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hello i'm crafty patty thanks for tuning


i've designed a baby blanket for you

great for beginner knitters

as it's just knit and purl stitches this

moss stitch creates a beautiful soft

look that looks hard but it's super easy

i've added a border along the side

and also did a ribbed edge for the

top and the bottom because that allows

it to lie nice and flat

i'm also going to show you a really cool

way how to join yarn and it's called the

russian join

so keep watching and let's start


i'm using brunette softy baby chunky

and it is a very nice soft yarn i do

like it

and this particular one is a bulky

five acrylic yarn

five ounces and this one has 155 yards


142 meters and the color i'm using is

fluffy cloud white

and for my needles i'm using loops and


us 10 6 millimeter in a 29 inch

they are circular needles but we will

not be knitting in the round it's just

to hold

all the stitches on your needle


this pattern is super easy all it is is

knit two and purl two

throughout the whole pattern and it is

in multiples of four

which means you can vary the size of the


so i'm going to be adding 108 stitches

if you want the pattern to be bigger the

final blanket bigger

then you would add four more stitches or

eight more stitches or twelve more


and don't worry about copying this

pattern out i will leave it in the

description box below the video that's a

little tiny arrow that you click on

right below and to the right and it will

be there for you

and we'll start with a slip knot for

those that have never made a slip knot

it's very easy

let's just fold the loop over so this

yarn is coming on the top of this one

and this end is going to come through

that hole

and you can lift it up with your thumb

if you want

and these two ends pull down and it

forms a slip knot

so let's put that on a needle and i'm

going to cast on

108 stitches or you cast on the amount

that you want

for your final size of blanket so my


on is a knitted cast on so

i come around

bring that needle through and bring that

up i don't take it off the needle i now

bring my left needle

into that stitch on the right

wrap around bring it through

and up and don't take it off we've now


two cast ons this is number three

and four i'm going to continue on

until i have my 108

stitches cast on

now go back and make sure and recount

make sure you've got 108 stitches on

there because you've got 107 or 109

your padding will not work so your first

thing you're going to do is we're going

to start a little tiny bit of a border

for our blanket

so for our border we're going to do a

knit two

purl two ribbing so let's start with


in case you're a beginner knitter so

into the first stitch

wrap around

and this time we're going to pull that

off the needle

let's do another one knit

around and off the needle

now we're going to purl so we need to

bring that wool or yarn

to the front into the front of the


and we're going to purl

one and purl

two repeat that along the whole

row so you have to bring that roll back


to the back before you start your knit

stitches and again

knit two

and purl two

if you forget where you are you're

wondering if you're doing a knitter or


for a pearl you can see the two little


on the top and for the knit

you won't see those ridges it's further


so here's our two pearls and here's our

two knits

and then back to two pearls

and your last two stitches should be two


so you always end on your pearls

and then when you turn this around you

will always start your row

with two knits on every row

so you've just done one row of your

ribbed border we're gonna do three more

rows exactly the same

so again knit two

and purl two across the whole

row and so there's our four rows of our

border knit two purl two and now you'll


that on your pattern

we have rows one two three and four

which completes the full pattern

rows one and two are identical to your


so do rows one and two again knit two

purl two across the row

and then we'll get back to you and we'll

start row three together

so exactly the same for row one of our


of knit two and purl two

this actually also helps to form a part

of the border

but also the beginning of our pattern

so our first six stitches are our border

so again i'll be starting with knit


purl two

and knit two and that is the border


and now we can go in and start our


so our pattern is going to start with

knit two and purl two we finished on


two that's fine we're going to start our


with the knit two and that's just how

the pattern works that i've

figured out so pattern

knit two

and purl two

and you can continue doing that through

the whole row

to get to the last six stitches so

and you'll see that we are now starting

to create the pattern

because our last stitches were pearls so

right on top of those two pearls we're

going to be putting

two knits and that's how the pattern is


so carry on

i've done my last two purl stitches at

the end of the row

and i'm up to my last six stitches here

i've bended on two purl but we do need

to start with two purl to start

our border so again


tune it

and my last two purl which brings us


to starting our knit on this side

and repeat row three for row four

and so starting my row four again with

my six

stitches for my border the two knit

the two purl

and the two knit

and to start our pattern we need to now


two more knits to start our pattern here

that was our first two knits on our last

row and because we're doing a double

moth stitch that's what we're doing two

