hook whatever you want I'm showing you

both ways just move this these stitches

and again hold hold this stitch kind of

pull it gently and with with the beak of

the hook down and pull it through all of

them it helps me to do it that way but

you know if you have any other technique

different technique to do it then do it

that you don't have to do it exactly

like I'm doing it the the only thing is

that we want to pull this last stitch

through all of the stitches which I did

right now okay and you know here we are

we have finished bottom and as you see

it actually looks kind of like giant hat

okay and you could put a tassel in here

if you want which would kind of look

nice but I would put this is going to be

for a boy so I would put maybe tassel

for a girl but not for the boy and now

you can either

we've in all the ends and leave it as it

is okay

or you could crochet all around the

edges you could do that for an axe you

know for an added accent I'm actually

what I'm going to do yet but actually I

know what I'm going to do I will I will

sew this together and it's going to be

like a little hood so as you see this is

how it is supposed to look like okay and

that is the bottom this top can be

folded down or could be held up in here

over here on the top I will sew this

together for the for the hood so the

baby is going to have a hood right there

okay and this is my finished project as

you see I have sewed the hood together

on the top and I also tucked in all the

end ends the tails weaved it in and this

is for a newborn baby so if you want to

make it for a you know little bit bigger

baby then you could probably get a knit

not 40 rows but let's say 50 rows and

then do the and then knit this end okay

and it's plentiful to me so it's not

hard to put the baby in and that's about

it I hope you enjoyed watching the video

hopefully you might even want to knit

along thank you very much for

subscribing and I will see you with when

I'm doing another project

thank you so much