How to Knit a Blanket - Step By Step

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hi my name is Shahnaz and I'm the

founder of knit aid a social enterprise

set up to help knitters help others in

need today I'm going to be showing you

how to make a chunky blanket made up of

knitted squares we are going to be

collecting these squares sewing them up

and making them into blankets to send to

refugee families who have fled war-torn

countries and are now living in cold

camping conditions in Europe I'm going

to be showing you how to cast on do the

knit stitch cast off and sew your

squares together I'll be using 15

millimeter or us 19 sized needles


and a sewing needle let's get started so

first of all we're going to cast on take

our full of wool find the end of the

yarn which can be found just tucked in

the middle there so to cast on we're

going to do a slip knot to do a slip

knot we're going to do loop as if to

make a knot and take this loop through

and pull it tight like that and that's a

slip knot then we're going to put the

slip knot onto our needle and that makes

our first stitch

now we're going to cast on using the

basic cast on method to do this we need

to hold the yarn in your hand like this

and wrap the yarn around your thumb like

that it's almost like a little pointer

like that and with the end of your

needle we need to go under that loop

there and put it onto the needle and

that's your first Caston

so just to repeat you hold the yarn like

this wrap it around your thumb and pull

the needle underneath we're going to be

casting on 14 stitches to make a square

of 20 centimeters wide which is around

seven and a half inches so again

so now it's going to check that we've

got 14 stitches there now to knit we

take this needle with all the stitches

and put it onto our left hand and take

the empty needle into your right hand

now to do your first knit stitch you'll

need to go into this first loop here

like this so from front to back

so that it makes a nice cross like that

and with your left hand hold both

needles and with your right hand you

take the yarn under and over that needle

and hold the yarn needle together with

the right hand needle you start pulling

it out from underneath and pushing it on

to the top to make another cross and

with that you take that stitch off the


and that's your first knit stitch so

I'll show you again so you go from front

to back like this until you make a cross

hold both needles of your left hand and

with your free hand you take the yarn

under over start to pull that bottom

needle out so that it's sitting on the

top like that close and off that's your

second stitch so again on the front to

back and don't over pull it out on top


you repeat that over and over again

until you finished all right so make

sure that you're always working to the

point of the needle where it starts

tapering off you don't want to be

working too far to the top or to bite

down the needle because you'll find it

quite tricky to work with or that the

stitches just fall off

and then the the last ditch which was

your Slipknot that you're part of a

start you do exactly the same so nothing

different with that one and there we go

we have our first knitted row now to

knit our next row we take the needle and

turn it round so that all the stitches

are in our left hand again and the empty

needle is in our right hand now these

little bubbles here are your last

knitted row so we don't want to be

knitting into those we want to be

knitting into that stitch there and then

we continue as we did the last row when

we knit every row the stitch is called

the Garter stitch and that's the stitch

that we use to make this funky

so we knit every row until your piece

measures 20 centimeters in length so

your finished square will be 20

centimeters wide by 20 centimeters in

length so it's going to look a little

bit odd now a little bit uneven but

don't worry keep knitting I promise it

will come out looking really nice last

it's there

so there's our square there 20

centimeters wide and 20 centimeters long

to cast off take the needle with all the

stitches in your left hand as usual and

the empty needle in your right hand and

now to cast off we need to always have

two stitches on our right needle so

we're going to knit two stitches one two

with those two stitches we're going to

take the first stitch and pull it over

the second stitch so then we've cast off

one stitch there and we have one stitch

left on our right hand needle so to

repeat that we want two stitches back on

this needle so we'll knit one more so we

have two stitches on that needle and

with the tip of our left hand needle we

take that first stitch and pop it right

over the second stitch so we knit

another one to two stitches on our right

hand needle and then with the point of

the left a needle take it under the

first stitch and pull it over the second


so here you can see you've started to

cast off your cast off three stitches

there so keep going until the end of the

row and the last stitch you knit again

and you pull that first stitch over the

second stitch so then you're left with

one stitch on your needle like that all

right so we're just gonna remove that

needle you have a look at our square and

that's your cast off stitches there cut

the yarn about an arm's length and with

that final loop we'll take the end of

the yarn and put it through just pull it

tight that's our square so now we're

going to sew our squares together if you

think a large sewing needle gonna thread

the yarn into the needle so when we knit

our guard to stitch this horizontally

like this when we stitch our squares

together we're going to alternate gutter

stitch so that one of them is vertical

and the other one's horizontal

so say your two squares together you

want to identify the little bumps right

on the edge of this piece and the

vertical bumps on the edge of this piece

so we're going to be going from these

bumps into these bumps so starting with

the right hand side but I needle

straight through that first loop there

and then bring that yarn over to your

other square and put it through this

first loop here

with the next square you go through the

loop on the edge there and then you go

to the alternating loop on the other


and then the final stitch on each side

just finish up the last little oops

that's now really neatly stitched

together and with these ends we just

want to weave them in so in weaving in

the ends I'm just sort of hiding them in

the the original pattern of the garter

stitch now tie a knot and cut it off

thirty five squares later here's all we

made earlier it's all ready to center a

refugee camp in Europe