and two

so again two more knits

and we're off to the races to continue

our pattern of two knits

two pearls across the row to the last

six stitches

and carry on and this is what we've got

so far

here's our ribbing for our bottom here's

our side borders and this is the pattern

it's creating

i'm coming to the end of my first ball

of yarn

so i need to add some more so i'm going

to show you another really fun way

to add another ball of yarn using the

russian join

so all you're going to need is a nice

sharpened darning needle with a large


and i'll show you how to do it here's

the yarn from the new ball of wool

we're just going to loop that around and

we've got about a five inch end or 31


and here's the yarn from my knitting

i'm just going to attach my needle

and all we're doing is this will be


into this one so you've just got

it hooked into each other like so

so we're going to work with the one with

the needle on it first

and let's just bring our yarn down a

little bit we don't need a

long end and i want to start

where it's about five inches from

the end of my yarn so here's my say

5 inch 31 centimeters and here's

the yarn coming off of my knitting so

what we're going to be doing is we're

going to be threading this yarn

through the long part of the yarn coming

off my knitting

now this particular yarn tends to


quite a bit so it might not be the case

of your yarn so i'm going to just do a

little bit of a twist here

and i'm going to just lock it into my

finger here just so it stays twisted

and this is where it's coming underneath

and over

so now what i want to do is i'm just

going to bring this

needle in through all these pieces of


and i want to try to grab

the needle so it catches and goes right

into that yarn

okay once you've gone through a little

bit i just want you to

work that all the way through

like so

and then pull

so i've got my end here and my end here

so i'm just giving it a pull here and

then pulling

on the other end and

pulling it straight pulling it smooth

and now you've attached the one end and

it's nicely all

woven in and you can just cut off

that little end here

if chosen to

like that now let's come back in

and we'll do the same for the other side

so grab your loose end

and thread your needle again

and then i'm just going to give it a

little bit of a twist and i'm just going

to secure that

with my finger a little bit here just to

hold it nice and tight

i want to start really close to where

this is joined from the other one

and grab that needle and work it through

the yarn again

and that should be enough

and then grab your needle

and just pull that through

until it's off your needle

and then you can pull

and then we're just going to keep

pulling until the ends come through

and now pull on the long end of your


pull that tight and if it doesn't look

like it's bunching

up when you've got a hole here that's


what we're going to do is we're just

going to pull on that

other end again so it cinches it up

you see now it's cinched it up right to

the top

pull it straight again and now we can

cut off

this end

and now we've got our yarn all

joined together isn't that cool

and i'm sitting here trying to find

where i joined it and it's such a neat

join i can barely

find it i think it's it's actually right


this is really strong too and

the thing i like the most is you won't

have to weave in any ends later it's

already done

i'm on my fourth ball of wool and i'm

leaving enough

to finish up my four rows of rib

border on the top here and we're gonna

finish off

our blanket with our four rows of

ribbing like we did in the beginning

so again we'll be starting with two knit

two pro to knit two purl

across the whole row and we'll do that

for four rows

so starting our border here we go and

we're starting with

two knit

and two purl ribbing

across the whole row not worrying about

your pattern now because we are just

doing our border

so two knit

and two purl

and carry on till the end of the row

and once you've finished your four rows

of your knit two purl two ribbing

you're ready to cast off so

insert into the first stitch

knit that first stitch

knit the next stitch bring that first

knit stitch over the second one and you


cast off and

now i'm going to make it easy for

everybody and we're just going to do a

knit cast

off all the way along so don't worry

about changing it to do a purl cast off

we'll just knit them all and that makes

it much easier

so knit the next one insert the first

over and off once more

knit the next stitch

and over and i'm on my last cast


taking that one off

and we're left with one stitch on the

needle and then we'll cut off the yarn

and then that will just go through our


needle comes off and you're

finished your blanket and now we've got

our big eyed

dull end darning needle

thread that yarn onto the needle

and let's just weave it in to our

end here and because we did that


russian join we've got

no little pieces of yarn to deal with

all we've got are our last piece of yarn


and our beginning so i like to just go

through an about an

inch or so or a few stitches pull that



and then

just give that a tug

and i've come through this way and then

i like to just come back again

and weave it in again coming back the

other way

give it a little tug

and cut off your end and do the same

with the beginning of your knitting and


for my final measurement i'm going to

say it's approximately

31 inches or about 79 centimeters in


and for my length i have about 35 inches

or about 89 centimeters