Small Knitted Blanket | Easy for Beginners!

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for this

project i am using the yarnspirations


blanket brights and i got this at the

thrift store

in a bag for three dollars and it had a

bunch of other yarns in it so i thought

that was a great deal

so i'm very excited to be using this


and as you can see right here it says to

use a size

11 knitting needle or

a size the words that l crochet hook

and it is a six weight yarn it's super

bulky this is in pow purple

and it is beautiful look how pretty

look at this giant ball of yarn this has

300 grams

and it's a 10 and a half ounce ball and

it says it has 220 yards

so let's go ahead and get started my


if i can show you this okay

do you see this this is a crocheted


and i call this my leg blanket and so

when i'm sitting on the couch crocheting

and my legs are cold instead of a big

giant blanket i just lay this

on my legs and look how pretty that is

that is done with a half double crochet

and it's just beautiful i love it it's


and it's fun and this is the same beanie

pattern that i used i can show you that

i'll link that

in the description or up there in the


of how to do that i'm going to be using

a size 17

knitting needle instead of the 11 that

it calls for

um just because i wanted it a little bit

more loose and i don't know i just

thought it would be really fun so i have


two giant needles which of course

they don't even fit into the screen

because they're so big

wait see if i can get them over there

i am new to knitting so i just started


but since i'm kind of a new knitter i'm

knitting on

my row so i will be casting on all of


stitches so these needles are really big

and a little cumbersome i think it'd be

easier to show you on smaller ones


but i insert there i yarn over

i pull through make a long loop

and then twist it go behind it

and then put it on my needle and just

tighten it up

and i just keep going i don't oops

sorry about the noise that's my camera

of course because these

needles are so long just kind of twist

it on

just like that twist it back here

twist it there pull up

it's much easier if i don't have a

camera in front of me

but anyway so you get the idea if you've

knitted you know how that goes

you can use whatever cast on method that

you want

so i cast on 52 stitches

and what i'm going to do is

since i am a beginner so some of you

might be beginners out there

i'm hoping i make it really

um easy for you

to to learn how to knit

and then all i'm going to do is insert

my hook and i'm going to

knit four stitches

and again these hooks are really large

and i have a camera in front of me so i

look a little awkward but if i was

sitting down with it in my lap it would

be much easier to do

and i'm just going to yarn over

and i'm going to go into these first

four stitches

whoops sorry about the noise

with those first knitted

four knitted stitches then i'm going to

purl the next four so i'm going to yarn


insert my hook bring it to the front

push it through and then do

four of those and i'm just going to knit

purl knit purl all the way across in

groups of four and then

i will continue that i'm gonna

knit the knits and purl the pearls so


four so i have one two three four knits

and then one two three four oops my yarn

is kind of

in the way four pearls

then i'm going to bring the yarn over

and i'm going to knit the next

four one



and four

so i'm going to knit and purl all the

way across and like i said in the groups

of four

and then i'll show you what that looks

like okay i'm on my last four stitches

and i am knitting these

and you want to make sure that you start

with a knit of four

and end with a knit of four

because you want it to be equal on

either side whoops

great this is how i learned to take out


so many stitches i've learned how to

take out and put back on

so i'm getting pretty good at that so

what happens when you're a beginner you

have to learn the hard way

these are all twisted so let me untwist


so here's what i have so far

and this is like i said 52 stitches

i just have to straighten out all of my

my stitches to get them to look good

right here there we go

that's looking better so i'm just going

to go in here and i'm going to purl the


and knit the knits and then i'm going to

do that all the way across and back and

forth back and forth until i have my

desired length

so my idea is to have it look similar to

this crocheted blanket

and i'm sure it will be the same width

because these

like i said they stretch out once you

start um

when you take them off your needle

anyway i will keep you posted

and let you know how much um

i can do with this giant ball of yarn so

stay tuned i'll be right back

and look how pretty that is and it's

nice and holy which i like since it's on


huge needles size 17 it

is really nice and loose and flowy it's

just beautiful

my husband actually said what are you

making a skirt

so i just think it's beautiful and it's


soft and so silky and what i wanted to


is that um after i knit

a row since this yarn is a little tricky

to use

after i get all of my

after i get all of my row done i just

start pulling down

like this and i just

tighten up my stitches just a little bit

to make them more even

now i don't know if you're supposed to

do that but that's what i'm doing

and again this is only my second blanket

i've ever made

knitting and just let me show you real

quick my first one

now this is the corner to corner knitted

garter stitch and a lot of people make


pot holders or washcloths with this


but the different thing that the thing

that i've done differently on this is

that i

crocheted the border and look how cute

that is it's just a little ruffly border

so all i did was add some chains all the

way around and then i did

uh i think this is a double crochet or a


i can't remember i i'm gonna be making

this in a future video but i just wanted

to show you guys look how cute this is

it's all

garter stitch i've never made a

blanket until this this is my very first

project and i think i'm probably gonna

weave in here

some ribbon i think that would be really


so the only thing i have to do is weave

in my ends and then i'm all done

so i just wanted to show you that real

quick it's so beautiful

so soft and just let me show you the

yarn that i used

this is the um comfy cotton blend

by lion brand and this is in the color

whipped cream how pretty and it's so


i just love it so and it's 50

cotton and 50 polyester so

anyway just want to show you what i was

working on other than this beautiful

purple blanket

so i'm just gonna go ahead and i'm going


finish my last couple rows because this

is all i have left it was just

one skein of the yarn that i showed you

at the beginning of the video

and it's just super super soft this has

been such a fun blanket and so quick

i just love it so here i go i'll just

show you a few

of my stitches as i go along

and this chenille type yarn is a little

bit harder to use just because it's kind

of sticky

so i just pull down when i

um after i make those stitches

and i'm sure you don't want to see me do

this but i'm going to just do

these four

those are pearls and then whoops and

then these four

are knits so i'm just going to do that

for this next probably one row and then

i'm going to go ahead

and cast off sorry about that

these they're so big

and they keep falling out of my hand

there you go i hope you enjoyed this

tutorial i'll see you

at the end and i'll show you what this

looks like

here's the blanket look how pretty that


it's nice and loose and flowy and it

could be a good one for the summer

now there's a lot of different ways that

you can cast off you can look those up

online of course

on youtube so thanks for watching hope

you have a great day

thanks for joining me take care bye