How to Knit: Step by Step Baby Blanket (Free Pattern)

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hey guys I'm here today to show you how

to knit the sweet light blanket the

latest free PDF download from woodland

again just click on the link in the

description below to get your very own

it's very simple it's very fun it's very

easy it's meant for babies so any of you

were babies in your life maybe need to

make a present maybe you got your own

it's perfect

it's also perfect for beginners not

SuperDuper beginners not like this is my

first knitting project beginners put

like just after and all you need is

three of these this is shiny happy

cotton we've chosen chalk yellow cuz

it's great

I take measure your pattern some

scissors I needle some knitting needles

specifically size eight us or five mils

we're gonna teach you through way and

lots of knitting and purling how to make

this beautiful most slash seed stitch

baby Beckett let's go so the very first

step to making your blanket is getting

all of your stitches onto your needle or

109 like we have here and we'll be

teaching you how to get all of your

stitches on your needle using the cable

cast on technique and here's a bit of a

blanket I made earlier and this

hopefully shows you why we're gonna be

using that technique it gives a really

lovely clean and elegant and neat finish

okay so step one is to create our slip

knot our slip knot is effectively the

very first stitch of our blanket we

begin by just unraveling some of the

yarn from the pool and then at the tail

end so that side pick it up with your

left hand a little bit further down pick

it up with your right hand take that

left hand lift it over make a loop

ideally make a do big enough for both of

your fingers to fit through

pick up that tail end again and there

you go you have a nice little slip knot

now at least happened as you put it onto

your needle and then you just pull it a

little bit tighter against the needle

but yes nope not super tight because you

have to get the other needle through

there eventually - there you go your

first stitch is up so now we're ready to

get the other 108 stitches onto this

needle with your left hand and pick up

the needle with the slip knot on and

what we're gonna do is you take the

other needle in your right hand and then

you're just gonna put it through that

loop and then picking up the yarn that

is attached to the pool very important

in your right hand you just loop around

the right hand needle give it a cheeky

push scoop it up make it nice and long

because then we're gonna bring it over

that left hand needle put a little bit

tighter and there you go - lovely

stitches on your needle only a hundred

and seven to go so then what you need to

do actually is just insert your needle

in between these stitches and then lift

it over just like you did before

push it down scoop it up pull lift it

over there you go and that's how you

continue you just continue and continue

until you've done the 409 stitches

exactly like this

all right guys hopefully you have 109

stitches on one of your needles great

work and now we're gonna get going on

showing you how to do the moss stitch or

for you Americans the seed stitch I also

want to show you why we're gonna end up

slipping the very first stitch on your

needle at the beginning of every row

the reason is check out this beautiful

edge nice and neat that's why so now

we're finally ready to actually get

missing our must itch so we begin by

first lifting that very first stitch

just straight off your left needle and

onto your right needle and that's for

that really nice and the edge that we

looked at just before so just insert

your right needle under lift it up and

over give a cheeky tug done and now the

entire must itch is just made up of

alternating unit and purl stitches

that's it we're gonna start with a knit

stitch so you insert that right needle

through the loop underneath on your left

needle bring that yarn round push it

down scoop it up and lift it over so now

we go to pearls we're alternating

remember so we just put that yarn

in-between and bring it to the front

with purling it should always be at the

front and then insert that needle down

bring the yarn round like that and lift

it over now bring the yarn to the back

because now we're knitting and push

scoop it up and lift and a little tuck

yarn in the middle

and that's it

that's it that's the whole gig so now

you just keep going for 109 stitches and

then we'll explain what to do on the

next row

so if you look at these three stitches

here you'll see that this one has a

little lump here this one has a bit more

of a V and then we're back to the little

lump again now these two little lumps

those are purl stitches this V over here

that's a knit stitch so that's it so

we've done our first row and now we just

need to see how do we start the second

row because as soon as you can master

that you can basically just keep on

going we begin by doing exactly the same

as last time remember just take your

right hand needle stick it under lift it

up off the left hand needle give it a

cheeky tug that's it and then we're

going to knit the stitch the next one

loop it around push it down scoop it up

lift it over then bring that yarn

forward again for your prostate there we


and scoop and lift and so on and so

forth just knitting and purling forever

after a little bit of time hopefully

your blanket is starting to look

something like this and you can see that

lovely must itch or seed stitch pattern

emerging I just want to take a break for

a second and just show you a little

trick so that you know that you're doing

the right stitch here we're trying to

get all of our new stitches onto our

right needle so what we need to do

actually is just look at our left needle

and you'll see that purl bump there the

NIP V and that purl bump again so what

we know is this is a purl stitch which

actually means that our new stitch needs

to be the opposite so it needs to be a

knit stitch a hand off we go and so now

we see that V and we know we need to

bring our yarn forward and do the

opposite stitch do the purl stitch there

we go scoop and bring it over and again

there's our bump so we've got a knit

stitch so bring that yarn to the back

scoop it under and lift it up and so on

and so forth and how do you know you've

reached the end of your blanket well

it's when you've got 220 3.5 inches or

60 centimeters from the edge of your

lovely cable cast edge when you've got

to that stage you know that it's time to

do some casting off so that's what we're

gonna go on to next okay guys now we're

ready to cast off

step one is just knitting these two

stitches and getting them onto your

right needle so here we go we've done

this a thousand times before one and one

more time one more time and two okay

lovely now we have two stitches on your

right hand needle and what we're gonna

do now is actually lift this stitch over

that one and off your right needle


it's a little bit fiddly because the

yarns a bit thinner as you can see so

you might have to use your fingers as


and there we go beautiful so then we

just need to repeat that move again knit

a stitch in order to get two stitches

over on your right hand needle and then

again just bring that bottom one over

that one and over the needle entirely

and again it's a little fiddly but we're

gonna get there and there we go so

that's it and we just keep going that is

the long and the short of casting off so

just bear with me I just got a few more

to do right guys we should just have one

solitary little stitch left on our right

hand needle now you should be able to

kind of just admire that handiwork

that's super sweet cast off edge right

there great so now we need to get this

guy off right and we need to do it in a

nice and tidy fashion so first measure

aprox like 10 ish centimeters that's 10

ish tarnish four ish inches and we're

gonna give him we're gonna give him a

little chop there we go alright so now

all you do is just pull just pull that's

it that is it

so now though we have this 10

centimeters we can't just chop it off

because it runs the risk of unraveling

so what we have to do is sneak it in

here and weave it in and we're gonna do

that with the use of our good friend the


okay so now that we've threaded it all

we're gonna do is just weave in and out

of our existing stitches and until we've

basically finished it so that without

disturbing any of these stitches and

just so that this is hidden so we're

going this side and this side and little

sneak back over here we're just taking a

nagging and weeding and you'll see that

it's not too visible it's not disturbing

stitches and then when you feel like

you've done enough I think I'm gonna do

a couple more

okay one more

then just grab those scissors and give

it a listen it

and just because we didn't think there

was anyone better to model sweet like

blanket a baby but then an actual baby

we kind of semi whoever seems to be more

to it in the needles you need a needle

don't touch you need some scissors and

the baby if you don't