How to knit newborn cable hat for beginners

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welcome to my channel grooviest Edmond

and this video I want to teach you how

to net this baby cable hat is for a

newborn to three months it's very easy

to do and here is the listing material

you're going to need to before I show

you the list of material I wanted to

mention that you can make this cable hat

bigger just by changing the size of your

knitting needle and the head can be made

for bigger kids and I have some news to

share with you I've got a few days ago

and I see the wonderful news they're

going to be a grandma so I'm a static

plus I gonna be a great-aunt

twice because my nephew that he thought

that he don't have kid finally gonna

have a kid and my niece as well

she is suspecting so I have to make

quite a few projects for baby

so three babies and I really made this

one and now I'm gonna make one like this

in my Spanish video and one in my

English video exactly the same and the

same color and everything and they look

amazing and then tiny little things the

yarn I'm going to use is red heart

Comfort Sport 100% acrylic it's white

in like three and you hardly use any

chart the netting needle and this

circular needle are gonna be working in

the round that way I don't have a thing

to sew and the heart will be very comfy

for the baby these are our five

millimeters and the cable measure

22 centimetres so the shorter the cable

is the easiest to work in the round

making hats you're going to need

tapestry needle and scissor something

else that you're going to need is one of

this cabling needle and it's you don't

have one of these the word you can use

another knitting needle or you can use a

crochet hook to just to take those three

stitches out to the decade this is the

little hat and a measure 15 centimeters

so you can make this bigger and I'm

going to give you the measurements so if

you fold this here is even tinier from

the when you take the baby home it's

perfect because it's very tiny little

hat so here I have an a piece of paper

the measurement for different sizes so

for a newborn is 6 inches or 15

centimeter high by 14 inches in

circumference for 3 to 6 month is 7

inches or 18 centimeter high by 17

inches of circumference from 6 to 12

months is 7.5 inches or 19 centimeters

and thus comfort of 18 inches for 12

month to three years is 8 inches or 20

and 1/2 centimeters by 1908 conference

19 inches in for 3 to 10 years old 8.5

inches or 22 centimeters high by 20

inches or silk conference so and just by

changing the size of your needle you can

get a bigger size hat no the cable part

is the needle part so let's start making

a regular cast on 60 stitches so I'm

going to wrap my yarn

30 time around the needle once I have my

30 time I will fold it in half like this

and I will leave the tail for the 60

stitches so go ahead and do that and I

will meet you here when I have my tail

ready to cast on here I have my tail but

I always like to leave a little extra

we're going to do a slip knot and that

will come as a first stitches and

they're going to start casting on like


until I have my 60

if you're making this hard bigger you

have to use a bigger needle so you'll

cast on sixty stitches as well

I'll meet you here when I have my sista

stitches on the needle

when you finish casting on you're going

to do a little knot here at the end to

secure test each you always have to do

this but not too tight and now you have

to move the stitches around to get to

the tip of the needle and that's why it

shorter core is perfect for making HAP

so we're going to start with two net two

purl two knit two purl two dill do these

part of the Hat the border so I'm going

to start with a two strand of yarn that

way the Hat is nice and even and you're

going to do my first net just in the

first one just leave the tail now and

I'm going to do my second net and when

we finish here I will place the marker

you're finishing the one when you do the

two together and then in the next one

these two together of purl the next one

will be two together for that these two

strand here that we just did so now I

had to do to prove

and you have to move around the stitches

do the other needle ladies

now head to the to net

to prove

to knit

and it is thing about working in the

round you to get this theme plus you

work the stitches as you see them they

don't change so you're going to continue

with to net to purl and you're going to

finish with two purl I finish row number

one and I'm going to place now the

marker these two here is the one that I

did with the tail and the yarn so again

I go to the two net Klavan passing

through those two and to purl

and always moving the yarn to knit

and to grow

I'm going to repeat this for for Mauro

in total of six

to grow



so I'm netting the net and purling the


this is a better easy hard to do so any

beginner and make these

so you're going to continue doing to net

to purl all the way around to the end

and you're going to wrap it these until

you have six row here I have my six row

and now we're going to start with the

first row of the design and we want to

start with one net to purl and six net

one two three four five and six now from

now on is the same repetition is to Pro


- furro and six neck

we will start we started here with one

net and we're going to finish with one

net that is just to net in here between

these two pearl and these two Pro so now

I have two six net one two three four

five and six again to throw

do net

- pearl

in six net this repetition is what we're

going to do an entire hat is saved in

row number six 14 22 and 30 that we're

going to do the cable otherwise it's

exactly the same repetition three four

five and six

two purl two knit

to purl and six net

- pearl

to knit

to purl and six net

and six we have three left and that will

be to purl on one

and you finish round number one and for

road number two is exactly the same

repetition so you're going to start with

one net

- pearl

six net

four five and six and now the central

position star it's just the beginning

that is only one net and two peril the

resist two purl two knit two purl 6 net

so you're going to do two purl

to knit

- pearl

and six net so you had to repeat these

four five row and then row number six

will do the cross of the cable okay I'll

show you a little more hat three four

five and six nine two Pro

to knit

two Perl 6 net

- pearl

don't it

to pro now have to do six net again so

it's a very easy repetition that you

have to do for five row so you will net

the net and put the pearls that's the

good thing about working with circular

needle that you just do the same

repetition over and over you don't have

to change and they reverse after the Hat

because you're working always in the

right side so I'm going to continue this

until I have five row and this is row

number two here I wanted to show you

that you always have to finish with two

purl and one because the other met for

this one you did to start the row so

here you start with the net and as the

two nets okay let me mark my second row

to start my third row so you start with

the net and to purl and that is the

separation in between a cable in one

side and the cable in the other side

finish row number five now you're going

to start round number six and we're

going to do the first crossing so I'm

going to start with one net to purl one

in to pass you yarn to the back grab

your cable needle and you're going to

