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In this video, we are going to learn how to make this Afghan.

It's a free pattern by Lion Brand yarn. This is the one that I made. It's the same I just knitted a

different amount of rows for each color. Go to Lion and search for

Woolwich Afghan and all of the materials are listed right there.

Click on free pattern download and it'll take you right to the pattern.

I used 4 different colors of Lion Brand wool-ease thick & quick bonus bundle yarn

in succulent, sea glass, oatmeal, and gray marble and I love how it turned out.

These are the materials that you need.

let's get started

What we need to do first...we need to find the strand that is inside our big skein

and then you just pull it. We are going to do a long tail cast on so we kind of

need a lot out before we do our slip knot. If you don't know how to slip knot,

what you do is you make a loop, you twist your strands and you grab the one that's

underneath and then you pull. Tighten it around my needle like that.

and that's actually our first stitch. You're going to have your tail in the front and your

working yarn in the back and this is how you cast on.

I have a beginner video tutorial that shows how to do this so if I'm going too fast then find that under

my video here and that should help. So I pull my yarn like this. okay and then I


Come over here and I pick this yarn up and I go over on this side,

come underneath both of those and I tighten it so that's two.

and we do it again.

we're going to need 98 stitches on your needle so just keep doing this

until you have 98 stitches.

Alright now that we have ninety eight stitches, we are now going to start knitting!

We flip our needles, put the needle that has our working yarn on

that'll be our left hand needle and we are going to knit eleven rows so what we

do is we go from the front of the stitch to the back and then, this is how I hold

my yarn if you're doing English style

you just a wrap it like that.

bring the yarn around counterclockwise and I come down and up and slide it off

our yarns in the back ,not in the front. That's what you do for when you purl

yarns in the back. Keep that tail down.

We go from the front to the back

bring our yarn around counterclockwise, down and up and off.

and that's it. You just knit 11 rows

and this will create a border.

you just kind of bring your stitches closer to

the tip of your needle so that it's easier to knit.

Not too close or they'll fall off.

and if you guys are continental knitters, for continental knitting you hold your

yarn with your left hand

if you're a crocheter you might like this way better.

You hold it with your left hand kind of the same way.

So either way. I'm going to show you how to do it English style.

Okay now we've turned our work over. Our working yarn is going

to be on our left needle when we start and you do it again

front to back, bring that yarn around counterclockwise, come down and up and pull it off.

This is row two.

Alright I will meet you at the end of row 11.

Alright so now we have our border done. We have knitted eleven rows so now we are going

to start the body. We're going to just say Row 1.

So Row 1 you're going to still be knitting with your A Color and you'll

knit 6, purl to the last 6 stitches and knit 6. so we will have a border

like right here all the way up and then on the other side as well.

Let's knit 6.

Alright now to purl, we bring our yarn in the front

and then we go from the

back of the stitch to the front of the stitch.

Bring your yarn around

counterclockwise come down and back up and slide it off.

Let's do it again.

Our yarn's still in the front, come from the back to the front bring your yarn around

counterclockwise, down then up and slide it off.

and so we just purl

all the way until we get to our last 6 sts.

and this will be our wrong side

Row 1 and all other odd rows.

I made it to my last 6 sts. Now we

bring our yarn in the back so that we can knit them.

you do this for all of your odd rows.

Okay? Now we are at row 2. All of our even rows we just knit.

what we did for the border. But since we purled on the back it will look like the stockinette stitch.

Okay? So you know how to do everything except for changing colors

for the stripes. You can follow along with the pattern what it says I believe

you do 45 rows for each stripe but what I love about knitting, the beauty about

it is that you can make your blanket however you'd like. So I'm going to have

fun just playing around with the stripes and making them different sizes so if

you want to do the exact same thing that I did, then I will leave those

instructions underneath this video and also on my blog post with this blanket.

Or you can do your own or you can follow exactly what the pattern does which

looks beautiful as well.

Doesn't that look pretty?

Be sure to follow along with the written pattern the link is underneath this

video it is a free pattern from Lion Brand and I will meet you at where we

change colors.

Here's a little tip for you. If you accidentally purl too many times

you know you're supposed to do your knit 6 at the end and you

oh man you were just in the zone which I have done multiple times so I thought oh

maybe you guys will do this too.

To go back, you just

grab your left needle and you go underneath this stitch.

and then you slide off of your right hand needle.

Now I have 6 sts and that will fix it perfectly

and then you can knit them.

To change colors I wanted to show you what it looks like first. This is what it

looks like in the front and this is what it looks like in the back on the wrong side.

You can see my tails here just so that they don't come out while you're

knitting the rest of your project. I just kind of twist them together tie a little

knot there. Just a loose one so that we can untie it and we'll weave our ends later

So what we do is, I weave probably like a four inch tail. Cut your yarn.

We insert our needle like we're going to knit.

With our new yarn,

you make a loop around your right hand needle

and then you hold the two strands

as you knit that stitch off. Okay?

and then right here is where I go ahead and I just kinda

twist them very loosely.

so they don't fall apart.

and then

you just start knitting!

So now you know how to change colors! Pretty simple right?

Alright we have made it to the end. As you can see we have five ridges one two

three four five so now we need to bind off.

I'm on the right side when I bind off.

You knit your first stitch

and then you knit your second stitch.

Now with your left needle, you're going to go through your first stitch

and pull it over your second stitch and off your needle.


You need to knit another one

so we have two stitches on our right needle

and you just pick up your first

stitch and pull it over your second stitch and off.

and you just keep repeating that

all the way to the end.

I did this last one kind of tight and then I pull some of this yarn out

so that I have enough to weave it in later.

Grab your scissors and cut it.

Pull the remainder out. okay so now we need to weave in all of

and there you go!

K? So now we need to weave in all of these ends.

So our first one I try to get as close to the edge as I can.

and I come through here. Just weave back and forth and then I come back and then I cut it.

I've done it over here.

I will show you how we do it. Remember I just kind of

tied these two ends together so that they wouldn't come apart while I was knitting?

We need to take those apart

and we weave on our wrong side so we don't see it in the front.

This should hide it pretty well.

Okay? and then I go back.

Just kind of weave my needle through there.

Sorry you can't see it very well, uggg I got a little too close to the edge.

Grab your scissors and you snip the rest of that off.

See? Look how good, you can't even tell.

and that's how you weave your ends!