Baby Blanket Knitting | How to Knit a Square Baby Blanket Tutorial

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Hi Knitters!

It's Nancy Queen from NobleKnits and today I'm making this gorgeous mitered square baby

blanket and what if I told you it's a beginner project, it uses one skein of yarn and anyone

can knit this.

I'm going to show you step-by-step how to make it so stay with me.

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We're going to start by casting on three stitches.

I'm going to make a slip knot.

Put that slipknot on the needle and cast on another two stitches.

That slipknot will count as our first stitch.

Now we're going to turn our work and knit those three stitches.

Knit the first row.

Okay now we are going to work an increase on this.

So we're going to knit two stitches then we're going to place our marker on this row.

This marker is a little big but it works.

Okay now we're going to make an increase and on a make one increase we are going to pick

up the bar in between the two stitches.

So you have the stitch here and there's the bottom of the stitch and a stitch here and

the bottom of the stitch and this bar in between is what you're going to pick up.

So you're going to pick up that bar and then knit that stitch.

Then you're going to knit the last stitch.

So that row is done.

That was the setup row and now this is every row of the rest of the pattern until you are

done with yarn and you're ready to bind off.

So you are going to knit across to the stitch marker.

Slip the marker.

Make an increase by picking up that bar that's in the middle of the next two stitches.

Knit that stitch and knit the remaining stitches on the needle.

So we've made an increase.

So we're going to increase one time after the marker on every single row.

It's really easy.

This is the entire pattern.

You can get a really nice rhythm down with it.

I'm going to slip my marker.

There's the bar in the middle, I'm going to pick that up from the back, knit that stitch

and knit to the end of the row.

Okay so I've stopped right here in the center of the row because I want you to understand

how this looks.

I know when I started doing mitered knitting, I found it very confusing to understand what

the shape was actually looking like as I was knitting.

So if you knit to the stitch marker, then just set down your project and take a look

at it.

You'll see that you've it actually creates a turn in your work.

You're actually knitting a square.

Your square is just going to get larger and larger as these sides wider and wider.

It will just keep growing outward.

So that's what this is going to look like.

I'm going to continue on and then show you how to bind off.

So I'd like to give you completed measurements for this project.

There will be a free PDF download if you click the link above or down below in the description.

So this baby blanket measures just, almost 23 and a half inches wide by 23 and a half

inches wide.

Like I said, it's a square.

I ended up, this is always a popular question.

How many stitches end up with when I'm almost out of yarn.

I end up with 106 stitches on each side.

So 106 then the marker then 106.

Then I bound off.

You want to make sure you always have enough yarn to bind off.

Make sure you have 5-6 yards of yarn left to bind off on this project because you're

going to have nearly 220 stitches that you're going to need to bind off at the end.

Now I'm ready to begin binding off.

So to bind off, I'm going to knit the first stitch.

Knit the second stitch and then take this first stitch up over and off the needle.

You are just going to keep doing that all the way across the row.

Knit the next stitch, take the first stitch up and over.

It's a very easy way to bind off but when we get to the center I want you to work the

increase because it will make a better corner at the end.

Okay I'm now at the end of my row and you can see what a beautiful shape your blanket

is going to have when it's completed.

You're just going to keep knitting and when you get to the end, bind it off.

I'm going to clip my work.

Leave a little tail so you can weave that in.

Insert that tail into the loop to secure it.

Then you are just going to weave in the yarn ends.

This is really easy to do in garter stitch.

You are just going to find a row and be doing almost like a duplicate stitch.

So I find a row and then I'm just going to follow this stitch and now I'll do this stitch

and this one.

Then what I like to do just to make sure it's secure is go back a few stitches

and then I clip that close to the work.

For a full free pattern, if you'd like a full PDF click on the link up above and you'll

be able to get the free version of the pattern.

Print it, keep it with you.