grab your first three stitches one two

and three and you're going to pass it

through the to the back tie this in the


and then you're going to net three and

this new one two and three now you grab

that needle in the back make sure that

isn't don't twist some tie it twist so

you're going to pass those three

stitches back to your needle and you're

going to net those three stitches one

two and three and you down you for scape

turn to the front

and now you're going to purl two one and

two you're going to net two one and two

you're going to purl two one

and to and again we're going to do

another cable yarn to the back we're

going to graph the first 3 stitches 1 2

& 3 you have to make sure that you don't

lose any of those three stitches because

you will have to start you work again

so you got to come back to the other 3

left on the needle ordinary and you're

going to knit 1 2

and three you're going to go to the back

and you're going to pass so you have the

three here and you're going to pass them

back one at a time to the needle and you

want to net those three one two and

three and again get it to the front

you're going to crawl to

you wanna knit two

you're going to furl to one and two turn

to the back another cable so the cables

out of those six net so you're going to

grab the first three one two and three

and yoli's if you start passing the

first one to the back the rest you have

to pass into the back because you can do

cable with the stitch in the front or in

the back but you have to pass through

the back so you're going to knit one two

and three you know

place back to the stitches you see that

there and you just bring your needle

here and you just met one two and three

go to the front purl two

Ned too

pearl - and then the key

again a little bit of one two and three

and through the back come here and let

these two this race are two and three

and four this one's back you see is very

easy it's really intimidating when you

see a cable piece but it's not that it's

scary after you learn how to do the cake

so one two and three

turn to the front roll to one pin to net

to one in to purl two and one and two

and we're going to work in the last


give it up one two and three move you to

the back

and you will need one two and three

usually it will look like this and then

you come here and put place those three

back and you just Neto three one two

and three and yarn to the front roll to

and net one and let you finish you first

row up cable in this place in easy

release the crisscross and I was wrong

number six now from grow number seven to

row number thirteen you're going to do

this same repetition you're going to net

one you're going to purl two

you want to knit six one two three four

five and six

turn to the front purl 2 1 & 2

net 2 1 & 2 purl 2 1 & 2 net 6

one two three four five and six you see

it's the center petition that we did for

pyro exactly the same on a purl two knit

two purl two and knit six so you had to

do this until you have 13 row and row

number 14 I will show you one more time

how to do the cable and then from there

you can continue working the stitches

and you will cross the cables again and

row number 22 and in row number three in

row number 31 and 32 we will cast off

now we're going to run number fourteen

again and we're going to do a cable

you're going to need one we're going to

purl two

turn to the back and now we're going to

grab the three stitches one two and

three I'm going to pass it to the back

you're going to net three one two and

three and we're going to place back

those three stitches and we want to knit

through those three and we cross that

cable now you go to the front music and

we gonna purl two we going to knit two

pick one with pearl two

and again we're going to do the cable

grab these three pass it to the back

either your back worse and now you're

going to net these three

and the placemark the three stitches

and then you want to knit those three

you're going to continue doing this in

this row till you get to the end and

you're going to go start again the

repetition when we done so far and so

you have 30 rows and remember if you're

making this bigger you have to do more

rows and continue with the cable every

after seven row number eight will do the

cable again until you had the desired

length for your hat so remember you have

to do two knit two purl or two purl two

knit two purl the cable and then after

you cross the cable you'll continue with

the sent repetition this is going to

look like that's an easy so I will meet

you here when I do wrong number thirty

and then I will show you how we're going

to decrease okay so it's exactly the

same repetition that we done so far

let me show you one more time you can

have these three right through the back

down to the back net three

place those three stitches back and no

three and again you had to purl two knit

two purl two and the cable and remember

the cross of the cable is draw number

fourteen 22 and row number 30 here I

finished my third row and it was a cable

cross row so now row number 31 going to

be decreased and you're going to purl

two together all the way to the end so

at the end of this row

you'll have 30 rows and after that you

want to do another row decrease and

you're going to finish with 15 and then

with those 15 we're going to close the

top of the hat so now get a little more

difficult to work with a circular needle

because you're making the hat smaller

and the cable looks a little bit longer

so at the end of this row you will have

Teddy you have 30 stitches and now I'm

going to decrease again and a purl

stitch until I have 15 left

so when you get you know like it you can

um move this around you just pull out a

little bit you wire and that will give

you more movement for your stitches okay

I'll be here when I have my 15 left you

don't have 15 stitches left I gonna cut

the yarn leaving a tail closing the top

with my tapestry needle and then almost


so we're going to pass now the yarn

through remove the marker these 15

stitches twice you pass once you see you

passing through them make sure you pass

every single one because if you miss one

you will have you project undone you

have to start all over again okay

so that's why I like to pass my journey

twice through these stitches on the top

and after that you will secure you pass

your yarn through the center bring in to

the inside secure your yarn through the

well inside lose the tail and cut

whatever little piece of tail you have

left and you have done your little hat

and that's what I did in my literature

then you have to lose this tail as well

oh this one and now you're going to

remove my needles

and now I will pass it again can we like

to pass it twice


call ty nice and close now you pass

through this little Center

turn you have inside out and with your

yarn and make a knot and secure really

well this is the part that you have to

secure really well because if you don't

you can lose your entire project after

you do that you cut the tail and lose

the other tail and I'll show you the

result well this is the end result you

look how nice this lock so this is good

for a boy or a girl and you can fold

them in here to make it smaller for

those first days and then I have nice

and tiny nice and warm and I hardly use

any charm I made my three little hats

and the ball of yarn is still nice and

big and made to a little baby sweater to

match the hats so I hope you guys liked

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